Vaccine Injury/ HomeoDetox


Vaccine Injury and the Role of Homeopathy in the detoxification process

  1. Introduction
  2. History of vaccinosis
  3. Understanding vaccinosis
  4. Other considerations in vaccine damage
  5. Symptoms and conditions common to vaccine injury: childhood vaccines; Travel vaccines
  6. Various protocols of treatment of vaccine injury with homeopathic remedies
  7. The goal of treatment with homeopathic remedies
  8. Conclusion

The clearing of Vaccine injury with homeopathic remedies may be resolved with only one remedy or may take many remedies over months or years. Full recovery is dependent on the severity of the state of damage, the length of time the child has been ill and the amount of suppressive therapy. Often there are clearing reactions after the use of a homeopathic remedy and the recurrence of febrile symptoms  or other  discharge.

The management of these conditions requires the consult of someone familiar with vaccine clearing. Online requests to purchase a remedy to fix their child after vaccine injury underestimates the complexity of the problem and the need for a trained medical professional (homeopath) to help restore their child to health. 

*The content of this website is not to be misconstrued as medical advice nor does it replace the consult of a physician or practitioner. Reader assumes the responsibility of investigating for themselves disease prevention and treatment methodologies that concur with their beliefs and understanding.

1. Introduction

Despite the fact that conventional medicine refutes the possibility that vaccines can cause harm to immune systems and historically we have been lead to believe that vaccines have saved us from many acute diseases, basic understanding of immune system function dictates that multiple disease germs injected into immature immune systems in quick succession can only lead to imbalances in the immune system.

We must question whether the benefits of reducing the incidence of the expression of acute disease are worth the risks of the increase in incidence of immune system imbalances.

The question is whether or not health-care providers and scientists can recognize the pervasive developmental delays and other disorders that are now occurring in our children, at the alarming rate that they do, as immune system responses to the vaccinations.

If we are to inject multiple disease agents into the blood stream of developing infant’s immune systems to elicit an immune system response, then we must be able to recognize the response we are getting and determine if it is the desired response.


2. History of vaccinosis

With the introduction of the smallpox vaccine, in the 1800’s, the localized vaccina reaction, marked fever and pustular eruption, were  the expected result. However, there were a fair number of people who received the vaccine  who did not develop this local reaction. Instead they would then succumb to years of illness, with headaches, neuralgic pains and pustulating acne. Historically  the term vaccinosis was specific to this state of ill-health resultant from the smallpox vaccine. Today, many vaccines are given at one time and children can suffer for long periods of time with transient fevers, “ear infections”, “allergies” and a host of other immune system activities as the immune system tries to resolve the vaccines. Now the term vaccinosis describes any compilation of chronic symptoms resulting from any vaccination or combination of vaccines.

Due to mass inoculation campaigns driven by public health measures, multiple disease germs are repetitively introduced into large populations. When the smallpox vaccine was introduced into smaller populations, as a single vaccine, its resultant vaccinosis was easy to differentiate as there was a clear before and after affect. With the current day vaccine schedules, it is virtually impossible to identify a clear symptomatology of individual reactions to the different diseases, the vaccine responses, and the correspondingly different complex disease states that are arising from this practice.

3. Understanding Vaccinosis

In order to treat vaccinosis effectively with homeopathy, one must be able to understand these varying distinctions:

  • the underlying health of the person
  • the diseases in the vaccinations
  • an individuals’ immune system reaction to the disease in the vaccinations
  • the resultant complex disease state
  • the resultant immune system skew due to the adjuvants and other ingredients in the vaccines

The consult of a homeopath will enable one to understand these subtle distinctions

An individuals reaction to a vaccine is similar to how they would react to the natural disease.

  • Those who would suffer from the disease will suffer from the vaccines.
  • The healthier the individual is prior to vaccination the more superficial the level of vaccine reaction. Correspondingly, the healthier they are, the less likely they will contract the disease. If they do contract the disease, they will experience only a mild form of it.
  • Vaccines given when the child is sick or in the middle of an immune response to another vaccine have more potential to cause adverse reactions.
  • Multiple vaccinations given all at once, or in close succession, have a greater potential for adverse reactions, as the initial immune response that was in process from the first vaccines will be interrupted with the onslaught of the new vaccines.

4. Other Considerations in Vaccine Damage

  • The heavy metals and adjuvants in the vaccines cause their own level of disease, toxicity, and reactivity in the immune system.
  • Another aspect of vaccine reaction is that of the damage to the blood vessels caused as a result of the initial immune system response. With the introduction of any substance in to the blood stream there is a resultant surge in white blood cell activity while the immune system sorts out what is foreign or not and what antibodies need to be generated to the new antigen. The watershed areas in the body are vasculated by fine capillaries whereby red blood cells normally pass in single file. The surge in white blood cell activity in response to a vaccine causes these capillaries to swell and rupture as white blood cells are larger than red blood cells. While these minute ruptures may not account for much individually, conglomerated areas where multiple ruptures have occurred in the brain, liver, pancreas, retina and other parts of the body, can cause what looks like strokes, resulting in brain damage or SIDS; pancreatic damage, resulting in diabetes; and other conditions relative to the location of capillary damage.
  • The resultant immune system function of fevers, localization and attempted discharge of the vaccine matter through the ears is misdiagnosed as Ear Infections which are then treated with antibiotics. As new vaccines are given every 2 months for the 2nd, 4th, 6trh and 8th month of the child’s life, the child can remain in a constant immune system attempt to clear the vaccine matter through the ears and be put on multiple doses of antibiotics. This causes an imbalance  in natural intestinal flora, a constant state of yeast, or the production of antibiotic resistant pathogenic bacteria.
  • Vaccines change the copper/zinc ratio in the body which result in lowered level of metallothionein. This results in demylenation of the neurons in the brain and changes in right left brain chemistry affecting learning, and emotional comprehension.

5. Symptoms and Conditions Common to Vaccine Injury

The following presentations can be explained as an incomplete resolution of the injected diseases resulting in these possible responses. Different vaccines produce more or less activity in these areas.

  • An alteration in immune system (T1/T2 ratio) function which results in changes in histamine production and resultant allergic symptoms including, behavioral changes, hyperactivity, food sensitivities, skin conditions, allergies and asthma.
  • Systematic allergic reaction to one of more of the proteins or adjuvants in the vaccine resulting in hives, swelling, anaphylaxis.
  • Suppression of the disease goes to the organ of affinity, i.e. tetanus goes to nervous system, measles goes to gut or nervous system, hepatitis A or B goes to liver and digestive system, etc.
  • Recurrent fevers, discharges (ear “infections”), eruptions which represent attempts of the immune system to develop the appropriate immune system response to develop immunity. results in delay in speech, brain development.
  • Toxicity of the vaccine adjuvants and resultant organ system changes depending on affinity of the toxin, i.e mercury and aluminum to nervous system or bones; blood products, whey, and egg contamination in the blood stream causing allergies, etc.
  • Pervasive developmental delays due to inflammation of the brain and retained infant reflexes, interruption in vestibular stimulation due to constant ‘ear infections,’ mini strokes in the brain and mercury toxicity.

Overview of  Symptoms Common to Vaccine Injury

Acne, ADD, ADHD, AIDS, allergies, anaphylaxis, Asperger’s syndrome, asthma, autism, behavioral conditions, cancer, cavities, cerebral inflammation, chickenpox, colds that do not resolve, confusion, constipation, continued fever, convulsions, coughs that do not recover, cramps, decomposition of the blood, degenerative conditions, diabetes, digestive insufficiency, diphtheria, draining ears, nose and eyes, ear infections, eczema, emaciation, epilepsy, eruptions, failure to thrive, fears and phobias, hair loss, head banging, headaches, hepatitis, hives, hyperactivity, inability to eat various foods, inability to focus, lactic acidosis, learning disorders, Lichen planopilaris, liver and kidney problems, mast cell activation, measles, meningitis, multiple sclerosis, neuralgia, neurological deficits, nose bleeds, polio, repetitive behavior, repetitive illnesses, restlessness, rheumatic conditions, screaming, septicemia, shingles, shock, skin eruptions, sleeping all the time, sleeplessness, Speech delay, social delay, stimming, tendency to get sick, tics, unexplainable fevers, violence, vitiligo, warts, wounds failing to heal.

6. Various protocols of treatment of vaccine injury with homeopathic remedies

Not all homeopaths are familiar with all methodologies and various methodologies may be utilized in the treatment process for clearing childhood vaccines or travel vaccines. Look for a homeopath who knows how to work with this.

  • Thuja: The first remedy to think of for vaccine injury, having to do with the muck that gets transmitted with the vaccine, suppression of immune response, aborted fetal tissue, and blood poisoning. Thuja is more specifically related to the smallpox vaccine, however seeing as most of the population has been vaccinated with small pox in generations past, this condition can be inherited and so Thuja can still be indicated in many, but not all, cases of vaccine damage ( see combination remedy below)
  • Constitutional treatment: one remedy at a time which best corresponds the the constitution of the child with the desired response of strengthening the recuperative powers of the individual so that they may throw off the diseases in the vaccines/toxicity etc. Silicea, Calcarea carbonicum, Phosphorus, etc.
  • Use of homeopathic nosodes (homeopathic remedies made from disease tissue/discharges and/or cultured germs):  based on symptom presentation, either in relation to family history or in relation to the diseases in the vaccines which made the most impact on the health of the child. (think ‘like cures like’). Tuberculinum, Medorrhinum, Carcinosin, or Morbilunum (measles), Parotidinum (mumps), Yellow fever nosode (Yellow fever), Typhoidinum (Typhoid), etc. ( see combination remedy below)
  • Sequential prescribing of nosodes or vaccine nosodes: According to a select protocol. Use of individual vaccines in sequence, in ascending potencies, and/or multiple doses of single remedies or single vaccine nosodes (Hepatitis B vaccine nosode, DTaP vaccine nosode, MMR vaccine nosode, etc.,) given over a period of time to clear the individual vaccines. There are several methods to do this such as the CEASE Therapy method
  • Homeopathic remedies corresponding to a disease in a vaccine: Based on symptom presentation. I.e. Cicuta for ailments from tetanus vaccine, Stramonium for ailments from chickenpox vaccine, Baptesia for ailments from the typhoid vaccine, Gelsemium for ailments from the Flu vaccine, etc.
  • Remedies for incompletely expressed disease states such as Zinc, Stramonium, or Helleborus, etc for exanthamatic (eruptive) diseases where the the eruptions have been suppressed to the nervous system resulting in brain inflammation
  • Use of combination remedies: either a combination of nosodes or multiple vaccine nosodes: either in conjunction with constitutional remedies, detoxification remedies, disease specific remedies, herbal tinctures, or alone, to cover all bases, as this reflects the imprint of multiple vaccines at a time in the current vaccine schedule. For example, ThujaVax is a combination remedy has a base of Thuja mother tincture, with all of the main nosodes ( as above)  remedies plus Vaccine nosodes of which ever vaccines the child has had. This may be the desired avenue if the resultant symptom picture is because of 9 vaccines given at once or the total vaccine schedule. This can also be used as a preventative for future vaccines with the future vaccines added to the mix.
  • Drainage remedies: used in combination or singly, usually low potency or in herbal form, to strengthen or tone particular organs systems; liver, kidney, nervous system, digestive system etc. thus helping the body to process out the vaccines through normal excretory routes
  • Source Light Remedies: Source Light Resonances SLRs are a vehicle for manifesting the new unfolding of old knowledge and are made as a sacred light resonant imprint on a carrier medium, currently audio or video. They have the effect of resolving inherited and acquired limiting traits, allowing us to wake up within and to live more of our potential. Go here for more information.

7. The goal of homeopathic treatment

The Goal in homeopathic treatment is to stimulate the immune system to work out all the different diseases which have become stuck in the system. At various times in treatment different methods may be initiated. The ongoing consult of the homeopath is necessary to work through the layers.

Signs that demonstrate the immune system is working better to clear the vaccines include: the development of fevers, rashes, discharges,vomiting, diarrhea or other exhonerative processes.

These processes must not be hindered by medication aimed at suppressing the symptoms. If these are used the case will relapse and take longer to resolve. Each disease in its own time will be cleared from the system. As the immune system becomes  more in balance it will be able to clear heavy metal toxicity, and allergic symptoms will diminish, cognitive function will increase. The longer a child stays in homeopathic treatment the greater promise of returning to their full potential in health. Once the health is stable then quarterly or seasonal visits along with the homeopathic treatment of subsequent acute disease will ensure the health remains.

8. Conclusion

The practitioner must assess what kind of damage has occurred, what the symptom presentation is and the responsiveness of the patient to homeopathic remedies. More often the immune system needs help to reconcile the diseases in the vaccines. The symptom presentation will indicate which disease or what aspect of an incomplete immune system function is present. Homeopathic remedies are used to facilitate the appropriate immune system response. This may include the development of a fever and discharge as a way of assisting the body to liberate the disease. Several remedies may be used in quick succession or a single remedy over several months  and years in various potencies. Each case is different and depending on the severity of vaccine damage each case has a different prognosis.



  1. Hi. Thank you for an amazing article. I haven’t got some of the child vaccines done when I was a kid. But at the age of 21 I had to get the Measles vaccine done. Immediately after vaccination (literally the very next day) I started noticing severe hair loss. I sussed that something isn’t right although there wasn’t a thought in my head connecting that with vaccination. I thought the hair fall will slowly go away but it didn’t. In fact it might’ve gotten even worse over time. So I went to the trichologist but the doctor said that my hair is doing relatively good and there’s nothing to worry about even though it is pretty obvious that I was and still am losing hair at a pretty rapid pace (by the looks of it I’m experiencing anagen alopecia or anagen effluvium). So out of curiosity I started measuring my body temperature and realized that I’ve had an increased body temperature (37.1-37.4). Kept on measuring it again and again and now i can say that I had that an increased body temp for about a YEAR now!!!

    I know the symptoms I’m having are very mild but those are just the symptoms that you can see and feel. How many more diseases that you can’t feel or see that are slowly progressing throughout the years there could be? Particularly autoimmune diseases or even cancer.

    So I took Thuja (C6) for about 2-3 weeks and definitely felt like it helped with my symptoms but not fully. Then my homeopath grandma told me I shouldn’t be on any treatment for too long so I stopped and started taking Burdock Root. Now I’m thinking about getting back on Thuja.

    What might be the cause of my problem? And I wanted to ask you what homeopathic treatment would you suggest?
    Thank you in advance, keep doing an amazing job!

    • Hello, I would say always go with your gut feeling on what is happening with your body. I can not make any medical suggestions here on line but if you would like a consult I would be happy to work with you. and auto-immune condition has been set up that requires undoing with skillful homeopathic prescribing.

  2. My youngeat daughter received all of her vaccines during childhood. She displayed many characteristics now more commonly known as vaccine damage. This was clear back in the early 90s, so information was no where near as available as it is now. High pitched screaming, massive antibiotics for the “ear infections” nocturnal seizures, behavioral disorder, etc. She is 26 years old now and does ok. Her seizures stopped after several years of medication and she has been off of the meds for 8 years. Has it been too long for anything to be done in regards to the damage vaccines did to her body? Though she appears to look ok on the outside, I am afraid she has just learned to tolerate many of the symptoms. Can it continue to break down the body forever if nothing has been done to repair it? Will any of these therapies be beneficial even if her system was damaged so long ago? She does not let it interfere with her daily life except for the migranes she occasionally gets and has to leave her job for the remainder of the day. I keep waiting for the other shoe to drop since the seizures have stopped. . I often wonder if this is just anxiety because of the trauma we both experienced from the ignorance of doctors,
    the schools, child protective services as well as others, or if I am right to be concerned the health issues may come back later, even worse. She also had pain in her stomach that made writhe and scream in pain until she was put on the seizure meds. Should I just be happy this is no longer happening and stop worrying? If you do recommend treatment, could the side effects of detoxing her system disrupt her daily life enough possibly affecting her ability to work and would it be painful? I can not watch her go through more pain. Allopathic medicine has traumatized her into avoiding Drs at all costs.

    • Hello Yes vaccines set up a reaction in the body the unless changed will continue on throughout life. Homeopathy is the only system of medicine I know that can change that trajectory. Vaccine detox, bowel support, and neurological support is all possible with homeopathy and detoxification programs. I got sent down this path after my 34 year old son got the DTP shot and had high pitch screaming. Homeopathy saved our lives, it gave me a career. It is a process, but a little more light each day is the only way.

  3. Hi there,
    Thank you for this article.
    My son (now 24 years old) is sick. Before 11 years he had vaccine Hep B ( three doses), then, in short period, he had meningococcal vacine, then tetanus and 90 tablets in row of antibiotics of sinusitis.
    After that, he become very ill. He had nodles on neck and they gone, high bilirubin, yelow face, body and eyes. Dr said provisionaly, withot testing that he got Zack Gilbert syndrome. Thenhe had sistemathic candida. He was 4 years on strong diet.
    After that he become mentaly ill. Depression, anxiety, he is gor symptoms of schizophrenia, Asperger and bipolar.
    Now I see that all come after vaccination. From healthy boy , in one day he started to vomiting and become sick for 9 years allready.
    I bolieve in homeopahy, he took many homeopathic remedy. But , is there one remedy that can remove all toxines from his brain?
    He is very sensitive to high dose and always have terrible aggrivation.

    I love my son, as every parents do. But, my heart is so broken and watching his suffering everyday is undescribable.
    Please, can you give some advice?



    • Detoxification form vaccination is a complicated thing and takes time. there is not one remedy but a series of remedies. But it sounds like he is quiet sick and much older also. it takes more time and somethings are not repairable.

      • Thank you for quick respond. Is there a way to contact you privately?


  4. I was given a tetanus vaccine 5 months ago (while I had a cold), in a very dirty (moldy) hospital in India (I was there in vacation).

    Next day my hands and feet were sweelen. To this day, 5 months later, I still have very strong symptoms: swollen, numb hands and joint pain. I’m taking vaxtox and Cinchona off 200 c. My diet is heathy with turmeric and ginger.

    I’m not sure if I’m poised by heavy metals or even have a bacteria from the mold in the hospital…

    Can anyone help me? I’m really scared that I will be like this forever.
    (I’m in LA, CA area)

    Thank you so much

    • I would say to book an appointment for consultation and get started on some homeopathy to help normalize the repsonse.

