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North American Society of Homeopaths since 1996, Certified in Classical Homeopathy (CCH), Certified CEASE practitioner. Kate is a past vice-president of the North American Society of Homeopaths and remains the North American liaison to the International Council of Homeopathy. She is the author of recently published book Vaccine Free Prevention and Treatment of Infectious Contagious Disease with Homeopathy.

Kate has been teaching homeopathy in lecture and classroom settings locally and internationally since 1994 and currently focuses her time expanding public awareness into the efficacy of homeopathy for disease prevention/immune system education and the use of homeopathy for vaccine injury and autism. She has adopted and made available a homeoprophylaxis program  that has been proven to be effective in preventing infectious contagious disease for her clients. Participant results of the program  will be published in a research paper. Since 1990 Kate has over 1900 hours in homeopathic and clinical studies, with an additional 700 hours in massage and bodywork training.

MN Homeopathic Office

Methodologies in practice

Source Light Resonance Therapy: Source Light Resonances (SLRs) are a vehicle for manifesting the new unfolding of old knowledge and are made as a sacred light resonant imprint on a carrier medium, currently audio or video. They have the effect of resolving inherited and acquired limiting traits, allowing us to wake up within and to live more of our potential. Specialty with this practice is in treating vaccine damage. Go here to find out more.

Homeopathy: Classical Homeopathy for the whole family with a focus on children’s health, infectious contagious disease, vaccine injury, Autism, behavioral conditions, food allergies, injury and trauma, developmental or, learning disorders, mental and emotional issues, depression, anxiety, hormonal imbalances, pregnancy, labor and delivery, digestive complaints,  general health management etc.

Doula services: Constant physical and emotional support during labor and delivery with the addition of homeopathic remedies, massage techniques.

Diet and nutrition: Specifically in areas of toxicity, fasting and cleansing: A whole foods approach to balance, tone, and nourish organ systems.



  1. Hello! Is Free and Healthy Children International the sole certification body for homeoprophylaxis? Im researching it as I consider using it for my newborn and am wondering if other American entities also certify practitioners to supervise families in its administration. Thanks!

    • FHCi is the only non-profit membership organization certifying people in the use of homeoprophylaxis. There are others that teach. Please look to this page to find membership benefits:

      • Hi,
        we are from Bulgaria, how can we buy the kit and to achieve practicioner for consultation, maybe online?

      • Hello Yes it is possible to book a time for skype or whatsapp. the program is sold under registration rather than a poiont of sale for the kit. You can learn more here about fees and the progress.

        The booking link is on this page. at the top of the list.

        registration papers are there too.

        Kate Birch RSHom(NA), CCH, CMT Fee Schedule | HippHealth Center for Holistic Healing – HippHealth Center for Holistic Healing | Minneapolis MN 55403, 612-338-1668
        Kate Birch, Minneapolis based homeopath, is available for Office visits, Phone consults, and Skype meetings. Payments can be accepted via check, credit card ( there is an additional 4% charge for credit card charges)

  2. Hello, my 6 yo boy developed vocal tics after varicella vaccine. How we can reverse it and what homeopathic medicine to use. Can you help us Please? I am so desperate

    • Hello, I can not give medical advice here on line but you are welcome to schedule a CEASE apt with the booking link here on the page.

  3. Hi Kate, I want to buy the kindle version of the book “The Solution”. However, I do NOT see an option to add it to my Amazon card or to buy! is there another way to purchase an electronic version of your book? Can you email me a PDF and I can pay through PayPal?

  4. Do you have any remedies for the Gardisal vaccination. I have terrible stomach pains that make it hard to stand, accompanied by head aches, back aches, nausea (daily), migraines , hair loss, and so much more. I can’t account all of my symptoms to this shot as I have also taken the DEPO shot. Are there any remedies I can take? I just need to rid my body of these vaccinations. Please help! I currently reside in Canada in saskatchewan.

    • Hello Thank you for your inquiry. Yes Homeopathy can help but we need to take an initial health consult to determine how your body is responding to the vaccines. yes we can clear and do what ever other supportive measures your body needs to undo the damage from the vaccine. Please schedule. I can work long distance via skype thank you.

  5. Hi do you have any HP practitioners in the UK that offer homeoprophylaxis? Thanks Sarah

  6. HI Kate, I am interested in talking to a HP Specialist… We are living part time in Kenya and part time washington state… we have an unvaxed 4.5 year old who mostly stays home (while in kenya) to reduce her exposure to childhood illnesses. i have had my titers checked and I am mostly unprotected (except for CP) from childhood exposure and vaccines. I would love more immunity as well . Can a HP specialist create a specific protocol for international travel? is TB and option? What is the cost to talk with a specialist and figure out the protocol? is it affordable? Thank you for creating this and making it open source… you are helping a lot of parents. Olivia

    • Hello Yes please find a supervisor to work with that has travel HP listed after their name. The base fee of the program is published on this site. then they will add for the travel HP remedies.

