Homeopathy and Measles

*The content of this website is not to be misconstrued as medical advice nor does it replace the consult of a physician or practitioner. Reader assumes the responsibility of investigating for themselves disease prevention and treatment methodologies that concur with their beliefs and understanding. The suggested protocols listed below is for informational purposes and the reader assumes the risks and benefits of undertaking the protocol unless overseen by a qualified practitioner. This is not a statement of promise to cure or prevent disease. Rather, it is a description of how homeopathy works in relation to the disease in question.

Homeopathy has been used with great degree of success for many infectious diseases including Measles for 200 years all over the world. For most individuals measles is a relatively mild disease and can serve as a beneficial process for the development of the child.  However, for some individuals the disease can be quite severe resulting in permanent brain damage or death. When considering any prevention methodology one has to know the base line level of health of their child and what other support options one has.  Vaccination has its own level of risk depending on the age of the child. The older the child the less of an impact the vaccine will have as the immune system will be more developed and more readily able to make the appropriate response. Homeoprophylaxis offers another choice.

Homeopathic remedies can be used to educate your immune system towards measles or in active cases. In active cases homeopathic remedies are selected on symptom presentation. Accordingly, even though several people may contract measles, each of them may need as different remedy as their symptom presentation may be different. Please consult a practitioner well versed in infectious disease processes and the use to homeopathy to mitigate the mal-effects of the disease and possible side-effects from the vaccine.

Signs and symptoms:

  • The first stage is marked by fatigue and runny nose, cough, and slight fever.
  • There can be aching pain in the neck and back and the eyes may becomes reddened and sensitive to light.
  • Each day the fever rises. By the third or fourth day the temperature may reach 103-104 where upon Koplik’s spots (small white dots) develop in the mouth and on the gums.
  • Then a fine rash begins to appear in the hairline and behind the ears gradually spreading down covering the body in the next 36 hours. The fine spots enlarge and may run together, and also may become itchy.
  • The fever usually subsides with the spreading of the rash. After a few days the rash drys and flakes.
  • Risk in the disease comes with the height of the fever and if the rash fails to appear where upon the disease settles into the brain and can cause brain damage (see indicated remedies below).

The Homeopathic Approach

  • Use of Measles nosode (Morbilinum) in ascending potencies as outlined on the STATUS SHEET for a standard prevention protocol (See schedule below). Doses are to be given over a few month period starting with 200C, repeating a triple dose of the 200C the following week then a triple dose of 10M followed one month later with a second round of the 10M.
  • Use of Pulsatilla or Euphrasia either preventativley or if the disease is contracted as these remedies correspond to the common symptom manifestations of Measles. They can be used if there is known exposure or at the first signs of the disease and correspond to fluctuating temperatures, or runny nose and watery eyes, respectively. These remedies can be alternated if you are unsure, repeating the remedy that offers the most relief.
  • Various other remedies in active disease. for more information get the Book or Consult a Homeopath
  • Depending the health of the individual and their vitality, they may contract the disease but the eruptions fail to appear. In these cases you are going to see more damage from the disease. The following remedies may be indicated based on the symptom presentation and will move the disease to resolution mitigating the potential damage: Apis, Bryonia, Cuprum, Helleborus, Stramonium, Veratrum album or Zincum, according to symptom presentation. This condition of suppressed eruptions, or eruptions that fail to appear can cause a serious level of brain damage which looks much like the conditions which arise from the MMR vaccine.  Accordingly, these remedies can also be of assistance in the clearing of vaccine damage from MMR, and may also be used as a preventative to the damage from the vaccine if used before vaccination.

Measles Immune System Education Schedule

Recommended times Remedy Potency Date of Admin Initials Reaction if any
Dose 1 first week Morbillinum 200      
Dose 2 second week Morbillinum 200, 200, 200      
Dose 3 Following month Morbillinum 10M, 10M, 10M      
Dose 4 Following month Morbillinum 10M, 10M, 10M      


  1. Question about the dosing, is week 1, a single dose given only one day? Or is it a single dose given daily for a week? Same question for continuing weeks.

    The kits all say they will treat 4 kids, but even the smallest vials I have seem to have a hundred doses or more, so I was confused by that. I would greatly appreciate clarification

    • Hello Kim. It is best to work with a practitioner to answer these questions as we do not give out medical advice on line. but yes the dose is usually just one day the when its a triple dose also in just one day. Yes the pellets are small and there is more than enough than for 4 children.

