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1) Glyphosate Free

by Kate Birch. An essay on  functional nutrition and homeopathic detox of glyphosate. cover frontThis essay was inspired by the discovery that glyphosate toxicity was the culprit of the author’s sudden onset hyperthyroidism. This is a How-To Book on Glyphosate detoxification through functional nutrition and homeopathic clearing.

To be glyphosate free would include the rectification of our relationship to the very nature ourselves as human beings and the environment we live in. We are a part of nature and our bodies, by design, are an amazing reflection of the perfection of nature.

2) The Best Family Homeopathy Acute Care Manual

By Kate Birch

This pictorial guide is the first of its kind for families looking to use homeopathy. The cover6layout, with illustrations, diagrams and images, and therapeutic sections which are numerically and color coded, make it easy for parents and children alike to find a remedy for a particular ailment in minutes. Throughout the book you will find helpful therapeutic tips and clinical guidance from over 22 years of homeopathic practice pertaining to Homeopathic Philosophy, The Study of Materia Medica, and Six therapeutic modules: First Aid, Fevers, Ear Infections, Flus, Coughs and Colds, Vomiting and Diarrhea, and Mind and Emotions.

2) Homeopathic Treatment of the Diseases of the Liver and Biliary Ducts: The Amazing Liver

By Kate Birch

This therapeutic manual is a wonderful addition to any homeopaths livercoverzlibrary. The essays of Dr. Bernoville’s original work on the liver and biliary function comes with commentary and additions Kate Birch. Dr. Bernville lays out a precise schematic of hepatic function, potency use, drainage routes and more.

Kate takes this original work one step further by expounding on the passage of energy through the auxiliary systems of the body, giving more homeopathic remedy examples, and the implications towards corresponding mental and emotional states of the individual. This work serves to ground homeopathic prescriptions of the mind and emotions with pathology of the body.

As the liver serves as the tangency between nature and spirit, with this practical information, not only can you improve this organ’s function, but you will work towards tonifying the interface of the soul’s transduction.

2) The Solution ~  Homeoprophylaxis: The Vaccine Alternative                                                                                      A Parent’s Guide to Educating Your Child’s Immune System

By Kate Birch, RSHom(NA), CCH,  and Cilla Whatcott, HD RHom, CCH Illustrated by Hannah Albert ND

About the Book

This beautifully illustrated coffee-table style book is written for parents and in-laws navigating the big question of how to protect their children from infectious disease without the risks of vaccination. Rather than being caught in the battle between those in the pro-vaccine camp and those in the anti-vaccine camp the content of this book offers another way. The question is not should we prevent disease or not, but rather is vaccination the best and only method to do so?

The Solution is aptly titled as Homeoprophylaxis offers a viable alternative to vaccination for the prevention of infectious disease. The authors’ basic precept is that infectious disease may actually be of some benefit to the immune system. Homeoprophylaxis, as fully explained in the book, serves to safely stimulate healthy immune response without the side-effects vaccines incur.


Find straight-forward answers to your questions about what is hidden in vaccines; what they do to the immune system and the myth of “herd immunity.” Contrast the confusing messages about vaccination coming from every direction with clear and concise facts, a fifteen-year study, and ongoing clinical evidence supporting Homeoprophylaxis.

Finally, The Solution offers a natural answer to a difficult dilemma.

3) Vaccine Free Prevention and Treatment of Infections Contagious Disease with Homeopathy: A Manual for Practitioners and Consumers 2nd Edition

By Kate Birch RSHom(NA), CCH, CMT

The philosophical and practical applications of homeopathy described in this book offer the world an alternative or conjunctive path to the use of vaccination and antibiotics for the prevention and treatment of infectious contagious diseases. Moreover, this book is full of useful information and advocating for the effective treatment of infectious contagious disease with homeopathy. Considering  the state of affairs in world health, where more than half of the world lives in poverty, without clean water, and adequate food supplies, the annihilation  of infectious contagious disease with any healing modality is very difficult. Homeopathy offers an inexpensive and effective treatment plan which can more radically improve the status of health on this planet for its human inhabitants than any other system of medicine has so far.

The philosophical chapters introduce the basic tenants of homeopathy, overview of the immune system, and discuss the effects of vaccines on the immune system in the light of homeopathic philosophy. The second edition has the addition of a chapter on Homeoprophylaxis.

The Clinical Chapters Cover:

  • childhood eruptive diseases such as chickenpox, measles, and scarlet fever
  • diseases that have a historical significance and/or raise concerns due to biological warfare; smallpox, anthrax, and plague
  • more common household illness of Haemophilus influenza, otitis media, influenza, mononucleosis, and pneumonia
  • sexually transmitted diseases of herpes, genital warts, gonorrhea, syphilis, AIDS and hepatitis, accompanied with an in-depth look at the expression of human psychology associated with sexually transmitted diseases
  • five of the most common tropical diseases, yellow fever, dengue fever, malaria, typhoid, typhus, and cholera.
  • The remaining chapters cover homeopathic prevention and treatment for rabies, tetanus, diphtheria, mumps, and tuberculosis.

Each chapter provides complete descriptions of the disease, symptomatology, risk factors, available vaccinations and conventional treatment, adjunctive measures along with homeopathic information for prevention and treatment and descriptions of the most commonly indicated remedies for the disease.

Or, Impf-Frei, the German translation, is available through Narayana Verlag at for 29Euro.

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