      • Do you have HP specialists on your site? Or should I google them? I am a little uncertain how this works… thanks… I am searching.

  7. hi kate is it safe to take hpv vaccine remadies while pregnant



    • It is never safe to take the HPV vaccine especially when you are pregnant. This vaccine interrupts the endocrine system and causes sterility. For sure it would damage your unborn baby. There were never any vaccine safety studies performed in pregnant women. and there is a high amount of aluminum which is a neuro-toxin so for sure you babies developing brain would be poisoned with aluminum. Please do your research before injecting any vaccines into your body especially while pregnant for the sake of your unborn child. Also why would you need that vaccine. If you are with one partner and your risk of contracting HPV with that one partner is not there.

      • No not the actual vaccine the homeopathic remadies to clear the vaccine as have already been damaged by the vaccine when I was younger and I am now pregnant just not sure if there safe during pregnancy



  8. I made a mistake. I gave my child the second month dosage triple in morning and then few hours later the next, I will give them the other one in the morning. Is that ok? It says it should be morning and then night , then morning. Is this really bad.

    • Hello yes it is fine. Three doses spread evenly in the day is the best but it is fine close together too.

  9. Do you have any examples of children whose blood tests actually show existence of antibodies after being given homeoprophylaxis?

    • HP is stimulating general immunity by way of generating fevers, localization and discharge. This is the primary immunological reaction needed to prevent disease. Some historical studies demonstrate antibody titers are generated, however titers are not necessary to generate immunity, nor are they proof of immunity as we see that children who have already been vaccinated with conventional vaccines can still contract the disease. HP gets the immune system to rehearse an immunological response so that when exposed the body knows what to do and how to recover. Our research is still underway. Some parents are opting to get antibody draws. Some of the children have antibodies. However we do not have the final numbers on that nor do we know if these antibodies are generated independently of the HP program. Thanks for your inquiry.

  10. I’m giving my baby homeoprophylaxis, but I have noticed that there is no remedy for rubella in the homepathic kit. Do you have it and I can ask our pediatrician to obtain one for me or you do not have it at all?

    • Your HP Supervisor would be able to provide that. Rubella is a mild disease and should be contracted in childhood so as to protect when in child bearing years. We did not include in the program for children but is is possible to take at a later date prior to childbearing years for prevention then.

  11. Hi,
    I have a huge issue regarding immunisations being forced on my 2 year old daughter. The mother and I made an informed decision not to vaccinate our daughter at birth, however we did immunise her through homeopathic methods. Since then we have seperated and we are currently going through the court system for parenting orders. The issue is that the mother is now wanting to enrol our daughter into child care and has changed her mind about vaccinations for this reason. I have explained to her about the exemption form but she is now saying that she still wants to vaccinate. So because we have equal parenting responsibilities, but cant agree on the matter, the decision is now up to the court to decide. This is where the problem is, the judge will decide based on scientific evidence and i have heard of previous matters where the judge has ordered vaccinations under these circumstances. So I am extremely dissadvantaged here.
    My question is can you please provide me with any documents or studies of a scientific nature that you think the judge would consider as scientific evidence. I need to prove risks and also the effectiveness of homeopathic immunisations. I need to do everything i can to protect my daughter from this. Please help.
    Luke OBrien

    Sent from my iPhone

    • The only thing I would say is that if you can get the judge to agree to a delayed schedule and that to reevaluate the situation if there is any immunological changes after the first vaccine. This way you come across as wanting to work with the situation. the harder you fight against the harder they will force the issue. Good luck.

  12. I am one of over 100 students in a PNM, Practicioner of Natural Medicine, Course. We are currently looking for a source of Mother nosodes with which to make our own supply of homeopathic vaccination material. Where can we get it economically? And with quality?? Please respond to

    • You would need to contact a homeopathic pharmacy.

  13. Are there any doctors in Oregon offering this, or near Portland metro?

    • We need homeopaths in Oregon to offer this program.

  14. Kate,
    I am an RN who is employed by a hospital that is now making it mandatory to receive a flu vaccine as a condition for continued employment. I have never done vaccinations as a personal choice. This is causing me great angst. I have good health and do not take any medications. My question is: are there any recommendations homeopathically that I can take prior to or after the injection to minimize its adverse efffects on my immune system. Your advice would be greatly appreciated. I could do a phone consult with you at your convenience.
    Gratefully yours. Brenda RN

    • Hello, Yes there is a way we can do a before and after protocol much like influenza prevention. Please let me know if you would like to schedule a 30 min appt for that. And then there is a way that I know that there are many people in your line of work that feel the same way. You need to orchestrate some kind of way to get around it. In some situations this has gone to court and nurses win. I know if you got the flu then you would be immune and certainly you would not be coming to work if your were sick.