  5. Hi
    I’ve only given my son two vaccines ever. The first at one year old – polio. The second at one and a half – dtap. After the second shot he regressed a little. Stopped saying hi and bye stopped waving and blowing kisses. He also got thrush and then croup right after the shot and an ear infection. He is now 3 1/2 years old. He’s been on probiotics since he was 2 years old and and started detoxing with homeopathic remedies for one year now. Hes had high improvement. I recently upped his homeopathic remedies and he’s been getting diarrhea and some of his symptoms have returned that were completely gone which worries me so I’m gonna slowly cut him back on the remedies. Is this a good sign that he’s releasing a lot of toxins? The only issues I see now with him is speech delay (talking but more charging than words but does say sentences) and needs more eye contact-but he’s doing that more each week. Can we do an appointment to go over what I’m giving him and what you would recommend? Thanks

    • Hell, great I am happy you have been able to help. Yes I can work long distance and we would take his case to see what is indicated as far as homeopathic remedies. you can book appointments here:

  6. My son Manjunath is 41 years old. Patient of Multiple sceloris. He got chicken pox at the age of 3 months. At 5 months he was given small pox vaccine. After that his health deteorated. He had vasculitis. Now he has MS. He is being treated with Thuja. Is it ok?

    • Thuja is a good start but he needs more help to clear those disease and vaccines.

      • Thank you for your reply

  7. Hi Kate, I’m a 36 year old mom of 2 and very healthy. Within 9 days of receiving only Gardisal shot (recommended due to high rust cervical cells) I am experiencing major reaction to vaccine. Symptoms developed very quickly and include all over pins and needles (esp in legs and arms), muscle weakness, difficulty walking, headache. I am located in Toronto Canada. Could you refer me to someone here that I could see for treatment?

    • Hello, It is possible to work long distance over skype. Yes we need to stat detox right away. It is aluminum poisoning.

    • Holly, there is a group where people and parents of young people affected by the HPV vaccine share their experience. We also encourage all injured people to submit a VAERS report (or the relevant one for your country) as the HPV vaccines are being made mandatory across the globe and tens of thousands of school aged kids are becoming very ill. FB page is called parents of sons and daughters injured by HPV vaccine. From there you will find a lot of information. I am a parent of injured girls, but many of the injured are now adults themselves, or like yourself, were injured as adults.

  8. Hi Kate – My husband cut himself with a utility knife and was given a Dtap vaccine. He is not feeling well now. Can you advise us how to rid this from his body and any other help we should do/know to overcome this. He is also on an antibiotic, Cephalexin. Thank you so much.

    • Hello. It is not possible to give medical advice on line. Best to make an apt with a practitioner. I am out of the country for the next week.

  9. Hi, I believe my two year old is suffering from vaccine induced encephalitis from a hep b vaccine we were forced into giving him at birth. Since we bought him home he wakes up screaming in pain at night’s frequently. Are you able to send nosodes to Australia or do you know any practitioner here you would recommend?

    • Hello Yes I would suggest you find someone local. If you can not then I can work long distance and send to Australia. We would need to do a full intake for this to work. I can work over skype

  10. Hi, my daughter (17) had the gardasil vaccine a few years ago. Since then she has had very irregular periods. Sometimes there is a gap of 3 months. Would you be able to help with a detox from this vaccine? I’m just guessing this is the cause. She is fit and has a healthy diet.

    • Yes HPV vaccine is an endocrine disrupter. Ovarian failure is one of the most common symptoms from that vaccine. It takes time but we can work to reestablish the functionality with homeopathy

      • Thankyou so much!

  11. How do I make an appointment. I have 2 vaccine injure children. We done so much already with great results but this is the first I have heard of this. Also I am pregnant with another. Will like to find out information. Thank you

    • Please go to under the apt tab to make an apt. Thanks

  12. Hi
    Do you work with patients with neurological damage caused by medications? ( antidepressants)

    • Yes

  13. Hi my daughter received her first DTAP at two in April and was diagnosed with myasthenia Gravis in August. Through nutrition response testing they said it was the vaccine. She is now on prednisolone and mestinon and im curious if it can still be reversed. They want to remove her thymus but everyone in the natural world says no. Do you have any experience with vaccine induced autoimmune disease? What can be done? Thank you for your time!

    • Hello Yes do not remove the thymus. All allopathic medicine is supressive and will damage her immune system fully. Yes I have worked with a many cases of auto immune dysfunction after vaccines. Please do book an appointment on the links provided on this website. We would have to sort out the problem before you could chnage the immunosupressive medication.

  14. Hi Kate , I am very interested in your article , my daughter is now 6 and our story is long .
    After her 1 year and 3.5 multiple vaccinations her immune system was hit badly with all you point out , ear infections , conjunctivitis, on going repeating coughs , ongoing persistent fevers , Fears , head banging , fussy eating , head banging , , the baby vaccinations caused on going nappy rashes , bcg injection that wouldn’t heal.
    She had odd symptoms along with ongoing virus,s and fevers and dizziness and flashing lights in front of her eyes around 4.5 years old . She also had pneumonia and chickenpox around 9 months after 3.5 years vaccinations ( pre school boosters ) . Then at 4.5 she started school and one day was extremely weak , fatigue , had to carry her out of school and she lay on the coach and then I took her to the doctor and had no explaination and gave the nasel flu vacination which I didn’t want . At time I didn’t realise how bad her immune was and it’s links to vacinations , I took her to gp many times with ongoing tiredness but no explaination from them and see other peadriatric, s – maybe hypermobility was causing her issues !! They did nothing . Again ongoing cough problems back again to gp , 5 months after the live nasel flu vaccine she got tireder , tummy pains and then 2 months later a visible lump on her rib – throbbed off again through a&he , gp and private doctor – she was then diagnosed with cancer – Ewing’s sarcoma !!
    She had to have chemo , radiation and surgery and inactive flu vacination. There is a huge amount of pressure to give her inactive flu again this winter but I just can’t – knowing what I have found out , she is 6 months out in remission .
    I do believe cancer was caused by vaccine injury and I see you list at the top of your article – and see it mentioned in many things I have read and would like to find out more

    • Yes her immune system has collapsed because of the vaccines. I would make sure to complete a VAER to the VAERS. And if you would like to work on her immune system with homeoapthy we can. Definitely no more vaccines ever.

  15. My grandson, 12 months old, received MMR two weeks ago. He has reverted to belly swimming instead of crawling. He was close to taking steps alone, but now seems unable, although he is still pulling up to the coffee table. Should his parents pursue a detox or clearing procedure?

    • Yes. a vaccine clearing protocol is necessary to prevent further damage and change the dirrection to clear the vaccine.

  16. Dear Kate,

    I live in Sweden, when I was 17 years old I took the Pandemrix shot, which is an influenza vaccine for influenza pandemics, such as the H1N1 2009 called the swine flu. The vaccine was developed by GlaxoSmithKline. I have a read about the potencial side effects of this vaccine and therefore I want to find a solution before it is to late for me and others. The Vaccine contains many toxic substances and adjuvants, primarily squalene.

    I want to ELIMINATE this TOXIC vaccine from my body(blood). Please help me and others if you have any solution for us to detoxify our bodies from this horrible vaccine. If you could give any advice, recommendations of food to eat, things to do, places to go or anything, we will appreciate your time and response!

    Thank you!

    Robert paul

    • HI I would recommend finding a CEASE practitioner in your neck of the woods to help you clear this. They would be able to get the exact vaccine you got and help you through the detox process. Yes it can be cleared. Good luck.

    • I really appreciate your outlook on this topic. I don’t think enough people realize the effects of vaccines.

  17. I haven’t had any vaccines since about 1996 after suffering an adverse reaction. However, I’m looking to possibly applying for a nursing program at my local community college and they require certain vaccinations that cannot be waived in order to enter the program.

    Are there any sort of tried-and-true detoxification procedures if you know you’re going to be exposed? I know vaccines are IM so not quite as fast as IV correct? Is there any way to slow them down from asorbtion?

    • I can only give you a one sided point of view. That is to look after your immune system and ask if you want to sacrifice that for the lin eof work you want to do. That said Homeopathy can detox vaccines as best as your body can process the vaccines for what they are.

  18. I had a vaccine t reaction and I get the run around! Could you please help me with the courts!

    • Not sure how to help you with the courts. Can help with medical stuff. We would need to have a consult for me to complete an intake of your health.

  19. Dear Kate –what an incredible resource you are : ). My daughter will be 8 in August and has never been vaccinated with the exception at birth she got the Vitamin K shot unbeknownst to me. While they were stitching me up, they coerced/fear mongreled my husband into giving it to her. Overall she is super healthy but she has those little white bumps on the back of her arms and inner thighs and cheeks and I have always suspected them to be from the shot. Can you please direct me to the homeopathic antipodes to the VitaminK shot? Thank you!

    • Hello, You would need to work with a practitioner to access that.

      • Thank you Kate I’m happy to do that. I’m in Albuquerque. Do you do distance consultations?

      • Yes you can book with me on the Appointment page.

  20. My son is 13 and 1 year ago he had his second HPV vaccine. I week later he developed a rash and was diagnosed with Pitryiasis Lichenoides Chronica. He has had it for just about a year. How can we get the virus out of his body to stop this rash?

    • It is time for a consult to go over all symptoms and develop the protocol.

    • Many kids have developed a range of illness after receiving the hpv vaccine. Please complete a VAERS report to help ensure all adverse effects are recorded – that is how they are determining its safety. There is a parent fb group if you are interested – parents of sons and daughters injured by hpv v.

  21. Greetings from Bulgaria,
    We believe our 2 year old son is suffering from vaccine damage affecting his brain.
    2 months After the last shot Dtk he made a serious development regression, Since my wife is a psychiatrist her self, we made our own conclusions and contacted local pediatricians and psychiatrists, and all sayd the boy have development delay. Unexplainable as he was in the average till last shot.
    It is very annoying to listen doctors who does not know what theyr so called “medicines” contains and do to our kids. In fact we are suspicious for the nystagmus he is suffering being caused by the first hep B shot, since this was given without our consent in the 2nd day if his life, and nurse complained he was crying too much. Our son is now pretty much recovering after starting gluten, casein and sugar free diet, but there is a ghost upon that fragile kid, as he is almost constantly constipated or ill.
    This post cannot be extended to all the symptoms, and we look for your help.
    We trust to contact you via Skype, or else point us to a colleague on this side of the globe willing to help.
    Please contact us.

    • Hello yes it is possible to work over skype . yes your son have vaccine damage and there is always the one vaccine that tips the cart over. Please on my website you can find the way to book an appointment when you are ready.

  22. Both my daughters received the Gardisal Vaccine series at ages 11 & 12. they both tolerated the serious without a reaction and are now 13 & 15 years old. I have seen a lot of material on the toxic side effects of the vaccine, especially regarding ovarian complications and in some cases failure. My younger daughter does not have her menses yet however my older daughter has had her menses for 1 year and it has been irregular. I’m concerned that there may be damaging side effects that we are not seeing. I’ve spoken to their pediatrician who reassured me in the safety of the vaccine. I remain extremely upset and concerned that they may have been harmed by this vaccine. Is there a detox protocol or a specialist that you can recommend?

    • Hello Yes it is true that there is a delay in the effects from the HPV vaccine. One of them is disruption in the endocrine system and normal menstruation. If you can find a CEASE practitioner to work with you can reverse some of the effects. I am a CEASE practitioner. You would need to book an appointment from the website under the appointments.

  23. Hi i am new here .Our son who is 4.5 yrs old has been diagnosed with autism . we have started homeopathic treatment for him . he was given MMR in past which did aggravate his symptoms but slowly back to normal symptoms . now we gave him 30c of dpt followed by afeter 2 days 1m of baryta carb . which again aggravate his symptoms and then again after week gave him 200c dpt followed by 2 days later baryta carb which has aggravate his symptoms lot more . he is getting more hyperactive starching his moms hands and spitting all day long . we have been told by his homeopath to give 1m dpt again after week . is it normal way to use dpt and reaction we getting are very bad with hyperactivity spiting etc. little worried how long it take to see positive reactions . hope to get some inputs from other parents and homeopaths. Thanks

    • Hello yes it is normal to have aggravation with dosing when doing vaccine clearing. Talk with your homeopath about your concerns and they can help. The vaccines need to be cleared immunological out of the system which means that immune system needs to be woken up. If there is regression without improvement then a second opinion is needed and of course the need for biochemical support to help him detox.

  24. Hi Kate, I am 46 and was born with severe allergy to baby formula. The only thing that worked for me was a meat based formula. I have always been sensitive to many foods so I try to stay away from sugar, dairy, gluten and even non gluten grains seem to be an issue. At 18 I took a series of antibiotics and they shutdown my left side in that I don’t have as much sensitivity or response sexually on that side and I don’t feel menstrual cramps as much on that side. I also developed symptoms of candida and chronic, severe constipation. At 30 I had a thoracic surgery to stop excessive hand sweating and a couple of years before that I decided to get really healthy and did lots and lots of colonics. A year or two after that and the surgery in 2001 my symptoms skyrocketed and I had many new symptoms; one of them being an odor emitted from my body, I believe from respiration, that is a sulfur type smell that is very far reaching. I should also add that in 2000 I had any amalgam in my mouth removed. I didn’t know about the harm it could do, but a couple of months ago I did an herbal chelation and took Amalex, a homeopathic. Calcarea Carb and Natrum Mur have helped me the most as far as homeopathic remedies, but once they stopped working my symptoms mostly reverted back. A week ago I took Lac Maternum and 2 weeks ago a bowel nosode Gaertner Bach. The Gaertner seemed like a really good fit because of my childhood issues with formula and all the food sensitivities. I’m hoping these remedies will work but I’m also apprehensive because I’ve thought many remedies in the past would work. I find that if I only eat a little meat and vegetables for my meals I can reduce my symptoms, but I end up feeling tired, hungry, weak and I lose too much weight. Does it sound like homeopathy can give me permanent relief and I just need to find the right remedy? I think it was a perfect storm that caused the odor given the antibiotic use that upset my flora, then further purging with colonics and the surgery that greatly disturbed by nervous system.
    Thank you

    • Hello I would think that you need to work with a practitioner to help navigate everything you have going on. Yes homeopathy can help but you need someone who knows how to use homeopathy.

  25. I love this article and the comments. When I was about 16, they came to school and we lined up like cattle and got an injection in our right arm. The next day, I was paralyzed from the waist down and had to army crawl to the living room to call my mom who had left for work. It was the scariest thing as I was a swimmer. It lasted three days and the doctors suggested it was the vaccine but never pointed to specifics. I never got the scar on my arm that others bear. Would this have been an outright rejection of the vaccine because I was otherwise healthy? It has always perplexed me. Also, I got the Hep B vaccine as mandated to do medical work in Haiti. Been sick ever since with various issues-mostly fatigue. Have spent thousands on thyroid tests, adrenal tests, etc. through Naturapath and still have no energy. Wondering if it is because of vaccines. Thanks for your work!!!

    • Yes it is all true and yes there are ways to clear with homeopathy. We call this vaccinosis.

  26. My daughter had her only Gardasil shot 3 years ago. I feel that her personality changed because of it. She has become very moody and has expressed anxiety about talking to people. Can you recommend a homeopath in the San Jose Ca area? Please help me, I am very concerned. I feel so gulity for allowing her to get that one shot.

    • Hi If you look to the CEASE website you can find in CA

  27. Hi…
    I think instead of keeping quiet while our kids die..come foward with your solutions..people will gladly receive them.

  28. I have had problems since a dtap vaccine. I need help badly. How do I get started. Symptoms are many. Please help me.

  29. Yes the fact is that all his immunological processes were stopped with the antibiotics. Most cases of autism as due to inflammation of the brain due to the vaccines and the infectious agents in the vaccines you have to let the immune system work to bring the inflammation out of the brain. Antibiotics stop that process and regress all development. Homeopathy is the only system of medicine that will help the immune system do what it is trying to do: resolve the inflammatory response from vaccines that were injected into it.

    • Hi Kate,
      I have an 8-month old baby that was vaccinated with Hepatitis B at 1-month and Rotovirus at 2-months. How can these vaccines be reversed/flushed out of his system?

      • It is not so much like doing a radiator flush but rather looking to see what changes the vaccines have induced and normalizing the immune response. Yes this can be accomplished with homeopathy. there are some by route clearing protocols but then we would also see how his body in particular is reacting. We would need to do an office visit for this. thanks

  30. Hello Kate, This is all new to me, but I’ve been reading a lot on vaccines and how damaging they can be. I am now curious if they are actually the cause of my daughter being diagnosed with type 1 diabetes when she was just 2 years old. Up until that time she was perfectly healthy. I never thought about putting 2 n 2 together until recently, she is finally fixing to start kinder, but she is not up to date on her shots…. well upon reviewing when her last immunizations were done, she had had several all at once just a few months prior to her being diagnosed. Now they are wanting to do even more. I’m totally against it now. But I’m very curious as to whether the vaccines are the cause of her condition and if its possible to do anything at this point considering its be almost 3years now.

    Thank you,

    • Yes it is mostly the Hep B vaccine that is bringing on the Type 1 diabetes. If she is totally insulin dependent it is hard to treat. Damage happens to the Islets of langerhans from the massive surge of white blood cells in response to the vaccines all given at once. This is the same cause as SIDS. Fortunately it happened in the pancreas rather than her brain. But there might be some damage there too. You would see it in her learning, co-ordination and/or speech.
      Yes I would do some research in the vaccine inserts to what vaccines she had received. Some of them say that diabetes is an adverse event. You can file a claim with VAERS and certainly you should tell the doctor that it is a contraindication for more vaccines.