  2. Hello! I want to give my 13 months old boy Morbillinum and other homeopathic vaccines, included in your schedule. But here where I live the concentration of Morbillinum are the following: 5CH, 7CH, 9Ch, 15CH, 30CH and 200CH. So what scheme should I use, what should I give my child, how many pills for every dose? Please, hope you will answer me.
    Best regards,
    Anna B.

    • Hello I can answer this in an email not on line here.

  3. I would like to know if immunity from homeopathic immunisation shows in a serology report. My daughter reacted severely to vaccinations as small baby and could not continue the vaccination programme…she is now 19 and is studying as a registered nurse, she is needing to show immunity to a few diseases in a blood report and we would like to know if we do this programme if it will show in bloods???

  4. Question: Will the use of the homeopathic prevention schedule show immunity in the blood, similar to vaccines? My daughter needs to show immunity to become a nurse. She is able to use a blood serology test to prove immunity, hoping not to have to vaccinate for everything.

  5. hello, please could you explain the need to have the morbilinum 2months after exposure? are you suggesting that this protocol will provide lifelong immunity? i have read in other places that one dose a week should be enough to prevent the disease developing after exposure. please could you clarify? thank you x x x

    • The process with HP is to educate your immune system towards the infectious process. once this education is complete the need for the disease to do so is obsolete. It takes a number of doses to accomplish this and at different stages of development of the immune system. Repeated doses and different potency accomplish this. If there is exposure you can give the disease closer together but for long term protection then they should be repeated over a period of time.

  6. Is this preventive medicine safe for pregnant women?

    • Yes

  7. Hi, my 2 year old twins have been in contact with someone who was exposed to someone with measles. They are recovering from a bout of gastro and their immune system is down. Both are not immunized. One twin has had a runny nose and conjunctivitis but before exposure. I would like to administer the exposure remedy recommended. My local health store has a dispensary could you please tell me what strength the 2 remedies should be made up at. Thank you

    • I can not give medical advice online but you will find recommendations on this page. If you would like to book a consult so that you have a practitioner work with you on this please follow the booking links for single disease prevention:

  8. What is your success rate with active measles or whooping cough? Do they help with the symptoms and speed recovery? I cant find any info anywhere on how the nosodes really work. I am trying to prepare for treatment if my kids (or I) ever come down with something. It would help if i could get some current effectivness data.

    • Homeopathic remedies have been used to help move through the disease in the most effective way possible. Clinically I have worked with many cases of whooping cough and the remedies solve the cases faster than just leaving them to work through the condition on their own. I have just seen a few cases of Measles but know the same is true.

  9. Do you recommend the same schedule for those wanting to take Morbillinum for the first time for homeoprophylaxis as an adolecent, such as a 7 year old, or as a teenager, such as a 16 yo? Thanks for all the information on this site!

    • Yes It is the same schedule for older children and adults.

  10. If you know what you want as far as homeopathic remedies, you can buy them from Thompson’s in Toronto Canada. Website is:

    – that page is where you can order the various strengths of Morbillinum from.


  11. In your measles schedule, are the doses 3 times in that second week and each of the 2 months following that. Because in the potency column it says for the 2nd week 200 and i see it 3 times as well as in the 2nd and third month it lists 10M. can you explain that please. thanks

    • Where it is listed 3 time it means three times in 24 hours.

      • I’m sorry, I need a little clarification on the schedule. I understand it as: 200C once a day for a week; 200C 3 xday for the following week; 10M 3 xday for the following week. Then? for the last administration of 10M, do we wait a month, and then administer 10M 3 xday for a one week period (or for a month period)? Can you please clarify on the final administration of 10M? Thank you. Tammy

      • NO it is a single dose for the first week once. a triple dose for the second week once. 10M doses are one triple dose wait a month then the second triple dose. That is sufficient.

  12. How do I get homopathic medicine?

    • Hello, you may purchase a number of remedies at your local health food store. or there are pharmacies. However without knowing what you are doing you need to go through a practitioner who will make the remedy recommendations for you and be able to procure the remedies you need.

    • Question… Can kids or adults who have been vaccinated benefit from taking part with this remedy schedule? Is there harm to do so? Thank you. Tammy (asking because our family is going to Disneyland in May, so we’re preparing ahead of time)

      • Yes anyone can take this program. Children with dis-regulated immune systems need to be treated with homeopathy first. Vaccines often dis-regulate the immune system so I would suggest you work with someone who knows about what kind of reactions are normal for children who have been vaccinated. All of the FHCi HP supervisors are educated in this way.

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