Glyphosate Free: 5 hour prerecorded lecture

Glyphosate, the biome, DNA, enzymes, cover frontneurotransmitters, RNA viruses and more: How to detoxify causes and associated symptoms. For Homeopaths and Naturopaths.

This lecture was held live and recorded in the UK June 12. You can now purchase the recordings.

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Presented by Kate Birch, RSHom(NA), CCH.

Session 1: Glyphosate, the Biome, Tight Junctions and Inflammatory Disease:

A healthy biome is the foundation up which all other functions of the human body are coordinated. Glyphosate’s main target is the Shikimate-acid pathway in mitochondria and in lacto-fermenting bacteria. Without healthy bacteria, and their displacement by pathological bacteria, digestion, neurotransmitter balance, the immune system, hormone production and endocrine function are interrupted. Here we will review adenosine suppression of the immune system, leaky gut syndrome, gluten intolerance, histamine responses, RNA virus activation, detox pathways interrupted and present a case of glyphosate induced mast cell activation disease, the detox process, supportive nutrition and indicated remedies.

Session 2: Glyphosate, Neurotransmitters, enzymes, RNA viruses and cerebral inflammation:

In this session we will go deeper into the subject, review brain health and cerebral inflammation with regards to glyphosate’s interference with the creation of tryptophan, serotonin, phenylalanine, and dopamine, the metabolism of glutamate and subsequent conversion to GABA, and ailments from acetylcholine receptor site activation. Through analysis these biological and physiological functions and related pathologies we will review indicated homeopathic remedies, relationship of remedies to aspects of each process and begin to address cases of glyphosate compounding of vaccine damage in cerebral inflammation.

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