  31. Are you able to advise on a remedy my 13 year old daughter who is suffering hair loss following HPV vaccine?

    • Sorry I can not give medical advice online. There could be many factors. We would need to do a health consult to determine the best remedy and clearing protocol. There is not just one remedy that would work for this. The practice of Homeopathy is always based on the individual response to disease and always tailored to the individual person. Please see options for consultation. We would need to do the initial intake. I can work via Skype

  32. Greetings Kate

    In the early 90s I refused immunizations for my older 2
    boys, my third was enrolled in a summer camp and they
    threatened to remove him. On a beautiful summer day when all the other kids were on the slip & slide I picked up my Daniel and drove him to his life long prison. He was a bright easy popular 5 & 3/4 y/o, w/ thick strawberry blond hair, what followed was a nightmare, you’re probably aware of. His Diagnosis, Child disintegrative disorder, (7yrs)late on set autism. @ 8yrs; “Encephalopathy of unknown origin that seems to be exacerbating over time,” Boston Children’s hospital. “brain swelling,” the Grim faced doctors said.
    Early symptoms included insomnia, fibril seizures, EKG 7yrs), clutching his
    fist, walking in circles, giggling, talking to himself when he used to be quite….He was asked to parties by little friends who didn’t understand.
    “What happened to Daniel?”
    “I think it was the MMR shot,” I’d say. His Doctor said he was leaving town and transferred records to a Pediatrician who eventually passed him, when I threated him with a law suit if he didn’t treat him with steroids. By that time he
    was seeing psychiatrists and they were bent on convincing me to accept his
    Autism and with proper treatment he’d recover his skills. In fact he did, his first semester of Kindergarten (6 1/4yrs) was stellar, “Daniel is a treasure,” his teacher said, the summers bad dream was over, then a call from school to find him in the principals office.

    OK obviously this was a long time ago but I’m still looking… is there anything
    for my child? He had 5 & 3/4 years, was a great kid until the MMR….after setting fire to our house twice a series of placements, Spring Harbor mental hospital, (Maine) Lakeview Neuro Rebab, (NH) Many group homes where he is known for elopement, also easy, happy, on Prozac, has some expressive speech and being 6ft2 extremely strong, moving heavy objects at goodwill. He’s liked in his group home and watch’s “FREE WILLY”
    several times a week.

    My theory is given the MRI results of zero gross injury, 8y/o the brain in order
    to protect itself from a profound histamine reaction sealed cells from each
    other, neurotransmitters lost connection, specificity resulting in seizures and
    over time more and more disorganized neurons< after the initial 'recovery' , he gradually lost his mind. For a long while he maintained physical coordination, the only kid in kindergarten going back and fourth on the monkey bars but that went too.

    I don't believe in damage suits as they alienate people who can help. The Idea is a cure, is there something for a severely impaired 30y/o man, damaged 24 years ago (DOB 6/11/85) I feel there's a cure on the horizon. searching.

    He is now a ward of the state of Maine w/ a guardian in Maine DHS. …so
    wonderful to hand him the rest of his life back, his guardian is receptive actually thrilled at the idea.

    I believe given our family history of auto immune disease; asthma, eczema,
    psoriasis, Daniel's brain inflammation, encephalopathy IS an auto immune
    response and worthy of investigation.


    • Hello What a story. Sorry to hear. There may be some help but much time has passed. Homeopathy can reverse a lot but if there is brain damage it may not be possible. I work with a lot of vaccine damage. When the disturbance is more of a functional nature homeopathy can really help. The more physical damage there is the harder it is to reverse. Also that fact that so many years have passed it would be very difficult to change. Children have more life force making new brain cells etc. Think about it and we can see what we can do. We could address those conditions that are functional.

  33. Hi. My autistic son completed a 10 day course of antibiotics for a chest infection and is showing severe regression in all areas of learning. He is also very angrily and cries often.
    What remedy is best to detox?

    • I can not give medical advice on line here. You would need to work with a practitioner to help the immune system resolve the condition. This is not a toxic condition but rather suppression of immunological reaction. This needs to be woken up and resolved with homeopathy.

    • Have you read, “Healing the Symptoms known as Autism”?

      • No, I had not heard of the book.

  34. Hi, my daughter suffered major ear infections when she was little with an extreme amount of discharge, she also suffered strabismus and learning disabilities, and they couldn’t figure her out until I took her to a Naturopath in Oregon. I was wondering the way Naturopaths handle vaccines, do colleges accept this alternative treatment? They want her to update her TD and she has anxiety already and is very sensitive to drugs.

    • I would say she is eligible for medical exemption from vaccines.

  35. Hello. My daughter (now 21) had three shots of Gardesil when she was 18. Since then she has developed an under-active thyroid gland, and has chronic pain in her hips and has put on over 25 kilos in the three years since she was administered this drug. I’m now really concerned to read the HPV vaccin might even increase the risk of cervical cancer. What can she take to detox her body? Thanks, Karen

    • Hello she would need to be under the care of a practitioner versed in clearing HPV vaccine. the longer you wait the more progressive the problem will get. With endocrine disruption it can take months or years to normalize.

  36. My son jake has autism resulting from a vaccination that was given to him when he was very sick. He is now twelve and non verbal. I’m very interested in this please contact me thank you

  37. Hi Kate,

    My daughters, 11 and 8 are unvaccinated and my husband has been for getting them vaccinated for years. Now there is a case of whooping cough at my older daughter’s school and he strongly believes we are putting them at risk and need to vaccinate now. He does not believe or trust in much of alternative medicine, definitely not homeopathy. I don’t think we will ever convince the other. Any thoughts? I would love to do the homeoprophylaxis if we were in agreement…maybe they could get just one shot and then do vaccine detox? I am tired of butting heads, but of course you’re not a mediator…maybe you have some resource recommendations.


    • I would suggest the book, The Solution. This will give some words to further the discussion. You can find the book on on this site or amazon

    • At 8 and 11 your daughters are not at much risk for whooping cough. Well, maybe they will get it, but it won’t be that serious in my opinion. If they were 3 months old then I would be more worried. Health doesn’t come through a needle. Your husband needs some educating. There are videos on YouTube: Silent Epidemic and The Greater Good. I have an 8 month old who is doing the HP program. He has been and continues to be quite healthy and hasn’t had any vaccines. I think your daughters are probably healthier than your husband thinks.

      • My daughter had whooping cough at 6 months and was awful. I used two doses of homeopathic that expelled mucous from her lungs. She was sick for a couple of weeks and the worst was over in about 4 days. When she was twelve a cranial sacral worker found a shadow in her lungs that I cleared up with Drosera 30c as I believe it left it’s mark. The whooping cough was not even close to fatal, the cough was scary but I still would not vaccinate. I do believe she caught it from a vaccinated child as she was part of a baby group and could easily have been exposed. I would be careful if there has been recent vaccinations as live vaccines have been thought to increase the incidence of the disease.

  38. Hi
    I’m a new mom and i’m not a fan of vaccination. I know there is homeophatic remedy to detox all the poisons that comes with the vaccines. I also know that i need different homeopatic pellets for different vaccines. I would like to know what pellet goes to witch vaccines. I hope you can help me. Thanks a lot

    • Hello, I would have to say that to be able to treat vaccine damage you would need to have studied homeopathy for some time. Homeopathy is individuated treatment and working on clearing infectious disease and the contaminants of vaccines is complicated. It is necessary to work with a practitioner to clear the vaccines are are stuck in the system. Please look for a CEASE practitioner. or which I am also.

  39. Hi, I’m hoping I can get some advice. I got the h1n1 flu shot a few weeks ago. Ever sine I got it i have felt awful! The first week consisted of headaches then I was throwing up. Now I have wekaness, sore neck, sore back, not sleeping, vibrations through body, this is just to name a few. I have had a MRI done and my brain is normal and my blood work was back today, my d levels were low and my b was slightly elevated. I would do anything to feel normal again, can anyone please give me some advice or any homeopathy or anything to cure me or help me! Thanks so much

    • Hello Yes there are homeopathic remedies that can help normalize the immunological process set up by the vaccine. We would need to do a consult. Please contact me directly if you would like to do so.

  40. Hello, my wife is like 7 months into her pregnancy and she took the Tdap vaccine shot. I never did any research on this before until now; I was shocked to find out all the bad things in this vaccine. Is there anything that we can do to get rid of this vaccine in her body? What advice can you give us going forward?

    • Hello, Yes I am sorry to hear about this. At this point I am not sure of the effect on the fetus. I know there is a high amount of aluminum in the vaccine and I am not sure if it crosses the placenta or not. Certainly if it did it would go to the nervous system. As for the antigens I do not think they are an issue. Just wondering if she is having an immunological response or not. In some cases there is no reaction and this is fine. If there are immunological symptoms that came and went this is fine too. If they are still lingering then we should talk and see about clearing the vaccine. If there are no symptoms I would rather leave it alone as sometime if we start to stimulate her body to release toxins with homeopathic remedies it actually will release more to the baby. She can do mild nutritional detoxes like Pure Cranberry juice, activated charcoal internally, Clay foot baths Bath salts in the bath. Stuff like that. If there is an immune system reaction continuing then give a call and we see what we need to do.

  41. Hi, I have 2 children, my son is 3 and my daughter is 6 weeks. My son has all of the vaccinations for his age group(except flu vaccine) my daughter is vaccine free and will continue to be. My son will not be receiving any more vaccinations. My son suffered from excema and ear infections after receiving his 2 year old shots. He is no longer has excema, but when ever he gets sick at all it takes a very long time for him to get better. He currently has a cough and cold that is going on 4 weeks. We will be going to Honduras for a few months very soon, and I am wondering if there is anything I should do to boost both of my children’s immune systems naturally before we go?

    • HI I am not sure if I responded privately but yes you should start working with a practitioner. If you would like to work with me you can. the bast way to get your son’s health improved is no more vaccines and constitutional of CEASE clearing homeopathy. For your newborn then the HP would be the safest way to go. However the program takes years to complete so I would register soon so as to get started before going. Please let me know if you would like to set up a consult and begin the registration process.

    • I give my baby Sambuchol’s baby Elderberry Extract to boost her immune system. Shes 8 months old, has never been sick, has traveled, and has no vaccinations. I give her one droplette per pound daily in her formula. I’ve used the adult version for years and have not been sick for a long time.

      • yes children who do not get vaccines are usually very healthy. Children are intended to be healthy when they are well looked after. Good job!

  42. I just took the MMR shot today, I am well into my 20s as told I needed it in order to do an externship. Does anyone know if there is a counteracting drug or vaccine that I can take. I am upset I took it and read more about the affects on not only you but possible child.

    • Hello, sorry to hear. Yes there are things we can do but it depends on how this vaccine is effecting you. We would need to do a consult to determine the best course of action. Its not like you can put the vaccine in your body and then take it out with something else. An infectious process gets initiated with the vaccine and depending on your health various symptoms will arise that are unique to your health. It is those symptoms we would use to understand how your body is responding the vaccine and then we would treat so as to help your body eliminate the vaccine and resolve the immunological effects. I know this helps explain. Please follow this link if you would like to book an appointment: under CEASE intake:

  43. I have to vaccinate my baby because my husband insists-we are close to a divorce because of this. I am breastfeeding, please help me by giving advice on what I can do through breast milk and what I can do for my 3month old baby before and after all the vaccinations-PLEASE HELP!!!!!

    • Yes sorry to hear your dilemma. It is horrible that these children are shoved between such two diametrically opposite forces. One that supports its health and development (not vaccinating) and one that surely will cause some immunological damage (vaccinating). A few things I can recommend here is that you videotape the baby before and after shots to document what you see. The other is to make sure you do just one vaccine at a time and wait a long time in between shots to make sure the immune system has recovered between doses (ie 2 months between each vaccine). There are remedies that can be given to help prevent vaccine damage but we would need a consult to tailor this to the child’s needs and the program you are willing to follow.

      • Hi,

        Thank you for posting this article. It was bey informative. I do have 2 questions:

        Do vaccines actually prevent getting sick the disease they are for? Also, if we don’t vaccinate my son and he gets, God forbid, measles, mumps, polio, or any other of the diseases doctors vaccinate our children against, what could we do to cure him?

        Thank you in advance,

      • Yes Homeopathy can treat all diseases. Look to a homeopath for guidance.

    • What a tough spot you are in! I am a client of the author of this page. All I can say is you don’t know what is going on in your baby’s body prior to vaccines and the vaccine itself could be the trigger for all sorts of disorders. Has your husband seen the FDAs adverse events page? Would he watch Silent Epidemic on YouTube or The Greater Good? Babies have passed away from getting vaccines. Even though it’s rare, I wouldn’t want to take the chance. In any case, if he won’t budge what is suggested above sounds really wise, to space them out and only do one at a time. Hugs and good luck, mama!

    • Spread out The shots give your child time to recover from each shot. Take garlic and eat blueberries probitics and anything good like tumeric, ginger, eat greens all will pass through your breastmilk and help your baby.

    • Wow I’m in the same boat as you, so sorry you have to go through this as well!

  44. Will using lavandin hybrida in a hair shampoo and conditioner hurt while doing a protocol or using tee tree in a soap because after taking a bath the other night it was time to take my liver drainage remedie and I put my hand in to get my remedie and after taking it I noticed a scent on my hand I would not say it was a strong strong smell but just worried it might of antidoted it.


    This is the website that got me concerned about antidoting remedies.

    Thanks will speak to my practitioner.

  46. I would consult with your practitioner all of your concerns

  47. She did prescribe a bromide homoeopathic remadie for before and after the scans, but after finding out about all these things about antidoting the remadies I’m scared to take them incase I waste my money, all my cease therapist said is avoid strong smells and keep away from electronic devices and when taking give a half hour gap before and after eating, so how will I know if I have been vaccine damaged when at the end of the protocol I might have had no reactions and think I have not been harmed and all along I have not knowingly anti doted my remedies.



  48. Hi just stated a cease protocol and not sure if a liver scan or a brain scan could effect my treatment as some say it can and some say it can not so am very confused as to what to believe.

    Any suggestions


    • Hello as you would be working closely with your practitioner to monitor your progress if there was a disruption of the remedy effect they would adjust the schedule as needed. It is true the high frequency waves can interrupt remedy action. But it does not means that you would go back to where you were. Rather the dose that was working in you would be stopped. By repeating the remedy will pick it up again.

      • Hello. I would refer you to talk with your homeopath about this. The comments for this page are in relation to the HP program and not general questions about homeopathy. Thank you

  49. Hello Kate Birch,

    I am a 27 year old new mother to a beautiful 5 month old baby boy and yesterday I took him to go get his 4 month series of shots. We were late getting his shots this time because we had to reschedule his appointment. However, I have questioned if vaccines are the best thing for him because of all the things that could go wrong from getting them. When he received his shots this time I was lead to not give him any Tylenol or ibuprofen. In my heart it just didn’t make sense to medicate him when his immune system was already being compromised by the vaccines. I noticed when he got his first shots that he had none of the side effects stated that babies normally have after being vaccinated. He didn’t have a fever, no crankiness, no vomiting or diarrhea. I only gave him 1 dosage of Tylenol that time before he received his shots And with no Tylenol nor ibuprofen this time, it was the same thing after this set of shots: no fever, no crankiness (outside of the norm when he is fighting sleep), no vomiting nor diarrhea. Is this a good thing or a bad? Could it help that I only breastfeed. Has there already been damage done from the 2 series of vaccinations he has already received? I really don’t want to continue with vaccinations if it’s not necessary.

    • Sometimes there is a prodromal period for the immune system to figure out that something has been injected. Wait two weeks and see what happens. When giving tylonol at the time of vaccine the tylenol actually serves to destroy the white blood cells so as to reduce the febrile effect. In the end the vaccine material is still injected and ultimately his immune system needs to clear it out with a fever. Wait and see how it goes. Runny nose, ear inflammation. loose green stools etc are all good signs of elimination.
      Let these go without any treatment. If the fever gets too high seek out a homeopath who knows how to work with vaccines.

      • Ok, I will be sure to pay attention. I have notice today that he is a little feverish but he still seems to be in good spirits. Do you think that there was any serious damage from these 1st 2 series of shots (2 month and 4 month shots)? With me breastfeed, is there any type of detox I can do to rid my body of any heavy metals or is that safe? Is there any detox he can do at this age?

      • Also to say that the damage occurs from the immune system response being thwarted. it is not so much about detox but having the system move through all aspects of an immunological response chill, fever, discharge sweat. Then the immune system has come full circle and all other aspects of elimination have been honored. Then the body will detox what ever else is in the vaccine. For you it is not suggested to do s detox while nursing as your toxins will get dumped into your milk. wait till after. There are many books to read on detoxing. I can’t answer your questions here on line. Best to work with a practitioner. And yes I would contact anyone who attended the Nashville School of Homeopathy

      • Also, do you know any good and trustworthy homeopaths in Memphis, TN.

  50. I am a frustrated parent, also angry at myself. Why? Because I knew better but let a doctor talk me into vaccinating my baby, even though (as I learned later) they were optional and I could have opted out (even if I’d used religious reasons, I’m not religious though). Now my son is 3.5 years old, does not speak (mainly grunts), goes in circles often, can stare at a book for 40 minutes (one one or two pages) or flip through the book over and over, refuses to be potty trained, doesn’t not follow instructions (example: Won’t take an item and give it to another person or put it in another place). Have had MRI and EEG but doctors claims they see no issues. I’m stuck, and angry, sad and frustrated.. My poor baby boy, what have we done to his brain? PS: His sleep cycle is totally off, he is often up late at night playing, and sleeps at around mid-day. I’ve tried massaging him, researched some herbs but I’m no specialist and we’re stuck.

    • Yes sounds like he needs some CEASE therapy. Let em know if you would like to book and Appointment.

  51. Hi kate
    I have triplets boys they are 4 years old and they are not talking at all. The boys has 2 or 3 open words. Here is the positive list about them. They can: follow directions pretty good/potty trained at home, they go for pee and poop on their own to the bathroom/ they point for everything that they want/they sleep 10/12 hours night time without waking up/ no tantrums without reason/ no spinning or aggressive behaviors/ they love kisses and hugs/ they play with each other like chasing and laughing/ they play with the ipad/ they know the ABC’S by pointing right and number too.

    Well now the bad list: They have a lot odd noises/ grinding teeth not all the time but kind often/ one of the boys jumps and flap and humming when excited/ a lot repetitive behaviors and one of the boys a lot visual stimming like when he sees anything that’s spins or bounces he flicks his fingers and make a odd face and odd noises. Well 2 of the boys has 2 or 3 words but not in sentence at all and the third boy only says mama and makes a lot sounds trying to talk. They have a lot sensory problems with loud music or tv they covers the ears but with OT it is getting better now. One of the boys wont chew any solid food at all his food has to be paste like baby food , he only chews potato chips that’s it. He can not chew like chicken nuggets/vegetables/fruits at all he will gag and vomit if a force him.

