Homeopathic Classes: Minnesota/International

I have been teaching homeopathy for 20 years locally and internationally. If you have a homeopathic school and are interested in having a guest lecturer present on infectious disease, vaccine damage and homeoprophylaxis please contact me:

  1. How Vaccinations Affect Your Child’s Immune System & Homeoprophylaxis for Disease Prevention. $10, This 6 lecture video series can be accessed through this link.

  2. Homeopathic Prevention and Treatment of Infectious Contagious Disease. 12 hour advanced class online for Practitioners, $300 fee.  To register please submit payment though this Paypal link  and a pass code to the course will be sent to you via email.

  3. Mommy Homeopathy: First Aid and Treatment of Acute Conditions. Online class: 18 hours, 6 week introductory homeopathy class for Moms. $50  Register here


To register for classes, please contact:

Kate Birch 612-701-0629, 



  1. Yes we have some online classes being made right now. however it will still be about a month before they are available. thank you for your patience.

  2. Hi! Willyou be updaing the site soon ?

  3. Hey there. I would be interested in having you out for a seminar, can you again put in writing to me what you would charge each to off-set your plane fare. ok? Thanks. I would also love to hear your pregnancy-childbirth four hour seminar. Tama Prahlow
    269-545-0095, cell: 269-231-0008;

    • I would charge the same fees as listed above but request a minimum amount of registrants depending on where you were and how much the cost of the airfare would be.

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