    I found a homeopath in London and I live in USA and the homeopath did this protocol last month it was our first month with him:
    WEEK 1- MMR30 plus boys own remedies
    WEEK 2- MMR200 boys own remedies
    WEEK 3-DPT 30 boys own remedies
    WEEK-4 DPT 200 boys own remedies

    The boys did not had any bad reactions like fever/vomiting/rash/ crying but I saw new odd behaviors appears and old odd behaviors back and some gain in eye contact and better understanding and the boy that doesn’t have any word is trying to talk and making more sounds.
    Now the homeopath put the boys to detox the vaccines each week one HEP B/A VARIOCELLA DTap/IV going from 30 to 200 potency every week different potency. Well I would like to have your opinion with this protocol because this homeopath is not CEASE trained but he has 20 years of experience working with autistic kids.

    • Hello , I would say that there is some movement in the right direction. As far as CEASE trained I think it is okay. around the world there are many homeopaths who are working in this we and various different protocols have arisen all with the same theme of trying to correct the immunological and neurological imbalances set up by vaccines. One way is not more or less the correct way nor is every way the correct way for that one child. There are also ways which we have not yet developed as we are all trying to make sense of the global impact vaccines have taken on the development of our children in the last 10 years. I would say keep working with the homeopath. They have a plan. I would also correct your thinking in the idea that fever, vomiting or rashes are bad reactions. These are in the end the desired reactions. they have been injected with diseases that in their own way as the immune system needs to sort them out produce vomiting, rashes and fevers. This eliminatory action is what needs to be set up through this clearing protocol so as to purge what has been injected into their bodies and to normalize the immune system twist created by the vaccines.

  52. I’m interested about the effects vaccines and the symptoms relative… Thanks you

    • Hello I will refer you took one of the two books listed on this site and also to read much more of the site. Many or your questions will be answered here. thank you

  53. Hello Kate- I am a mom that is so sad and heart broken and I don’t know where to start. But I am very happy I found your site; it has really opened my eyes. My 4 year son has had 4 seizure which started a few weeks after he was given his 3 year old shots and again after he was given his 4 year old shots 4 vaccines (given in 2 injections). I had every test done; CT scans MRI all the test you can think of and the only thing they could come up with was sleep deprivation. All the doctors told me that the vaccines had nothing to do with his seizures but as a mom; now in my heart of hearts I believe they do. Please help me and let me know who I can see I live in Florida so I don’t know if you know of anyone or if you can help me. I am over come with sadness and it hard for me to focus or even write. They are now pushing me to put my child on the anti seizure drug KEPPRA (which has its list of side affects. I don’t want to put my child on any drugs to repair the damage their drugs caused. Please help me and guide me in helping my son. God bless you for any help you have to offer

    • Hello, I am sorry to hear this has come about. I would check with the CDC as the most common Adverse event following a DTaP vaccine is seizures. The doctors do not have it right. Fortunately there is something we can do with homeopathy. It is called CEASE therapy and it is to reverse the effects of the vaccines in the immune system. Please take your time to read what is here on the website and when you are ready to consult please email me privately/ I will send you intake papers. We can work via Skype. Thank you

  54. Hello, recently we visited a paediatrician homeopath for my one-and-a half year old daughter. She has got all compulsory vaccine shots and once she had otitis and she received antibiotics. Anyway, here is the treatment prescribed by the homeopath:

    1) for 14 days: Tuberculinum 6-12-30-200-M-/CALCAREA CARBONICA 6 (2)-12(2)-30(2)-200-M-XM

    – Polyantibioticum 200 – 5 days with a 9-day interruption
    – Iso Vaccin MMRVAX – 5 days with a 9-day interruption
    – Iso Infanrix Hexa – – 5 days with a 9-day interruption

    3) during the interruptions: vitamines and Magnesium/Cuprum-Aurum-Argentum/Zincum-Niccolum/Cobaltum

    Could you please comment? I have started the treatment but as I do not have much experience with homeopathic treatments I am trying to find out more information if what we are doing is good and safe for my daughter. Thank you in advance!

    • Hello, I would be curious where this practitioner is practicing? From the Infanrix hexa I expect perhaps Europe or Australia? However I know there are many protocols for vaccine clearing. You do not indicate the potencies on the ISO vaxs. It also depends on the actual symptoms of the child how I would prescribe. I would say it depends on what you are trying to do but this protocol seems reasonable. for me vaccine clearing is aimed at helping the immune system resolve immunologically the vaccine antigens and adjuvants. Normally this comes with a fever and discharge. So look for these responses and don’t medicate. There may be some aggravations in process. Different individuals need different paces of treatment too. I am wondering if this is long enough per vaccine. But it is a good start. That would depend on the actual symptoms of the child.

      • Thank you very much for replying so quickly. You guessed right, we live in Europe. The potencies of the Isovaxs are 200K. The only symptom that my daughter has is sore throat (almost constantly) and coughing occasionally. But over the last few months she has had diarrhea quite often, I do not know if this could be a post-vaccination effect or simply related that she started going to daycare. I am a bit disappointed that the practitioner did not mention the fever and discharge as possible reactions…Thank you again, I feel more reassured!

      • Okay good. Yes I would see how she does over the next weeks then and reevaluate at that time. I expect the Tub to help with the Diarrhea. and Also I assume she had received the BCG vax. This is probably what set the whole thing up.

  55. Hello,

    I got a flue shot about fifteen years back. After few days, I developed numbness in the legs and had no control over my legs for about two days.
    Neurologist recommended “IVIg”. Received four of them, they did help and with passage of time things became normal.
    Every three/four years there is relapse and after some time things again become normal.
    Is there a permanent solution to this problem?.
    I live Pennsylvania (US).
    Many thanks,

    • Hello, yes I would say it is common to experience post vaccine neuralgia form a flu vaccine. It is as if the virus has entered your immune system. The fact that the IVIg helps tells me that this is an immune system problem. For that yes there is a treatment protocol with Homeopathy. Basically we would address the symptoms with a few remedies to address the immune system, to clear the vaccine and then whatever other symptoms you had would indicate your constitutional remedy. Let me know if you would like to set up a consult.

    • Yes.



  56. Hello Kate,
    I was in the clinical trials for the HPV Gardasil vaccine. I have toxic levels of aluminum in my blood and I am desperately searching out a way to rid my body of this. What would you suggest?

    • Hello, I am sorry to hear of this. I would recommend a full homeopathic intake and detox protocol. We would assess where you health has been changed and utilize homeopathy to help restore your system to normal. Please contact me if you would like to schedule. I do work long distance on this. I would say that is would take several months of treatment depending on how severe the vaccine damage is. Please let me know what you would like to do. thank you

  57. Hey Kate,
    Me and my son recieved the 2010 H1N1 vaccine. Since then we both have been experiencing very severe reactions. It started out with stomach problems ( nausia, vomiting, pain, and oil like substance in the actual vomit) then it escaladed into shooting pain starting in the feet and going up the legs, starting in the fingers and shooting up the arms. In myself it was followed up by week long migranes. We have been to the e.r’s, urgent cares, doctors, specialest, you name it we have been, but saddly none of them being able to actually pin point a specific problem or reason. While at the er they did bloodwork on me and my white blood cell count was thru the roof, but they brushed it off like a joke when my husband mentioned the things we were experiancing did not start til we got the shot. My husband has spent many sleepless nights doing research on the shot and what it caused, down to the ingrediants and amount of it that is in the shots. But with every bridge we go to cross someone is there stopping us saying no it can not be the shot. He found out that the squalane that is in the shot counter reacts with the body and brain causing the imune system to attack its self. It is doing this because once squalane is injected into the body (instead of naturaly produced ) the immune system goes crazy like a short circut and starts attacking its self in the attempt to remove the bad from the system. We have tried immune boosters to try and help but it did nothing. We have noticed very quickly that fish oil makes it much worst. The sickness is getting worst with every passing day, i fear i will not be able to fight this much longer it seems to be getting the best of me and my son. I need some advice or suggestions or ANYTHING that might help us. We have no where else to turn to ask these questions. PLEASE HELP US.

    • Hello, I would say that it would be advisable to set up consultation with me. It is possible with homeopathy to reverse the immune system changes vaccine induce with constitutional care and the CEASE clearing method. PLease call to make an appointment.

  58. Hi Kate, I am searching for some natural treatments for Adhd. Perhaps you could recommend something?

    • Hello, I am not sure exactly what you are asking for. However Homeopathy is there to treat the whole person. For that we need a full intake and follow-ups. There is not just one pill of supplement to fix the problem. That would be like the model that gives Ritalin or some other medication. With Homeopathy we try to discern what the under laying cause may be. It might be food allergies, immune system disruption, inherited tendencies or something behaviorally all in who is this person with these difficulties and what is there ability to function in this world. To sort this out is a process of working with a practitioner and using remedies to help restore order. The time it takes for that to occur depends on all the things going on and the ability for the body to return to balance. Let me know if you have any other questions. Please see Fees for what this might look like.

  59. Okay, yes then if you would like to work with me email me and we can get you set up for a consult. I would need a full vaccine record and we can work over skype. Make sure to enter homeopathy in the subject line. Thanks

  60. Hi kate

    Thank you for your quick response.
    To be honest I sense the homeopath that i have been seeing has hit a wall with my sons condition. I happened to stumble on your site and i am happy to hear your views.
    I would also like to mention I have been to a couple naturopaths and nutritionists in the past. But everything i have put him on he reacts to the product. He is also dairy intolerant. I was recently advised to put him on selenium to draw out the heavy metals in his body otherwise he will not heal. I am reluctant as there are positives and negatives with the outcome. And once again he is too sensitive.


  61. Hi Kate

    My son is 7 year old boy. He is a gentle, sensitive, shy, thin build and softly spoken.
    For about 5 years now (after 2nd year vaccination) he became extremely intolerant too many different foods. I later discovered the main culprit was salicylates, which is in lots of food.
    He is also sensitive to smells, noise. Over the years I have purchased many brands of fish oils, acidophillus, minerals and Vitamins ( with no colours, preservative etc in powder form) and reacts with diarrhoea.
    When he has salicylate which is the main concern because not only does he get diarrhoea, it affects him emotionally, physically and mentally. He presents as a ADHD< ADD ODD and a split personality child. Some of the reactions are cry over anything, falls over easily, no strength, weak bladder, tantrums, defiant, anger, introverted, his letters go back wards, brain shuts down, 4-5 showers a day, scattered, can’t learn anything because he has gone to another planet. His hormones are affected as he becomes very feminine, wanting to be a girl, only wear girl clothing (just eating one orange can trigger that). He doesn’t’ put on weight, short for his age. He has a great appetite but it seems he has malabsorption.
    When I have him on a very strict diet he is a great kid, a normal boy. At times I slip up. Recently I gave him fresh coconuts (realised afterwards it was very high in salicylates). He developed headaches and his vision was affected. so, i took him to the optometrist, they recommended glasses. i removed the coconut from his diet, three weeks later, he couldn't wear the glasses, because he couldn't see out of them. He is soo severely affected by salicylate.

    A Homeopath recommended
    carcinogen, placenta 40, nat phos and mag carb30 spread apart but unfortunately the remedies were unsuccessful. i then put him on bovista – no good.
    I have done a hair analysis and it showed up very high in mercury, copper,calcium and aluminium
    My homeopath recently recommended aethusa cyn 200 and calcarea phos.
    I am wondering do i do a vaccination cleanse first then proceed with other remedies.

    I would truly appreciate your advice.


    • Hello, Thanks for sharing so much info here to help me understand the picture.Yes I think there is something off with metabolism and sure from the vaccines they can cause this. In these cases sometimes clearing the vaccines and normalize the metabolic function. but also sometimes to treat with the remedy that best matches the metabolic disorder. Without interfering with the relationship with your homeopath I can offer that I do this work and have some ideas on remedies to address this metabolism. Also if your homeopath would like to consult with me too that can be done. Let me know what you would like to do. thanks

  62. Hello, normally we would treat according to the symptoms expressed, as with the law of homeopathy the remedy will cure the condition rather than make it worse. As the remedies are potentized, and are thus energetic in nature, they will only make an impact if there is susceptibility to them, i.e. if if they are similar to the condition and then the only impact would be to cure. If there is no resonance they will just pass out of the body and not change a thing.

  63. Hi Kate got a date for my partner to see a cease practitioner, I’m really worried that if the vaccines has not caused my partner her problems then could the nosodes cause a problem.



  64. Thank you for your response, it is a really good description of the vaccine injury, but in this case, there has been no vaccines, just a reaction following allopathic treatment of asthma which I would hope to reverse using homeopathic dilution of the drug.

    • Hello thanks for the clarification that no vaccines were introduced. So I would modify my response to say that the allergic aspect of this child’s immune system was still tipped too high, and when this was suppressed whatever was trying to get worked out was suppressed to the nervous system. Accordingly, we would need to take a full case history to see what happened and then give homeopathic remedies to undo the suppression and treat the original condition. There is no specific remedy to do this we need to look at the kind of symptoms expressed to select specific remedies to help in the unfolding. If you would like to work with me please let me know. Thank you

  65. Do you have any experience of autistic spectrum characteristics being displayed after treatment of asthma using steroids and using homeopathic dilutions of the drug to reverse this?

    • Hello, This is what I know. When normally exposed to an infectious disease the body needs a fever to produce antibodies. An infectious agent that is not cleared with a fever will not be fully cleared from the body and will settle to its organ of affinity. When vaccines are given, in order to clear the killed infectious agent there needs to be a fever as well. Often however with vaccines the fever is suppressed, or the aluminum in the vaccine forces the antibody or histamine response without the fever. Then if the child does develop a fever it looks like an ear infection and antibiotics are given. This does not help the fact that in order for the immune system to resolve the vaccine there needs to be a fever and discharge. At this time the system may just settle into a state of asthma as the best alternative given the information at hand. If left alone the asthma will continue along and not change unless there is some kind of homeopathy that will help to address the imbalance in the immune system creating the histamine/ inflammatory response. At this point the asthma is the best the child can do with the instruction given to it by the vaccines and suppressive treatment. Now if we were to suppress the asthma with steroids the next step is for the infectious agent to go deeper into the system ie the nervous system seeing as both MMR and DTaP effects the nervous system when not allowed to be cleared with a fever. Now that the asthma has been suppressed the symptoms are in the brain causing autistic like symptoms. Allopathic medicine can not help as that method produced this whole condition. Homeopathy can help to remove the suppression, normalize the immune system function to bring back a fever and to free the child from all of this that has been put upon them. If you would like to schedule a consult please let me know. I hope this helps.

  66. hi, my niece is 10 years old and she is autistic, all the terapies she has had havent help any, she cannot talk at all and seems like she doesnt understand, i just learned that she has not been detox, do u think we can still help her with hp? or is it too late after 10 years of severe autisim?

    • Hello Kari, I would say that she would need to be seen by a homeopath familiar with homeopathic detox therapies to help sort her system out. Even as it has been such a long time it is still possible to bring some improvement, much more improvement if she is less severely autistic. The HP program described on this website is for children with healthy immune systems and is a method of building immunity to diseases. The Homeopathic detox I am referring to is CEASE clearing and constitutional work to bring back health. This is also described here on this page. I am able to provide both services. For the CEASE work I would recommend committing to at least 6 months of homeopathic care to really see the changes needed. For every year the health has been disturbed it usually takes 1-2 months of good homeopathic care to recalibrate. I would assume she has been autistic since the MMR shot and so that would put us at a minimum of 9 months of care. It may be longer and some situations may not resolve completely but you have to start somewhere and at least aim in the right direction. I can work over skype if you like. I hope this helps.

  67. how do u use cilantro,sarsparilla and fat soluble vit c to detox?

    • The first two are tinctures. Cilantro on the wrists, 7 drops each wrist each day for one month. Sarsparilla 10 drops in water 2 oz each day to one month. Start amybe slower as this is a small child. Fat soluble Vit C 450 mg/day first week, then 900Mg/day for two weeks.

  68. Hello,

    We are in the process of using a homeopathist and Nutritionist to try and stop our sons autism developing any further since Aug 2013, he is 2 years 2 months. After initial period of diet change for 5 weeks waiting for hair tests results where we started out being prescribed Carcinosin and calcarea carbonicum we saw a great improvement in his behaviours which really got our hopes up. The hair tests came back showing high heavy metals toxicity, he is not vaccinated so how we don’t know. The homeopathist prescribed poly metals using CEASE protocol, started 30c, now on 200c, no fevers, some behaviour changes, red cheeks nose about it. Since then our son has regressed and we are struggling to keep the faith. Nutritionist got ONE test done, has said he has big issues with cells not processing nutrition, reason for this is all the Toxicity he holds and has prescribed lots of supplements and Pure Body Zeolites to remove metals. What are your thoughts, we are so confused and want to believe the advise and follow but Zeolites has negative reviews as well as positive. Your considered opinion would be most welcome.

    • Hello, It sounds like he is off to a good start with the remedies and protocol. I would however add in some herbs that can help with the metal detox. Sarsparilla and Cilantro. Also fat soluble Vit C to pull the toxins out of the brain. I would say some times a regression is a good thing as the body starts to detox. but as the toxins come out we want to make sure that it does not re deposit back into the brain or other tissues. I would say the zeolyte is good but just to go slowly with it as it is quite powerful. I would say keep gong with the protocol, discuss your concerns with your practitioner and see how it goes. Some more Carc could always be indicated. I hope this helps.

    • I would recommend the Frequent Dose Chelation group on Yahoo to you. And Andrew Hall Cutler’s protocol/books. Kids get their metals from mom. Did the mother have amalgams/high lead in her system, etc? Also if she got any vaccines while pregnant or ate a lot of fish mercury gets to the fetus quite easily through those routes. Our 3 year old was hair tested and has high mercury. She has done well with homeopathy and we also give her a product called Dynamic Greens that I think is helping her detox. She is actually not in preschool and her social skills surpass those of her preschooled peers! There is hope! She started showing regressions around 2. What I’ve learned is it takes awhile for mercury to convert from organic to inorganic mercury and to settle in the brain, etc. That is why so many parents are saying their LO was neurotypical until age 2 (I think, that is my opinion). My DD received all of the vaccines through 15 months. Lots of aluminum in those and other not so good adjuvants. Best of luck to you!

  69. Hi again, I received a seasonal flu jab in 2009 and want to know was there any adjuvants used in seasonal flu jabs.


    • Hello, yes there are adjuvants in every vaccine. I would need to know the manufacture to know for sure which particular adjuvant was used. Aluminum salts are used as adjuvants. Different vaccines use different salts. Research has now shown that Flu vaccines increase the risk of other upper respiratory infections due to the use of the adjuvants and then one sided immunological response produced from the adjuvants.

      • I am awaiting this information from the nurse who gave it, be intouch shortly, thanks

      • I do find it hard to sleep at night, I struggle for air at times but it comes and go, I have had loads of tests and all come back fine, I have suffered with anxiety in my life as have ocd, I have not long been off prescription drugs so perhaps is the aftermath of it, any way I’m on youngevity products such as beyond tangy tangerine and efas plus nascent iodine and zeolites and colloidal silver and have seen results, perhaps I could be experiencing detox symptoms maybe but I also do get loss of feeling through out my body but only for very short periods of time, I have also had glandular fever in the past which lead to cfs or m.e, any way after that flu shot I had I received full body acupuncture and ear acupuncture within weeks or months after so could I have lucky to stop a reaction.

      • Yes sounds like you need homeopathy to help normalize your system. Let me know if you would like to skype visit or if you need help finding a homeopath in the UK. Thanks.

  70. hi! I have a 2 month old boy, he got the first vaccines but I don’t feel comfortable with them and want to avoid them,, I been reading and some people say not to vaccinate at all and others say to delay the vaccines or give 2 vaccines instead of 8 at once, I am very confuse and don’t know who to believe, my heart tells me there are some vaccines that should be use, but at the same time I really think this is business more than anything, I am 35 and I did have the vaccines that were necessary at that time, with no problem in my health, but here lately there are so many cases of autism that is scary, my niece is autistic, and I also panic about infant death,, horrible that there is no explanation to it! really? I do believe it is because the vaccines! there are so many for a little body! so, what to do? follow the rules or not ? one side of me tells me I should follow the rules, the other tells me I should not. I want to know which vaccines are safe and really necessary, and avoid the ones that are not., do we really need them all? if I decide not to vaccinate my child, will I regret it? what if he gets ill when it could be preventive?

    • I would say gut feeling and education is the way to help you solve this problem. I would first start with learning about homeopathy which is a total y safe practice of medicine that helps with fevers, and sicknesses. As vaccines don’t have all the answers to all the sickness that can come a long homeopathy is a good system to have in your bank of knowledge to know how to treat sickness when it comes. Then I would start reading about how the immune system works in the face of infectious disease and how infants immune systems develop. With this understanding you can weigh what you know about what they are saying about vaccines. Common sense tells us that immature immune systems can not possibly handle 8-12 doses of disease in a single office visit. Your gut is telling you correctly the same answer. Next I would start to learn more about homeoprophylaxis as it is written about here on this website. Better yet get the book The Solution to help you sort through it and be able to have an intelligent conversation with you family and doctor about it. Start there. and know that infectious disease is not rampant in this country and that is not because of vaccines. It is because of nutrition and sanitary measures. If you still cannot decide, do one vaccine at a time and see what happens with your baby and with your gut. When in doubt follow your gut! thanks

    • @Jeff I am a parent of a 3 year old who had the full vaccine schedule through 15 months. We thought we were doing it “right”. I understand the compulsion to do it. It’s like checking things off a to-do list. Thankfully Kate helped us detox our daughter from the vaccines. That is an option of course if you decide to vaccinate and run into adverse events. But please know that some parents never got that chance and their children suffered permanent damage or passed away. Have you seen The Greater Good yet? I know you have a newborn and you want to protect that precious child and the answer you are given by your pediatrician is to vaccinate. The thing is I have seen homeopathy work amazingly on my child in treating colds, fevers and illnesses. This is after we did CEASE therapy and I have since become a home-prescriber for acute conditions. I am choosing to put my faith into healthful diet, exclusive breastfeeding and homeopathy for my family. Research and good luck!

  71. Hi, is there any thing I can get our doctors to do to test my partner to see if her problems are Hpv cervarix related.

    Also me and my partner have been here to speak to a Chinese doctor about getting acupuncture and they said they could focus on her liver kidney and heart, we did explain about the vaccine but they said they can not call there treatment a vaccine detox as there treatment has been around way before vaccines which makes sense to me.

    They also said they could re balance the body to correct it and address the cause of her symptoms, so do you think they are a good acupuncturist.

    Thanks ever so much for getting back to us.

    • I would say that vaccine injury is a man made disease. Classical homeopathy and acupuncture work very well with natural disease. I am not sure Acupuncture has within its scope the ability to resolve man-made vaccine induced disease from all that I know about vaccine injury and acupuncture. I would say work with some one who is trained in the CEASE method with homeopathy. For me this would be the straightest line to getting better. not to say classical homeopathy or acupuncture wouldn’t help but not necessarily the straightest line.

      • Ok will get in contact with a CEASE therapist then, but is there anything my partner can get her doctor to do, like certain tests etc.Thanks Lee.

      • I would say that if the doctor is the same one that gave the vaccine then the doctor is not aware of how the vaccine will effect the system. Thus I would also say they doctor would not know what to do except to give more allopathic medicine which will not help. Only thing the doctor can do is to get the lot number of the vaccine administered so she can take that to the CEASE practitioner so they can get the correct vaccine nosode to clear it.

      • I have the lot numbers and dates and have emailed and sent a text to a CEASE therapist now, thank you ever so much for all this information.

      • Great!

  72. Hi thanks but there is not one near me that does CEASE but the homeopath that I gave you the link to did say that everything he does, does involve vaccine reverse and detox also he does acupuncture, so do you think it is worth seeing him.




    Hi this is the only homeopath in my area in the link above, do you think it’s a suitable one coz don’t want my partner to waste her money, also how do you make a complaint about vaccine damage as think the cervarix vaccine caused her pcos.

    Thanks ever so much for all your info


    • Hello, yes he looks to be a very qualified homeopath. However not all homeopaths are educated in clearing vaccines. I would look to the CEASE therapy website to see if you can find a CEASE practitioner near you. They would be more able to work specifically with HPV and the endocrine changes since. I am not sure if you have a place in the UK for making complaints but you can on the VAERS website in the U.S:

      Good luck

    • Again, without knowing personally I could not give recommendation. I would say go with your gut feeling on it.

  74. She has pcos and have managed to reverse it with nascent iodine, she now has a period every month which is great, I have got her on colloidal silver and zeolites to help with detox and also got her on youngevity beyond tangy tangerine 2.0 am doing the right thing to help, also my partner had a lot of acupuncture just after she had the jabs, is there a chance it helped counter act the vaccines.

    • It sounds like you are helping her. Homeopathy steps it up another level as it helps to clear the energetic blanket theses things lay upon the individual. We call this blanket a miasm. I am not sure of any other system of healing that works like that. Too much to tell about here but it is there. Acupuncture and homeopathy can both help with PCOS yes.

  75. Hi, how do I no if the hpv cervarix vaccine has done anything to my partner, she had this when she was 17 and she is now 22, she had the 1st jab then 3 months after had the 2nd and then missed the 3rd and went back for it 6 to 8 months after, she has suffered with general anxiety and has been diagnosed with PTSD but saying this she did have a very violent upbringing and also got told she had depression at age 12, how do I no if the vaccine has played any part in some of her symptoms.

    • Hello, You bring an interesting point. Usually when you give a vaccine to an individuals whose defense mechanism already has challenges the vaccine is harder for the body to reconcile. It could be like the straw that broke the camel’s back. The fortunate thing about homeopathy is that not only is it helpful for treating vaccine damage, it is also helpful to help restore balance to a life fraught with other struggles. Actually homeopathy has been around for 200 years or more working with all sorts of disturbances from physical to psychical. And seeing as the HPV vaccine has only been around for 5 years the use of homeopathy to restore balance to the ravages of that vaccine are relatively recent in the grand scheme of things.
      This is what I know about homeopathy: It is a holistic system of medicine that recognizes the spirit of the individual. Its goal is to help restore balance in all systems; Mental, Emotional and Physical. Often mental stress leads to physical reactions and disease. For homeopaths the cause of all disease is how the individual is unable to adapt to those stresses. Those stresses could be vaccines, hereditary influences or trauma or others. Through taking the case and understanding the life history we will know how to begin treatment and would be able to give prognosis. It would depend on what symptoms are presenting and the history of those symptoms that will tell a homeopath how to proceed with care. I hope this helps

  76. Well the vaccine she had was hpv cervarix vaccine and I don’t think she had any reaction to it straight after, but my partner has been diagnosed with general anxiety disorder and ptsd but she has had a violent up bringing, she was on anti depressants for a while and I think they made her worse but after reading about the hpv jabs I just worry that they have added to it because she does get her words muddled up some times when speaking, she did have pcos but since being on nascent iodine things are looking good.

  77. Hi I am really worried about adjuvants in vaccines such as squalene and want to no how to reverse this.



    • Hello, Yes all of these adjuvants do have an adverse effect on immune system function. Ideally we would take the case of the person who received the vaccines and see what kind of immunological disturbances there are and treat accordingly. often by giving a potentized version of the vaccine it can help the system normalize to that reaction. This should be done under the care of a practitioner trained in the treatment of vaccine damage as along the way there are many twists and turns of symptom presentation. The practitioner would be able to under stand what is happening and what to do next. thanks

  78. Hello Kate, Great website! I just discovered it while googling homeopathic vaccines for yellow fever. We have appts set for Oct 15th to get the traditional travel vaccine to go to Africa and I’m not happy about having to do this at all for myself 41 and 2 girls 6 & 7. the youngest has had zero and my 7 yr old has had partial til 10 ms old…They are rarely sick and no antibiotics ever and no OTC meds in 4 years…
    No-one here specializes in this sort of thing. I was just recommended to take Anti Vax before and after and probiotics, and no sugar/Gluten/Dairy before or after… any suggestions would be much appreciated!!! We are in VA. Thank you!

    • Hello yes We could have a short consult and I develop a protocol for your family of homeopathic options. depending on where you are going in Africa you may actually need the yellow fever vaccine to enter the country and or to return to the US. However I have provided letters of proof of Homeoprophyalxis and this seems to work too. For this we would definitely need to book a phone apt. Fees are on the website. thanks

  79. Hello Kate,

    I recently began a new job at a hospital. I was just informed of their mandatory flu shot policy. I am totally against vaccinations, but, unfortunately, will be forced to comply.

    Can you give me any advice for decreasing the negative affects of the vaccine before and after exposure.

    Thank you so much

    • While I can not give out medical advice on line I can say one practice is to give a the nosode of the disease in the vaccine before and after injection. If you would like to consult with me to get you established with the protocol and the remedy please call for an appointment.

      • I was attempting to enter a health care program and was badgered by my doctor to receive the MMR vaccine and the TDP shot- I asked for proof of immunity for the MMR and he stated :” He must have forgot to write down to the lab to check for the Rubella” which I know is bull because they pulled three tubes of blood. Since these vaccines I have had sever brain fog, lack of focus , my thought patterns are interrupted , loss of energy and drive. I was able to work in fast paced environments now I struggle. Im young and in shape so this is upsetting .
        Before these shots I had so much energy anyone found it hard to keep up with me- I find the mental fog, anxiety to be the worst out of the symptoms.

        do you know of any homeopathic doctors that can help address these issues and treat them?

      • Yes All CEASE practitioners know how to work with vaccine damage.

  80. please arrange HP Training Program in INDIA

    • Yes we would love to. We are trying for the right connections and avenue as it needs to come from the CCH and then go to the schools and then to the practitioners. Also there needs to be a source for the HP remedies in India that is reliable. I know there are many doctors there who want to use HP. I believe it needs to be applied from a central body out as the wave of the vaccine campaigns has a strong hold in India and to counter that we need a similar construct of strength and integrity. I have been to India several times and some people know about it. But you are right there needs to be a massive training program throughout India. We will soon have an on line teaching program but the whole program still needs to be orchestrated from within the county. We can not do it from here. See what you can do from your side. We will come when the door is open for us.

  81. I am not sure it is a particular disease in this case. Other symptoms indicated by specific diseases, ie tics for tetanus or Whooping cough vaccine. In this situation I am still not clear what it is but it has something to do with cellular metabolism. How this is effected by the vaccines too I am not sure.

  82. As a homeopathic practitioner, I’ve come across these bumps. In fact, I used to have them myself, usually in winter months, so I thought it had to do with lack of exposure to the sun. A client of mine has recently mentioned them and now I’m wondering if some of her chronic headaches could be from previous vaccines. Have you seen that? I’m suspecting there are a lot of adults with vaccine damage.


    • Yes I am still not clear on the mechanism but it seems like a partial elimination. Means that the body has localized some toxin to these skin glands/pores but has failed to release it. So it stays there until the elimination mechanism is activated. My thinking is that sweating, saunas or other external methods could aid with it as it is so close to the surface. I have seen them go away with treatment without this venting however. They just get absorbed by the body somehow. So it seems they sit there waiting till the body knows what to do with them.

      • My upper arms are “bumpy” so when my DS had the same skin appear on his upper arms and legs, the CPNP felt it was hereditary. Then an ND we saw last month indicated she believed it was a reaction from dairy (he had slight ear discharge as well that led her to believe this), so we eliminated it from his diet for 3 weeks. The bumps remained, and we resumed dairy.

        No amount of lotion helps. The skin becomes smoother and more hydrated, but the bumps remain… They are better in the summer, but they never disappear entirely.

        If, as stated above, “suppression of the disease goes to the organ of affinity” which disease might manifest itself in the skin?

  83. Hi, i would like to ask you, what i should do with my children. My son will be 6 and my daughter is 4. They got all the vaccines until my daughter was 1 and 1/2 …she almost died from the vaccines, and after she got ear-infections, etc… i started to educate myself about vaccinations, and i realized, it was a BIG mistake to get them anything. But i can’t change the past! My son has little bumps around his neck for 4 years now! I’m sure, it’s all from the vaccines. I would like to clean out their body from everything possible… can you recommend me something please?
    Thank you!

    • Hello, Yes I would recommend finding a CEASE practitioner in your neighborhood to work with to help restore the immune system of your children.

  84. Michelle, I’m so sorry to hear about your son. I think what’s happening with the gardasil vaccine is terrible! We are former clients of Kate’s and would still be if we lived near her. We are seeing someone in our home city now. I was a skeptic of alternative healing prior to seeing her even though sometimes I participated in it (i.e. acupuncture). I definitely didn’t know or believe in homeopathy but I have changed my mind on that. You have to really read up on it to get “into” it and understand it. If your son is a science guy/nerdy at all/analytical/likes to read have him read any of the homeopathy books out there or Kate’s book or read the materia medica on any of the remedies. I find it fascinating and truly interesting. As for our case, Kate helped clear vaccines from our 2 year old daughter. We are now seeing a homeopath in our city for her constipation. She has been chronically constipated for 6 months and we are starting to see results with the correct remedy. We went to see Kate for our first session. It’s definitely important to see a homeopath in person for the best results. I hope your son changes his mind and gives homeopathy a try, it can really help!

  85. Naive and stupid, went into it blindly on doctor recommendation, said he should get it becuase he was going off to college. Now im not even sure he can continue with college after just 1 quarter. I so wish i could go back and change that decision. I am not hesitant to trying a detox, but my son is. He is very much a “science guy” and believes homeopathic medicine is non scientific and crazy. Me on the other hand wants to try anything to try and help him but am having a hard time getting him to buy in. I’m in CA, just not sure who i should see? Obviously i would want to go to someone with knowlegde of hpv if possible, or that has had some success with treating this.

  86. Hi Kate, I read above someone inquiring about the ability to help someone with injuries from the hpv gardasil vaccine. My son is having similiar problems and just wanted to know if you were in fact able to help this person, or if you have at this time detoxed anyone from the hpv vaccine? thanks

    • Hello, The person who inquired before did not come for treatment so I don’t know what happened with them. I have had only one person with Gardasil damage come for treatment, but she never came back for follow up and she was jumping form one practitioner for another not staying long enough in one form of treatment long enough for any results to sink in. More than that her health challenged on many other levels and so form my assessment her recovery would be slow. In addition, her system was very sensation so it aggravated from the most gentle treatment, not just the homeopathy but everything else she had done prior to seeing me. I am not sure she was happy with that assessment and was thinking that one pill would fix everything. What I do know is this vaccine is hard to clear as the damages are quite profound and effects almost every system int he body. I also know that for some reason those individuals with Gardasil damage, or the parents accordingly, are reluctant to come for treatment and I am not sure why. I have inquiries from many kinds of vaccine damage and most will come in for treatment. Despite having a fair number of inquires for Gardasil damage, none but that one have come. The principles are the same with all vaccine clearings so it is not clear to me what the hesitance is in the population of people, or their parents, who would choose to have the Gardasil vaccine in the first place. Perhaps you can shed some light on this for me.

      • Naive and stupid, went into it blindly on doctor recommendation, said he should get it becuase he was going off to college. Now im not even sure he can continue with college after just 1 quarter. I so wish i could go back and change that decision. I am not hesitant to trying a detox, but my son is. He is very much a “science guy” and believes homeopathic medicine is non scientific and crazy. Me on the other hand wants to try anything to try and help him but am having a hard time getting him to buy in. I’m in CA, just not sure who i should see? Obviously i would want to go to someone with knowlegde of hpv if possible, or that has had some success with treating this.

      • Thanks for sharing. I know it is hard to navigate the way when there are so many different forces out there saying do this or that. Look to the CEASE therapy website and see if you can find someone in CA. They would be able to help. But if your son is not willing then it is hard. I guess the question is how long does he want to suffer and what is he willing to forgo in order to get better. Means, what beliefs about life, health and himself stand in the way of trying a system of medicine outside of his comfort zone. And unfortunately the results with homeopathy are not always consistent, nor guaranteed. Sometimes we get sick only so that we can learn what life is really about. Sometimes it takes a lifetime to take up the lessons. My son went off to collage. He had been treated with homeopathy his whole life yet he could not explain it to his peers. When they got sick he would tell them that his mother could help. They said they didn’t believe in in and they would stay sick for months. He could not understand why they wouldn’t try it. When he got sick he would call and we would give a remedy and he would be back together in a day or two. A few of his friends tried and they got better too even though they did not understand. I hope this helps. sometimes we have to take what drops in front of us even if we don’t understand what it means, thats all I know.

  87. Hi Kate, Do you have any experience with Prepping a young (19yr old) before he is given the Vaccines as a US soldier? and then again after the injections/vaccines? He has not been vaccinated since he was very young (once we knew better) and I am truly afraid he will have adverse effects, not to mention we really do not want that poison in his body. My husband is a Chiropractor and we have access to many practitioners locally, but once my son “belongs” to the Army we will not be able to get him physically to a practitioner for several months after. I am looking for any type of protocals we can follow in that situation. Any advice would be appreciated, or if you can recommend a fellow Homeopath with Vaccine experience near Austin, TX I would so appreciate it!

    • Hello, I can’t give out medical advice on line here but if you would like to schedule a consult we can prepare a remedy with the intended vaccine nosodes. I would need a list. It is a shame. I thought for my son to go into the army but could not get past the idea of his body being no longer in his possession. Meaning that one shouldn’t have to give up your rights to your body just to join the army. And yes you can expect immune system challenges to occur after so many vaccines. Best is to have them be spaced out over months and never to give them all at the same time. If you would like to schedule a consult on this please email me. thanks

  88. Hi Kate, what do you think about vaccine clearing with a poly-vaccine remedy? many thanks, Julie

    • Hello you ask an interesting question. If you would have asked me 10 years ago, as a classical homeopath I would have said that is not homeopathy and I am not sure what the good would be. However as I have been working with vaccine injury for the last 10 years and the number of vaccines children have gotten, in addition to the vaccines being given 6 or 8 at a time, I have reconsidered my stance. As I have worked I have tried my best to understand the symptom presentation of each vaccine, singly or in combination. These distinctions are very subtle. None the less I aim to treat the most likely culprit of the injury based on the symptom presentation, even if 4 vaccines were given at the time of the injury multiple and single disease vaccines, (ie DTaP, Hib IPV Hep B, all at once). In some cases it may be the Kinrix vaccine which has four diseases in it, or the MMRV vaccine, which is four diseases also. Then I would give that one in ascending potencies. But then there are the cases which are impossible to sort out. In those I can start with a poly vaccine remedy in a Thuja tincture base with multiple other nosodes in it. Thuja5VOM. In some cases this remedy is working well. While it is not classical homeopathy, it is isopathy and when multiple forces are acting out you may need this to open the case. I hope this helps.

  89. Hi Kate,

    I am taking my 11 year old daughter, who has never had any immunizations, to rural Uganda for a year abroad in February. I have scheduled to give her most of the standard vaccines- polio, hep a&b, tetanus/diphtheria, MMR, plus she will need yellow fever,
    For acute illness, of which she has had very few, we have always treated homeopathically. She is very healthy, no allergies etc. Is there a homeopathic protocol that may help her sail through these immunizations- something she would take before her appointments? I would appreciate any thoughts you have.

    • Hello, while I understand you wanting to provide some disease prevention for your daughter before going to Uganda, I was wondering if you had considered just using Homeoprophylaxis rather than trying to minimize the risks of the vaccines. If you look tot he travel disease prevention page on this site you will see a variety or travel protocols as examples. It would be possible to prepare an individualized protocol based on disease incidence and risk of exposure if you would like. That said it is also possible to prepare a list of remedies to help minimize the damage from vaccines but in our attempts to prevent disease I think HP offers a better solution. Take some more time to study this website and if you would like set a consult we can discuss which would be the best way. Definitely, if you were going to vaccinate, it would be best to do one at a time and wait one month in between to make sure her immune system is working correctly after each one. Also to note I can not give out medical advice on line. Let me know if you have more questions. Thank you

  90. Hi, a CAT scan or MRI may show how the brain is functioning and if there are areas of damage. I say the DTaP also because seizures are a more common side effect of that vaccine. Some non-verbal situations comes from just delay in development which once we get the immune system working better development can regain its course. But regression may indicate more tissue change. And yes fevers are necessary to rebalanced the immune system after it has been subjected to so many different immunological agents (vaccines)

  91. Thanks for you prompt reply. And how do we identify it’s pathological tissue damage? Why do you think there was DTap injury too? Are his symptoms typical? During homeopathy treatment are the fevers a part process to the reversal or elimination of the vaccine?

  92. Hi Kate,

    I have read with great great interest the different comments from people across the board. I am relived hat finally my son can get help.all in all my son displays autistic symptoms and he s6 and non- verbal….only mow trying to talk. We try the GFCFSF diet and it seems to calm him down. He’s hyper and has a lot of Simms. At 18 months he developed petite mal seizures and hey we’re controlled with Epilim. We weaned him after a bout a year. He regressed immediately and could no longer sing, clap hands and was running up and down and did not even appreciate his toys. Eve since its been a downward trend. When I introduced vitamins and fish oils I saw some cognitive development improvement and his sleep patterns improved. Also his gross and fine motor skills are improving gradually. He does all kinds of therapies too. Over my Internet search I do honk his is a classic case of vaccine injury especially MMR. One homeopath advised hat I should give arsenicum and the MMR tablet. What’s your take? I have startd on nothing yet.

    • Yes I think you are right that the MMR or I think the DTaP is responsible for the regression. However I can not give medical advice here without a full consultation. Perhaps it is not clear from the write up on the website on vaccine injury that it takes several months or years to correct some of these changes while working with a homeopath. It is not like taking one remedy or pill will fix the situation. There are so many factors at play such as how he develops a fevers, what neurological reflexes are involved and how much actual brain damage has occurred. If there is pathological tissue damage there is not so much we can do with homeopathy. Homeopathy works best with functional challenges to help normalize the function of the organs, and state of disposition. Without a full case history and evaluation of response to the first remedies it is impossible to give an accurate prognosis. I hope this helps

  93. Hi kate…. I am new to homeopathy But have been against vaccination somehow, always. I live in Lahore Pakistan and have 3 sons. Eldest 12 is and adhd and gives me very tough time, so much so that i have given up my career for him. I am 41 and expecting my 4th baby. I am pretty much sure tht my sons adhd is due to vaccinations. Please guide me if i should get any vaccination for my new baby or just avoid. And wht r the alternatives as Pakistan is full of powerty and disease. People around me would kill me and consider me mad for not vaccinating my baby. Looking fwd to ur help and guidance

    • Hello, I am not so sure I can answer all of your questions here, Best would be to align yourself with a homeopath who knows how to treat infectious disease. It is true that if you do not have a system of medicine available that knows how to treat infectious disease then it looks like vaccines are the only reasonable option. I know in INdia there are many homeoapths with many types of clinics. Not all are well versied in infectious disease. Also my book Vaccine Free is available through B Jain publishers in Dehli. I am sure you can get a copy 300R only. There you will find many answers to your questions. Many people here in the US are not vaccinating as the damage from the vaccines is more that the damage of the disease. But also the incidence of disease is low. Some amount of dirt is actually good for the immune system. We live here in a very sterile country and people’s immune systems are weaker. In India, what I have seen is yes a lot more disease, but also I think the immune systems are healthier if you eat right and have a homeopath. I Hope this helps. As for how to get contact with an HP program there, I am working on that part. More education is needed for the homeopaths there to use it. I was there last year and discussions are going. If you do vaccinate only give one at a time, DTap is the worst and MMR. wait till your baby is older.

      • Thank u for your reply. I will try to get the book as well. We also have a lot of homeopathic doctors and colleges here just like in India. But i think ur studies r much advanced in the field of vaccinations. I will discuss again with my h doc abt it. TC 🙂

  94. I also would like to know what you charge for a consultation by email or Skype. I have MS, Asperger’s, and severe permanent insomnia from vaccine injury, and my daughter has autism and severe permanent constipation, controlled by the GFCF diet, also from vaccine injury.

    • Hello, thank you for your inquiry. you will find my fees listed under the Fees Tab on the website. Usually it takes several months of care to re-establish health, so plan on follow-ups once a month or so. Thanks

  95. Yes, that helps, thanks.

    Have you ever treated autoimmune, connective tissue disorders etc?

  96. Kate, what is the name of the vaccine nosode for the smallpox vaccine, the variola vaccinia virus is an engineered mystery. You have mentioned thuja, but I wanted to know if there is a nosode of the vaccine itself. Thank you.

    • Hi the smallpox vaccine is made from cowpox, the nosode is called Vaccininum. The smallpox virus (variola) itself is made into Variolinum. Vaccinia is the immune system reaction to the smallpox vaccine (cowpox) hence the name vacca, latin for cow. I hope this helps.

  97. thanks. What is your fee for a consult? We could Skype…Regina

  98. Hi Kate,
    I live in New Mexico. I have 2 boys ages 3 and 6 who have never been vaccinated. For the first 2 years of school I was able to apply for a vaccination exemption waiver for my oldest son. I never had a problem before but this year the laws have changed. Now I have 2 boys in school and yesterday I just received a denial in the mail for our vaccine exemption. As of this fall the only acceptable exemptions are for religious or medical reasons. The medical exemptions have to be signed by a Dr. They did not accept our religious reasons and I have heard most Doctors are not willing to sign the exemption forms. On Monday I have to go into the school and either start a vaccine protocol in order to keep the boys in school or pull them out and start homeschooling them. I can apply for an appeal but I have a strong feeling this will be denied also. Do you know of any practitioners in New Mexico who may be willing to sign a medical exemption form? My boys love school and I would hate to pull them out. I am also a single mom with alot on my plate already. I do not feel prepared to homeschool, especially on very short notice. However, I am completely against the vaccines and will consider homeschooling if I cannot find a way to have our exemption accepted. My oldest son is very healthy and I would like to keep him that way. My youngest son (3) has Down Syndrome and is already compromised. I am not willing to take a chance on giving preventative homeopathics like Thuja to reduce the effects of the vaccines. I would like to find a way to keep them in school and not vaccinate them at the same time.

    Thank you so much for your time. I would appreciate any insight you have into my situation.

    • Hello, I am really sorry to hear about this situation in New Mexico. I am not sure what I can do from here. There is a Lawyer in North Carolina, Allan Philips, who works to protect peoples’ rights to vaccine exemptions. You might try contacting him for advice. Short of that I am sure there are other mothers in a similar situation as you. A march on your political capitol might be a good start. The Canary Party is another voice with many resources. I am sure you would be able to get a doctors note on your youngest, as the whole concept of herd immunity propagated by the vaccine industry, is that if everyone gets vaccinated, those with compromised systems, and can not handle vaccines, will be protected by those who are vaccinated as disease incidence is low. Your youngest anyways is not yet entering school.
      Also contact the National Health Freedom Coalition. Perhaps they have some advice for you.
      I can not tell you what to do, plus I do agree that trying to rely on Thuja is not the best bet. I guess I would keep my kids out of school. Find other mothers like you and then start a political campaign. As a young mom I was told if my son wasn’t vaccinated he couldn’t go to school. So I did. Then he ended up with Asthma. If I had know better at the time I would have done something different. Good luck.
      This is From the International Declaration of Health Freedom: “In order to secure the right to health, an individual must be able to exercise his/her fundamental right to privacy and self-determination and the right to make personal choices in pursuit of health, healing, well-being, and survival.”
      World Health Freedom Assembly, International Declaration of Health Freedom. St Paul, MN 2006.

      Perhaps if you show then this declaration and go to your doctor with it. You see Doctors pay is dependent on the vaccine compliance of their patients so they have a vested interest in you complying. Or they will be penalized. The whole system is a mess and it will take strong minded individuals the perseverance to change it. Someone needs to be held accountable too if children get messed up from vaccines. so far the burden is all falling on the parents and the children are paying the price for this antiquated system of public health policy.

  99. Hello Kate,
    Great blog. My daughter had the earaches you mention above (as a fully vaccinated child) and got fibro from the HPV (yes, denied by the pediatrician, the drug company and the materials from the FDA< CDC and WHO of course). We are detoxing her and have found a great protocol that has her thriving during the warmer months, but she succumbs the flu, weeks of bronchitis, etc. during the Winter months.
    My question is what vaccine that you cover in your protocols would you consider most closely related to the HPV Gardasil vaccine?

    • So far with the information you have given it would be the nosode of the Gardasil vaccine. But as she had all the other vaccines, the bronchitis may be a part of her constitution of the immune system weakness from the previous vaccines

  100. Very thought provoking article. What do you know about squalene (MF-59) in an unlicensed anthrax vaccine given to servicemen and women? My son was given this vaccine while in the US Navy in 1997 and is now being treated for fibromyalgia. Still awaiting confirmation on a diagnosis of MS. His rheumatologist has poo pooed the idea of vaccine poisoning and is not interested in researching it. He is trying to get into the VA for further evaluations. Any ideas or thoughts you have concerning this will be appreciated.

    • Hello, I am not sure you will be able to find the answers you are looking for through conventional routes, as first of all they are ignorant as to how vaccines and vaccine adjuvants actually effect the immune system, secondarily there is enough data to contradict any other data so no one will take any responsibility for the situation. From what I can tell they deny there is any Squalene in the anthrax vaccine. However this is what I know. As vaccines contain antigen and adjuvants, and a variety of other substances, when this concoction is injected into the body an immune system response is initiated to not only the antigens but also the adjuvants and other ingredients. When the individual is then later to exposed to any of these ingredients an immune system response is triggered. As the antigens are coupled with adjuvants the kind of immune system response is mostly inflammatory which in turn pushes antibodies to be produced. In the case of squalene, as it is naturally occurring in the body and is directly related to normal steroidal ( anti-inflammatory function) then due to is also being injected with the antigens it is going to set up an auto-immune response to ones own anti-inflammatory response, i.e. making more inflammation. So far I have not even discussed the nature of the anthrax. Any antigen that is injected in a vaccine has the possibility of settling deeper into the body and causing its own chronic pathogenesis. Anthrax is normally associated with carbuncles and corrosive decaying tissue in the skin, lungs, or intestines as these would be the surface membranes this bacteria would normally contact if the person was exposed. Injected the antigens of this bacteria into the body would more than likely search for a similar membrane to initiate this kind or reaction which would be the synovial membranes of the joints. Your son then is either getting joint pain and inflammation due to the nature of the immune system imbalance form the vaccine, or the actual disease of anthrax in his joints. Most doctors who don’t understand how vaccines work would say I am crazy and I couldn’t prove it. From the stance of homeopathy we would work to rebalanced the immune system and then if he is having a suppressed attack of anthrax, we would treat that as homeopathy can treat all of this. let me know if you have nay other questions.

      • hi Kate, my son received the H1N1 shot in 2010 at 2 yrs- it contained adjuvant squalene. From that day onwards he has had severe knee pains that never let up ( he experienced severe hives and fever for over a month following the H1N1 shot which he was hospitalized for observation). All tests came out negative during his stay in hospital and he was then monitored for possible juvenile arthritis but it was concluded he did not have arthritis after a year’s evaluation. Unfortunately, No one would look into the probability that his pain was a result of his body reacting to the squalene in the shot he had received at the time this began. It does not appear to be just a coincidence as they have stated.
        Is there a homeopathic remedy to detox or remove the remnants of this adjuvant squalene? Your advice is most appreciated.

      • Hello, While I can not give out medical advice on line, I can say it is possible to clear vaccine damage with homeopathic remedies regardless of the which vaccine or which ingredients. The detox page of this site details the possible examples of how that works. You would need to make an appointment so we can go over the complete health history in order to partake in a clearing protocol. I work via skype if you are not int he twin cities. Thanks

  101. Thank you Kate, this is very informative. I will contact you to see if we can set up a skype meeting since I live here in NY.


  102. Hi Kate,

    I wondering if you can help me, I received 4 vaccines at one time before I went overseas for vacation (yellow fever, flu/h1n1 shot, typhoid and polio booster) about 1 year and half ago. 2 Weeks after receiving these shots I became extremely thirsty. I’m still very thirsty all day and water does not make my thirst go away. Sometimes I can get fatigued with headaches and nausea when I’m hungry. I have seen many doctors and been tested for diabetes, all auto immune diseases and everything on blood test is negative. I’m wondering if you ever had a case like this and if there is a way to clean out the vaccines so I can feel better again. I tell all the doctors that the vaccines made me sick and they don’t agree. It’s sad! I know for the future to never get any vaccines.

    Thank you,


    • 30 years ago I received yellow fever, hep b, typhoid, and malaria pills as I was on a program which took me to Indonesia. In the months that followed I became increasingly tiered, depressed, craved sugar and suffered a feeling of ill health. Over the years I had done a lot of work to increase the health of my liver, constitutional homeopathic care to address my depression and lack of energy. Then it wasn’t until I found my journals of that time that I realized and saw that all of those symptoms were a direct result of the vaccines. No lab lest would have shown it, and if I would have discussed it with a regular doctor they would not have understood my condition to be a result of the vaccines. Chances are your system is equally effected by the vaccines and it is your liver that is showing the symptoms. Excessive thirst is a symptom of liver stagnation. This is a diagnosis that cannot be registered by any blood lest. A few other symptoms you may have would be constant post nasal drip, or runny nose, tenancy to headaches, difficulty digesting fats, fatigue, depression, tendency toward constipation or slow stools. Seeing as Yellow fever, and typhoid are diseases which both effect the liver you can be assured that there is some disturbance in optimal liver function. Again this will not show up in any test. Chinese medicine can diagnose it with pulses and tongue reading. Homeopathy we know what to do based on your symptom presentation and experience of it. Look for someone in your area for consult to help clear the vaccines,or me in the twin cities. or if you are not in the twin cities, I also do skype work.

    • Dear Kate,
      My 24 month old son began stuttering suddenly 5 days after receiving the MMR vaccine and chicken pox vaccine. What is the homeopathic detox I should use for him? Feeling just terrible about this.

      • This is common side effect of the MMR vaccine and can be mitigated with homeopathic remedies. However you need to be under the care of a practitioner to manage the case as it is not the same as just taking a vitamin or something like that. If you would like to set up a consult let me know. I do skype. Or, if you can find someone educated in vaccine clearing with homeopathic remedies in your neighborhood, do that. In the mean time go back to your doctor and demand they make a report to VAERS and if they don’t, you need to take the initiative yourself. The only way we can change this silly system is by each of us standing up and staking a claim for the health of our children. I am sorry your child is experiencing this. Good luck

  103. Hello,
    I’ve always hated vaccines but didn’t know any better and I fully vaccinated by first son who is now 3. However we spaced them out quite a bit, starting at 2 months old and spacing them out as much as possible. He is actually very healthy – no ear infections, mild cold once a year etc. He was breastfed for 2 years. But he has sensitivities to things. This is not anything alarming at all. The last time he had eczema was over a year ago. My second son had 2 or 3 immunizations so far and I stopped. He is now 13 months old with such a strong immunity.
    What I worry is the long term effects of vaccines. Or the effects I don’t see but they are there. I hope this doesn’t come across ridiculous. I feel bad for seeking help along with other moms whose kids are actually in need of help right now. But I can’t stop thinking that I harmed my oldest son by fully vaccinating him before his immunity was developed. So here is my question: Even though there is no visible ill effects that I observe (besides those sensitivities which could be a normal childhood thing, or genetic as both my husband and I have allergies of some sort – which then could be because of our childhood immunizations :)), is there still reason to worry about vaccine damage?

    • I can’t say for sure but sometimes there are invidious symptoms that you only see later. With my son it was not until he was bitten by a mouse at 7 years of age, that he developed allergic reactions and eventually asthma. He had only been given DTP, MMR and Polio. I know that the vaccines had something to do with it but did not understand why until a few years ago when I really closely read what ingredients were in vaccines. It turns out DPT had mouse serum in it. And then it wasn’t until he was exposed to mouse serum that his body had an allergic type reaction ( spurred on by the adjuvants in the vaccines). He also had a few other things going on which without the trained eye may have just looked like ‘normal’ growing up for a boy. Now with more experience I can see so much more of how immune system disturbance manifests from, weakness in confidence, social interaction, Syntax in speech, skin conditions, fevers, lack of fevers, etc. These many things can be signs of an immune system imbalance. It is hard to tell if there is vaccine damage however, constitutional homeopathic care can ensure that your son is as healthy as he can be.

  104. By the way his first symptom was lack of eye contact and not answering his name. But his hyperactivity and uber independence, and lack of affectionate conection with me goes back to his first year. He was never clingy and always showed very little fear for anything! And only now I understand!

    • Thanks for sharing. I have been in many of the eastern European countries and there they use BCG and HE BP in the first week. Good to know England’s schedule is later.
      Anyways, keep working with your homeopath. In time these tings will hopefully become undone. There is one other thing and that is the infant reflexes. Depending on the time of the vaccines, there are certain reflexes that are active. Normally these infant reflexes will become inhibited so that higher development of the brain occurs. With the shock of the vaccines sometimes those reflexes active at the time do not become inhibited. Thus higher brain function does not develop as well. There is a method called Rhythmic Movement Training RMT. This will be able to test which reflexes are still active and which exercises to do to inhibit those reflexes. Perhaps you can find someone in your area who does this work. This will help with the homeopathy too.

  105. Kate, Tk you so much for your reply! Im sorry I didn’t tell you we are in England. The calendar starts at 8 weeks, with the DTP and usual combo hib, mening c in 3 rounds…. then bcg at 12 months followed by mmr. My son never had any reaction, doesn’t have sleeping or eating problems, or apparent allergies, has been the healthiest baby until he turned 2. He doesn’t speak, seems like has regressed – or not developed – and shows little interaction with other kids. The Amox clearing sorted some obsessions, but brought some tics – or stims, I don’t think i know the difference well… – he now presses his front teeth on my hands many times a day, for instance, its new… and has been showing some tics. From what you had said I thought that perhaps it was a sign that he had peeled one layer and was time for the next clearing, which seemed like the dtp but I suppose he will definitely benefit from the mmr as well? With amox 200c and 1m he always seems to regress a bit – same with carcinosin now, which is disheartening! But I guess we are in the right track? (Thank you so much for you reply, I’m looking forward to reading your book and using your set for prophylaxis!)

  106. Dear Kate,

    I read your answer to another question asked by Isabel. My son is 2 and a half years old and also has autistic symptoms. We started him on classical homeopathy, and he had TUB 200C once back in March. He then had fever with worsening of symptoms. But since then we started CEASE therapy ( a couple of months ago) and on his first clearing (Amoxicilin antibiotic) he had worsening of symptoms/ strong skin rash but never had fever (or had a very mild fever and I didn’t notice). Now in the middle of the second round of the same antibiotic detox, very mild exteriorizations like runny nose, a bit of coughing but no fever again. Our practitioner said he should have a constitutional remedy and he started on Carcinosim 30C. For 3 days, he looks like he has regressed, but other than that, he had no physical symptoms and again, no fever. Please I would be so grateful if you could explain
    1. if we should always be expecting physical reactions/fever and whether regressions are sign of healing?
    2. I know it is in the protocol but is it wise to have a constitutional remedy during clearings considering the both remedies may cause aggravations? In the first month I followed the schedule by the book, but now I’m using common sense and waiting for any aggravations to recede before giving him the next dose/remedy. And
    3. This month I noticed he shows occasionally a few new tics now, isn’t it a sign that the brain is under stress because of the whole detox? It was interesting to read you saying that tics are linked to the DTP, which probably means the clearing has probably happened and the effects of the DTP are starting to show more? Perhaps after the Amoxicilin we could start clearing the DTP (but in reverse order he would still have to go through the BCG and the MMR…)!
    Many many many thanks!

    • Hello, without knowing the presentation of your child’s symptoms, i do not know for sure the answer. I also don’t think the CEASE clearing should always go in the exact order from last to first. One has to understand the nature of the diseases in each of the vaccines. And each vaccine damage expresses itself differently. DPT make tics, MMR causes mental regression. Hep a and B cause skin rashes and more of a skew towards allergic responses. In many kids you can get it all jumbled in there together. One has to look at the time line and see when the condition began and start with those vaccines. But more often 8 vaccines are given at once. Carcinosin helps to sort out the confusion. Carcinosin is usually what brings the fevers. I almost always start with that one unless there are clear Tubercular symptoms. Then I intersperse Carc along the way before starting with each next vaccine nosode. Then I go to the set of vaccines that caused the most problems. These days they are also giving Pentacel or the other vaccine that is 5 in one ( (DTaP, Hib OPV), or (DTaP, OPV and Hep B)). In these cases your practitioner needs to have that combo vaccine nosode to do the work.
      As for the regression, without knowing the case or what is going on with the regressive symptoms I could not tell if it is in the direction of cure. Sometimes a constitutional remedy can help boost the system so that the diseases ( in the vaccines) are not going in deeper. Now I know that if tics start to appear it is more the DTaP showing it self. then this is the one that needs to be cleared. Or some times you have to give a remedy based on the disease one thinks is most active. Ie Cicuta for tics, Zinc for mental regression. These remedies relate to tetanus and measles respectively as these diseases when not fully expressed manifest as above ( tics, regression).
      Usually if the first vaccine for the new born is BCG then this sets up a tubercular state. then Tub can clear it without using BCG nosode.
      I hope this helps. Also as the problem of vaccine induced Autism is a new one ( in the last ten years) there is a learning curve all homeopathic practitioners are going through to try to understand what has happened and how to return the child to health. Homeopathy is a 200 year old system of medicine that is especially equipped to work with natural disease, (infectious and chronic disease). As students we all learn how to master this practice. As vaccine damage is a man-made disease it does not always follow the same pathogenesis as natural disease. We have ( collectively, us homeopaths) been trying to learn as much as we can to help this horrible situation with the knowledge we have. Unfortunately as we are still learning, and each practitioner is at there own level of understanding with vaccine damage and CEASE clearing protocols. We may not be the best at it yet. Have patience, Keep asking questions. Your practitioner is learning too. Vaccine damage is probably the hardest thing to treat given the limited collective knowledge we have.
      (this is Why I have opted to promote the homeoprophylaxsis as an alternative so that we don’t have to try to bring kids back from the brink: They remain healthy) Good luck

  107. […] Homeopathic Vaccine Detox – […]

  108. Hi, Kate.
    My 6 month old breastfed son was given his 2 and 4 month vaccines before we decided to not give him anymore. We started a detox with liquid Zeolite and about 5 days into it, he broke out with a terrible eczema-type rash all over his face. It then progressed into little bumps all over his body before becoming hives. I took him to the Dr. who said he thought it was a food allergy and he put him on steroids for 3 days (the rash cleared up, but has started back up again since the steroids are done). Dr is now having me cut out dairy and if it doesn’t work, they want me to stop breastfeeding. I have stopped eating all sorts of highly-allergenic food items, but it doesn’t seem to be helping. Is this eczema-type rash common for detox for vaccines? If so, how long does it normally take to go away? We stopped the detox, but now I’m wondering if I did the right thing…any advice would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!

    • Hello, Sorry to say I can not give medical advice here, but more to offer some understanding of what may have happened. If you are looking for treatment you should call to set an appointment.
      As for the reaction there are a few explanations that might be the reason for it. Eczema and hives demonstrate the liver is trying to metabolize some kind of protein but can’t and as a result the incompletely metabolized protein is causing a histamine reaction in his body. As far as what I understand about the zeolite is it will help to scavenge the vaccine particles in his body so that they can be eliminated. It works especially well to remove the thimerosol (mercury) preservative. However there is another major component in vaccines and that is the Aluminum adjuvants. The Aluminum forces a histamine reaction to the disease matter in the vaccine to stimulate antibody production. The unwanted effect of the adjuvants is that they also force a histmine type reaciton to every other ingredient in the vaccines too. Sometimes this action results in other allergic type reactions just as a mater of course, and as a result of the heightened allergic propensity the vaccines induce. Sometimes this allergic type reaction is not to anything in particular but just a new state of the immune system.
      As for what happened with your son, I am not sure what his initial response to the vaccines were (ie: we would be looking for a fever as the best possible scenario) and seeing as the skin stuff came up after the zeolite, I think the zeolite just helped to push forward more of the allergic responses that were initially stimulated by the vaccines. The use of the steroids to suppress the reaction has done nothing to help his system rid it self of the vaccine matter, nor to correct the histamine response in his body. Yes, cut out dairy as they put bovine casein in the DTaP vaccine. There is yeast in the Hep B vaccine. Peanut oil in the DTaP. These ingredients with the adjuvant driven histmine reaction can lead to all kinds of skin reactions, digestive disorders and other allergic reactions like asthma. His immune system is working as it has been instructed, (ie: make histamine response to any of the ingredients in this vaccine) and even if you are nursing it will will still pass to him. However you must still continue to keep nursing as you will be providing other immune system education in your breast milk that may help to sort out this immune system imbalance.
      As far as how long it will take for his system to come back to balance, and if it will come back to balance on its own I am not sure. Here I do believe he needs the support of homeopathic remedies to turn the situation around, ie: to help rid his body of the vaccine matter and to correct the immune system imbalance from the adjuvants. One other note is that when there is a skin reaction that starts on the head and moves down, it is actually going in the direction of cure, so perhaps the zeolite initiated the best curative action it could given the circumstance. The last to heal would be the legs. If the curative action stalls then it is time for homeopathy.

      • Wow, thank you for the awesome info. That really makes a lot of sense and makes me feel better about getting the bad stuff out. I think I am going to start him back on the Zeolite, but at a smaller dose and see what happens. Thank you very much for your info!!

  109. Hi Kate,
    HP is a new concept to me and I’m definitely interested in pursuing this type of program for my son and any subsequent children. My son has (unfortunately) had his vaccines up through his 15mo check-up. After that we stopped as an educated decision. He seems to have fared fine from the vaccines thus far but I do sometimes wonder about this rash/skin fungus/whatever it is that’s been on his arm for nearly a year now. Any possible connection? Do you know any homeopaths in the Roanoke, Va area? We have, in the past few months, become and drug-free family (thanks to Joette from and I’m reading-up on as much homeopathy as I have time for. Thanks!

    • Hello yes you can pursue the HP program for your son despite the previous vaccines. The sequential use of the nosodes may in fact help his system to fully reconcile the vaccines he previously had. Those fine bumps with white tops are a common reaction to vaccines. I see it in almost every child in my practice with a history of some sort of incomplete reaction to vaccines. It seems that the immune system localizes the vaccine matter to the periphery there in the skin on the back of the arms. Some kids have it all over their arms and legs. It eventually go when the immune system is fully functioning. Vaccine reactions can be insidious and subtle, until some later date then they will show up as food allergies, behavior problems other sensitivities.
      As for the HP program so far we don’t have any supervisors in your area but if you have a homeopath you are already working with they can easily become a supervisor. They just have to contact me and I can take then through the short training. let me know if you have any other questions. thanks

      • Kate:

        You mention “fine bumps with white tops are a common reaction to vaccines.” Can you point me to any photos on the internet that show examples of what you are talking about?

        My oldest son was fully vaccinated, on schedule, to age 18 months. (He is now 24 months, and no other vaccines are needed until he reaches school-age). He has a rash in the crooks of both knees that we originally attributed to sitting in his car-seat, but I wouldn’t discount it could be a reaction to his numerous vaccinations. I would like to compare his rash to vaccine-related rashes if possible.

        Also, are you able to work with an ND or Certified Pediatric Nurse Practitioner for your HP program, or only a Homeopath? I’m afraid I don’t know of any Homeopaths in my state.


      • HI Holly I am sorry I don’t have any images to confirm the white subacious type rash but I have seen it in enough cases of immune system changes from vaccines that I am sure it has to do with that. It is usually on the back of the arms but can be all over. it is a spread of fine bumps spread evenly about .5 mm apart. There is no redness and it does not itch. only the skin feels ruff. The behind the knees is a common reaction to Hep B vaccine or other vaccines that effect the liver an it looks like eczema. It can be red, thick skin, itchy, hot, weeping and flaking. It can come and go depending on food sources and time of day. In worst cases you will also not a change in the smell of the urine when it is really bad.

        As far as working with a practitioner for HP. So far we have only trained Homeopaths and naturopaths due to their familiarity with how homeopathic remedies work. It is possible to work long distance if you can’t find someone in your area.Let me know if you would like to do that. Thanks

    • Sarah,
      I just wanted to let you know your situation is somewhat similar to ours. Our daughter had her vaccines through 15 months too and has the bumps on her arms and legs. We’ve been working with Kate for a month or so and she and the homeopathy have been wonderful!

      • Thanks Kate and Vanessa. I think the skin issue he has is different from what you have described. Our pediatrician thinks it could be a rare form of some kind of skin fungus…? I’ve also talked to the other homeopath you work with, Cilla, and am setting-up a time to chat with her. Looking forward to working with you both and getting started with HP!

  110. Hi, I have a 15 year old daughter who has never been vaccinated. She is traveling to India toward the end of the year on a community service project with her school. I’m planning on getting her vaccinated for some things, but was wondering if there are there any homeopathic remedies I can give her that would protect her as well. Can you give me your opinion on which vaccines (if any) are a must for travel to India? Thanks.

    • Hello, the CDC has travel recommendations for going to India. Which basically is every vaccine and all the required doses. Short of that if you would like to schedule a consult we could go through and design a protocol for your child for homeoprophylaxis. I have been to India several times and was never vaccinated prior to my trips. Homeopathy is readily available in India also. Other than that I can not give out medical advice on line.

  111. Hi Kate, I was just wondering if there was a specific homeopathic remedy for a victim of the Gardasil vaccine, I am thinking it would need to cover the HPv as well as aluminium toxicity? My niece is suffering with severe muscle pain, spasms, and has been hospitalised several times, but the doctors say they cant help her. Initially she had abdominal pains, which I suspect may be caused by the HPV, but now this muscle and nervous system involvement is getting worse, she collapsed last night and couldn’t use her legs. I really want to help her, what do you think?

    • Hello, There is the vaccine nosode for HPV, this is one option. Because I know the damage from the HPV vaccine is horrendous other remedies may be needed based on her symtpomatology. It is also the L-Histadine that may be responsible. whenever a vaccine with a natural component is used the vaccine teaches the system to be allergic to ones own production of this causing some kind of autoimmune condition. I would also start the process of filing a complaint with the VAERS. There is sever neurotoxicology form that vaccine. If you would like to set up an appointment I would be willing to work with her. we can skype.
      In these cases, depending on how long the symptoms have gone on for, the worse the condition gets if it is not treated. Most allopathic drugs just make the situation worse. To date I have not treated anyone with HPV vaccine damage but I am sure the same principles are applied as with other vaccines when treating with homeopathy: We look at the general constitution and susceptibility of the child, look at the immediate reactions to the vaccine and then the long-term reaction and how the vaccine has affected the entire system, we look at what organs systems are being most impacted and then plan a treatment protocol to address all of these issues; to help clear the vaccine, its adjuvants, the partially expressed disease, and support the constitution that the vaccine went into. This may be one remedy, or five and given over a several week period to see how she is responding. Prognosis is dependent on a variety of things most importantly how long has it been since the vaccine? Also it will take some time for full recovery. I hope this helps.

      • Yes to say that without homeopathic understanding of the disease, the pathogenesis of how vaccines damage the immune system, or remedy action it would be hard to attempt to treat this yourself. The consult of a practitioner versed in this way of practice is necessary.

      • Hi Kate, My neice is in the hospital because of blurry vision, difficulty breathing, face arm and leg paralysis on her left side, vomiting, headache pain and her eyes hurting because of any lights.On Tuesday, her doctor gave her an HPV shot which instantly gave her a rash. by Friday, she was in the ER and they gave her benadril along with something else in an
        IV. They sent her home and now she is back in the hospital on Saturday night with the same thing. Her vision and paralysis got better today, but then by tonight started getting worse. Can you help us?? And what an we do – where do we start? Were you able to help this girl in May of 2012?

      • I know Cilla had worked with you for a while. We were both out of town that weekend. I am hoping that you found what you needed. I know this seems like a horrible situation. But in time there is resolve with homeopathy. Stick with it.

  112. Keep up the good work, Kate!

  113. Hi – my tiny, 3 week-old grandson was given a pertussis vac. by his doctor after he convinced my DIL he needed it for their trip here to CA! Can bentonite or charcoal negate a vaccination? Must it be given immediately? It’s been almost a week. I think Drosera has been recommended. What potency and how many doses? You won’t be giving medical advice…just answering my questions. Thank you!

    • Hello, I am not sure why the doctor said you need to give a vaccine at 3 weeks of age when the recommended CDC schedule is 2 months. That said, bentonite or charcoal would not help to negate the vaccine as they would go through the digestive system rather than in the blood where the vaccine is and where the immune system is working from. As far as a homeopathic remedy to help your child reconcile the vaccine is based on the symptoms he is presenting. As far as potency or what that remedy would be needed would be giving medical advice. Without a further understanding I could not say what is needed nor can I say online here. there are books that can give suggestions but a trained practitioner will give the best consult.

  114. So back of these bahavior doesn’t mean it’s working? Because I got happy for a while

    • I can’t say for sure because I don’t know the case. Sometimes there can be an aggravation of symptoms on the way towards cure but you need to know the entire case to determine this

  115. My son is six. He has PDD. He is on vaccine detox on dpt200. I see some old behaviors r back & also new behaviors have been developed . Please let me know if this treatment is safe for him. He Doesn’t have any fever yet

    • Hello thank you for your inquiry. Please I would have you check in with the practitioner who is working with you regarding your son’s health and any reaction from the detox protocol. I can not give medical advice online and with out being under the supervision of a practitioner who understands chronic disease, the damage of vaccines and how the clearing method is working it would be hard to understand what is happening with your sons health. For the most part using nosodes are safe and non-toxic, but one needs to understand if the case is moving in the direction towards cure. for that you need a trained practitioner. With PDD there are other things at play in the nervous system that just doing a detox is not addressing.

  116. I am actually trying to find the proper remedy for my pup who is suffering after his 3rd set of vaccinations. (We don’t vaccinate our human family members so I was uneasy with doing it for the pup, but the rabies is required by law.)

    He has malaise and a fever. If this where a child, which homeopathic remedies would I use?

    Thanks so much.


    • Hi, If you would like to schedule a phone apt I could help you with your needs. I can not give out medical advice on line. thank you

  117. My son is 17 and has severe debilitating migraine headaches along with every kind of sensitivity… sound, light, touch, movement (such as the movement of being in a car). He has been in his room for 2 years and hates it. He wants to come out, but can only do so at night when all is quiet, eveyone is in bed and no lights are on. He has missed his last years of high school now and we have tried all the medications that neurologists give for migraines. He was just found to be low on magnesium and B12 and has started taking those supplements.
    I am wondering if these were caused by a combination of the vaccines he had as a child and a 3 year regimen of antibiotics for sinus infections that started at the age of 9 months and ended when he was finally sent to an ENT Dr. who removed his addenoids at 3 years and 9 months. He has had acute sound sensitivity since he was a very young child.
    I would like to put him on a vaccine detox but don’t know which one to use. What do you recommend?

    • Hello Susan thank you for your inquiry. It is possible that the vaccines have overwhelmed his system but my thinking is more about how he is dealing with the stress. rather than a detox protocol he needs constitutional treatment to strengthen his ability to function in the world. For that he would need a consult with a homeopath. As his symptoms more show that his moro-reflex is over stimulated he needs something that will help integrate that reflex so he can come to present time. I’m not sure where you live but I would seek out a homeopath in your area who can help. Without taking his whole case and hearing his subjective report I would not be able to recommend anything. Also I normally do not give out medical advice on line. Let me know if you have any other questions or need help finding a homeopath in your area.

    • Hello, yes it is possible that this is the case. all the disease in the vaccine shave gone to his brain and his nervous system can not take any more stimulation. You need to work with a practitioner who is familiar with the problems of vaccine and how to solve them with homeopathy. I can not give out medical advice on line, but if you need help finding a practiioner in your area please let me know.

  118. hello kate
    i have a three year old autistic boy and i’m starting CEASE protocol by detox vaccines.i’m starting MMR detox and he only took 30k nosodes for three weeks.the question is that apart from improving his eczema he also shows more autistic features and some that he never showed before,like a lot of stimming .my question is:is it a normal reaction to the detox,meaning showing new autistic features or is something Cease therapist doesn’t seem to have a concrete answer and i’m beggining to worry because i was expecting healing and not autism.another question is it possible to detox two vaccines at the same time ,for instance MMR and DTP?

    • Hi, It is hard to know exactly what is happening but this is my thinking. I do have one question though, has he gotten a fever at all in the process? I think the first doses of MMR is stimulating the system and the clearing of the skin is a sign that the imbalance between t1 and T2 activity is normalizing. but now he needs to get a fever to remove the virus from his brain or digestive track. If he hasn’t got a fever yet he needs one and I would think that your practitioner should increase the potency now to 200CK. and then to 1M. the other thing that could be happening is yeast symptoms ( cam lead to stimming) are getting worse in the gut so do what you can to clear that with diet. and the last idea is that the stimming is coming more from the DPT now and as his system maybe clearing form the MMR the symptoms of the DPT will come stronger until that is cleared. which would mean that ones you are done with the MMR clearing DPT should be next. Stimming though is is more MMR. tics is more DPT.
      It is possible to do all vaccines at once in a product called thuja5vom. rather than one at a time. Ask your homeopath if they know about this product. This protocol is not in the CEASE Protocol though.
      Best is to stick with your practitioner and the protocol, in time you will see the cumulative results.

    • thanks kate for your mention fever..well he never had one and now he is currently MMR 10mk,the last potency and it doesn’t seem that he will have a fever.on the other hand his stimming and tics are increasing and what realy worries me is that he is showing new stimms and tics he never had before.what do you think i should do?do you think it would be necessary a stronger potency in order to produce a fever?do you think i should just go on to the next clearing(DTP) or i have to repeat old MMR potencies in order to do a better clearing.

      • Hi What I am thinking is that there is some reason why the problem is still in the meninges in the brain. Depending on the exact symptoms there needs to be given and inter-current remedy of eruptions suppressed to the nervous system such as Zinc, Stamonium, Apis. Helleborus, etc. It sounds to me that the direction of cure is not going the way it should. In other words the condition is getting worse. the condition is driven deeper into the brain Without knowing more details is would be hard to know the best coarse of action. The yeast may be more of an issue now. If your homeopath would like to consult with me it would be no problem and I would be happy to talk with them

      • Hi you ned to talk with the practitioner who has you going on the clearing method.

  119. Hi Kate,

    My partner is currently being treated for PVS through the means of Homeopathy.

    He is half way through the six month detox plan, alternating between two different nosodes (at 200, I think) each day, expect Sundays, for 4 week periods.

    I have recently done some research and came across some information on Squalene which they claim is accountable for the Gulf War Syndrome. My partner was in the army and was given over 30 vaccinations, his symptoms are similar to those who suffered from the Gulf War Syndrome. He has alopecia, malar rash, leaky gut and food intolerances, to name a few. He has been tested for Lupus as something showed up in a regular blood test but the official test came back negative. Our Practitioner doesn’t know much about the topic of Squalene so…. My question is do you think Squalene might be the cause for his Symptoms? And if so will the homeopathic remedies assist in ridding his body from this horrible adjuvant? If you have any other hints or tricks you can share to detox his body that would be great….all he wants is for his hair to start growing back as this effect his everyday life more than anything else. Thanks in advance for your help. Healthy regards. PS great website!

    • Hello, Without giving medical advice I can offer my understanding here. Squelene is normally made within our bodies and is a part of normal immune system function. The problem of including it in the vaccines is that with all of the other vaccine material, which are designed to irritate the immune system the body learns to be irritated by the squelene. The problem is not so much about the squelene but rather the newly learned reaction to the squelene. As you didn’t say which nosodes the homeopath is giving it is hard to know what action they are to effect. If they are vaccine nosodes, then there is a chance that they will help correct the imbalance. Also depending on which vaccines seems to have made the biggest impact on his health then those would be the vaccine nosodes I would start with. If the clearing protocol is taking this into consideration, then as the vaccine nosodes will help restore the immune system imbalance in relationship to all of the vaccine material, the attenuated germs and all the adjutants, it is possible from this action alone the squelene aspect of the vaccine damage will also be addressed. Ie if he had the antrhax vaccine, which has squelene in it ( also the H1N1 vaccine for that matter), and he was given the anthrax vaccine nosode, then this nosode will help resolve many of the conditions resulting from the vaccine. It seems like all of his symptoms are indicative of immune system imbalance, even the appearance of lupus like diagnosis which is auto immune. theoretically with the correct homeopathic dosing this imbalance is possible to be corrected. Depending on the knowledge of the homeopath you can work to wards this goal. I hope this helps. Glad you like the site.

  120. Hi Kate. Because of an outbreak of Pertussis in my town, I am considering giving my 9 month old son his first vaccine. I have read that it is suggested to take Thuja before and after the vaccine to negate any side effects. Will this allow the body to make antibodies and make immunity against the disease if this is administered? I want to negate any potential effects but allow antibody formation to provide protection from the disease. Please let me know. I have also read that it is the same if Sulphur is given? Thanks, Nikole W

    • Hi, without it looking like I am giving medical advice on line here I can offer my understanding. Thuja is more specific to Smallpox vaccine, and the situation when many diseases are given at once. Also for those vaccines that are incubated on aborted fetal tissue, as that pollution in the body corresponds with how Thuja is homeopathically. As for Sulphur, its indications are in acute diseases that do not resolve. So it may be indicated in the used of DPT vaccine if the condition of the vaccine is not resolving. ie if antibodies are not forming. What I do know however is that depending on the age of your child it takes up to 4 doses of the DPT vaccine to stimulate antibody response. However neither Sulphur or Thuja are specific for the DPT vaccine. More helpful would be the DPT vaccine nosode. given after to help reduce the effects and stimulate the body towards antibody production. Or, remedies that more specifically relate to Whooping cough, Diphtheria or Tetanus. ie Drosera, Apis, or Cicuta respectively to each disease. When in doubt consult a practitioner and treat what symptoms come up in the child. Also know that DTP also causes high pitch screaming, high fevers, and convulsions in some children. In my understanding a few doses of Pertusin homeopathic nosode will help provide immunity without all of the side effects. It is much easier to administer and there are no risks. I hope this helps. Thanks

  121. I would think that the mini stroke would have been a part of the vaccine problem. Not so much the clearing with the Oscillo. I’m not so sure. Definitely is is related to the whole process, but which part I am not sure. Happy to know he got better with the remedy. next time he can take that instead of the flu vaccine.

  122. Hi Kate,
    I have a question about the mini-strokes you mentioned above. I’ve heard about a Canadian MD who talks about this very thing after vaccinations in children. I had a case of a 70-yr old man who had inflammatory symptoms after a flu shot several years ago. He also seemed to have flu symptoms after the vaccine (his last!). He complained of impending cold symptoms, like he was coming down with the flu, so I recommended he take oscillococinum. He took 3 vials in about 24 hours and felt great! I thought he may have cleared the earlier vaccine reaction.

    About 3 weeks later he had an incident where his right side felt like it collapsed as he stood up and he fell to the left, against some furniture which held him up until he regained his strength. His MD is suspecting a TIA (transient ischemic accident) but brain scan and sonogram show no problems.

    My question is, could mini-stroke symptoms be a part of the clearing process? As if some previous sludge dislodged/discharged as it cleared out…

    What do you think?
    Ruth Pearson Smith

  123. Question: After a vaccine we develop antibodies. If we detox a previous virus or vaccine, do we lose the antibodies as well?

    • Hi you ask an important question. Truth is ‘detox’ is the wrong word for the process but I have it here as a search item for the internet. There are vairous things that happen with a vaccines as noted above and here:
      1. They can create an imbalance in the immune system with heightened antibody productions paired with heightened allergies, behavioral conditions. This has more to do with the Aluminum.
      2. The disease is driven into the body so there is continual antibody production but the immune system never eliminates it. ie: measles virus being released into the gut the for years after the vaccine without active disease.
      3. The immune system becomes overwhelmed with the antibody response causing mini strokes. This requires different remedies than those used to balance the immune system. It is not detox at all but rather tissue repair that is needed.
      4. Too many ‘ear infections’, which are actually the body trying to get rid of the vaccine products, are treated with too many antibiotics so that now we have a yeast situation and many suppressed immune system clearing responses. Clearing the yeast in this situation then helping the body learn how to get a fever and develop appropriate discharges etc. to get better. Often at the beginning the fevers will be too high, or too often, and they will be accompanied with suffering which will need to be mitigated with remedies but eventually as the child gets stronger they will be able to get the right level of fever and not get too sick. Fevers are part of the natural development of a strong immune system and are necessary for the vaccine ‘detox’ process. The fevers will actually stimulate a more appropriate immune system responses to the vaccines. Fevers are actually the desired response after a vaccine but if Tylenol is given or antibiotics in the next weeks the whole process is thwarted and then your child ends up on one of the above situations.

      Depending on the case history we know which is happening. If we were to address the immune system imbalance is it not the same as detoxing mercury for example. Rather, how to get the immune system response more in balance. In many of these cases the antibody titers show it is as if the disease is still active. The ‘detox’ process is more to balance the immune system response out of the allergic response with heightened antibodies to normal antibody levels and normal immune system response to other sicknesses. ie: the child can get a fever and resolve the sickness in a few days with minimal support.

      As with all vaccines the antibody production provides temporary immunity with elevated antibodies lasting for a few years. Then they wear off, hence the need for “boosters’.
      I hope that answers your question.

  124. Hi Kate, is your program the same as Tinus Smits CEASE therapy program? I am looking into detoxing my 5 yr old son with autism. I don’t know when the injury occurred since he showed signs from birth. He is under the care of another homeopath, but I’m looking into this protocol now. Thank you.

    • Each case is different. for some cases I follow Tinus Smits protocol, or at least parts of it depending on which vaccine seems most damaging. If you are happy with your homeopath inquire to them about their interest in learning how to use the protocol. Or contact me. These cases are quite difficult and do require some commitment to the process. Sometimes the child needs a remedy for their constitution or inherited conditions. Other times you can work specifically with nosodes for the vaccines. or a combination of the two.

  125. Hi Kate,

    It looks as though I am going to be forced to vaccinate my daughter. I hear that you can administer the nosode vaccine before or after the vaccine is given .what do you suggest? and what are the directions for giving them? my child is 2 and 1/2

    Thank you

    • I’m not sure where you live or why you are forced to do this. Know your rights about your choices in vaccinations. However there are remedies that can help. I however do not give out medical advice on-line. best is to call me and we’ll see what your options are.

  126. more on nosodes preparation and where or prepares them.

    • The homeopathic nosodes are prepared according to international standards on the preparation of homeopathic remedies by different pharmacies throughout the world. Some of the nosodes were originally prepared in the late 1800’s and early 1900’s. These ‘historical potencies’ have been preserved and shared between pharmacies around the world and are still available ( i.e. Influenzinum is prepared from the 1918 pandemic of the flu. As the H1N1 virus was related in strain to the 1918 pandemic influenza virus, Influenzinum was used in 2009 as a prophylactic to the H1N1 flu). Newer nosodes and potencies have been prepared either from cultured germs, and /or human blood/discharges/sputum/tissue in response to a specific illness.

      Nosodes can also be made from vaccines. A common protocol for vaccine detox is to use potentized vaccine nosodes either in a series of acceding potencies of each vaccine nosode or in a combination remedy of the various vaccines.

      All nosodes are prepared through a process call potentization whereby the original substance is serial diluted in a 1/99 ratio to alcohol and sucussed (struck with the force equal to the blow of a mans hand against a hard surface) between each dilution. After the 12th or 13th ( 12C, 13C respectively) dilution there are no longer any of the original substance left. Only the vibration/ memory of the substance is held in the solution. Once the desired potency is reached i.e. 200C or 10M (10,000) as in with this program, then a 8 gram vile of blank sugar pellets (100-150 pellets) are anointed with one drop this solution. The suggested dose is two pellets (pillules).

      Nosode are available from homeopathic pharmacies, however one must be a licensed doctor to acquire nosodes from pharmacies in the US. The nosodes use in this HP program are from Helios pharmacy in the UK. Anyone can order directly from them however if you partake in an HP program without the supervision of a homeopath, or without any understanding of what to expect and how to interpret remedy action, you do so at your own risk.

  127. According to the CDC website there are no required vaccines for travel to India. Depending on where you go disease incidence of particular diseases may be higher in some areas. The CDC has info on this. Diseases of concern would be Hep A, cholera, dysentery, malaria, yellow fever, and dengue fever. Of these hep A and yellow fever are the only ones with vaccines. There is also hep A immunoglobulin. Malaria has anti malarial drugs. Currently in western medicine there is no prevention for dengue or cholera. Mosquito prevention would help you with dengue and malaria, avoidance of contaminated food and water will help with hep A, dysentery, and cholera. Bottled or purified water is available. Watch out for ice in your drinks, and in some places cleaning the silverware with alcohol wipes before you eat is also important.
    Making sure you have a healthy digestive track with the addition of acidophilus, digestive enzymes and colostrum will help reduce digestive disturbances. Eating where the locals eat will also ensure that you are getting good food.
    Homeopathy can also help. Homeopathic remedies are available throughout India and practitioners can help you if conditions occur.
    If you would like more specific info regarding homeopathic remedies based on your trip or prior health concerns I am available for phone consult for a fee. See Fees on this site.

  128. Hello Kate – I am going to India in a month. Unless theres a good reason to get certain vaccines (traditonal-medical) I dont really want to get them. I dont know that much about the vaccines, but if it’s imperative I get 1 or 2 I would consider it.

    I understand that Homeopathy can offer help, I’ve heard that you can have travel homepathic immunizations.

    Do you do this? What kind of results have you seen?

    Can you recommend some natural remedies that may be helpful while in India?

    Thank you, Joanna Hill

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