  15. Hello Kate…I was given your book “The Solution…” from a close family friend who is a practicing homeopathic dental hygienist in Minneapolis, MN. She gave me your book because I shared how at my daughter’s well baby check-up, I was attacked by the pediatrician when my husband and I said we wanted to wait on any vaccines when she was born. The pediatrician basically told me I was a terrible mother for not vaccinating her right away and that if she becomes sick with a vaccine preventable disease and dies it would be my fault. Needless to say we no longer see that pediatrician. My daughter is now 3 and a half months old and has not been vaccinated at all. Your book makes so much sense to me as to how my daughter’s immune system can be trained naturally to prevent disease. My family lives in Eau Claire, WI and I was wondering how we can get started and where we should go from here?
    I appreciate your time and look forward to hearing back from you.

    • Hello, yes it can be that way with Doctors who get paid based on the vaccine compliance rate of their patients. Please email me directly to get set up with the program

  16. Hi! I am interested in the vaccination detox process for my children and was wondering if you can recommend a good homeopath near Wesley chapel fl? Thanks!

    • HI I would look to the CEASE therapy website for practitioners in your neck of the woods

  17. hi i want homeopathy detox vaccine

    • I am not sure what you are asking for here as there is no such thing. The process of detox is a process, not a one time cure all pill. Vaccines are injected and are used for prevention of disease. Homeopathic remedies are never injected, though in the prophylaxis protocol can be used to educate the immune system about how to handle disease. If you are interested in the detox process then a consult is needed to evaluate on a case by case basis.

  18. Hello Kate,
    I’m writing in disparate need of help for my 11 month old son. He has been having food sensitivities and allergies since 2 months old. He had blood in his stool because I was consuming dairy while breast feeding. He has been vaccinated, and I decided to split the vaccines so he would not receive more than 2 at each visit. Since I chose to split them up we were going in every month!
    He now is allergic to dairy, wheat, eggs, soy, peanuts, almonds, and has food reactive Eczema to just about everything else he eats.
    I know there is something wrong with this picture, and would like to find a homeopath who can help rebalance his health and immune system.
    We live in Illinois so I am willing to travel if need be, but my question is; is there hope for him, can we desensitize him from all of these food allergies?
    Is there a specific homeopath I should be looking for?

    Thank you,

    • Hello Linda thanks for your inquiry. Yes it sounds like even though you were trying to minimize the impact of the vaccines they did their work anyways in disturbing immune system functioning and making him allergic. Vaccines have Eggs, bovine casein, Peanut oil, soy lecithin and a host of other ingredients so it makes sense that with his immune system being instructed by the aluminum adjuvants that it is responding according to plan with vaccines. That said it is still possible to work with homeopathy to restore immune system balance and to clear some of these reactions. Yes you would want a homeopath versed in treating vaccine damage. I myself am one. I am not sure of the homeopaths in Illinois. I can do long distance but would like to see you in the office for the first visit if you could. Otherwise I do skype consults. Best is to stop all vaccines at this point and let his system work out what it has been bombarded with so far. Let me know if you have any more questions. thank you, Kate

  19. Hi Kate,
    Your website is fabulous! I have been working with every healing method I can find to cure my son’s sensory processing disorder and my daughter’s food allergies. I also have pain issues myself, and I know that vaccines are to blame for much of our ails. Can you recommend a good homeopath in the Phoenix area that might be a good fit for our family? I really want to get pregnant again, but I want to rid my body of some of the toxic imprints.

    • HI Nichole, I would refer to the North American Society of Homeopaths, or the Council for Homeopathic Certification web pages for a homeopath in Phoenix. You want to find someone who is either Certified or Trained in CEASE protocols. This website has practitioners from around the world but perhaps you can find one in AZ: Good luck

  20. Hello,

    I am considering using homeoprophylaxis with my newborn but only for the first 2 years of her life and then switching to traditional vaccines. How would that work? Is it even possible? Thanks in advance for your reply – and a huge thanks for your work!!!

    • Hello, You ask an interesting question which makes me think or more questions for you. I understand the reason to postpone vaccinations until a child’s immune system is more mature so as to be able to properly respond to the vaccines with less damage. Following that line of reasoning, it would also make sense to give one vaccine at a time and wait a long time between doses to be sure the immune system had fully responded and recovered to the previous vaccine. It might even make sense to re-evalaute if you still wanted to give all the vaccines at after waiting that time. Some diseases have more potential to be life threatening in infants, such as diphtheria, whooping cough, pneumonia, meningitis etc and that is why they are in infants vaccine schedules. As the child gets older they are less susceptible to complications to those diseases. So if one were to postpone the vaccines until the child is older then why vaccinate at all?
      If I follow your line of thinking for homeoprophylaxis, if it worked, would then help to protect the infant in those early years it would be a far less toxic method that would work to stimulate the child’s immune system without causing any side-effects or damage. but then why at two years of age start the regular vaccines? If the homeoprophylaxis works as it is supposed to then to continue and finish the repeated dosing aught to be sufficient to complete the immune system response. Normally while only one dosing of the HP is sufficient in providing short-term protection, repeated dosing over the next years is needed to provide lasting immunity.
      Switching to vaccinations at this time would not really allow the full benefit of the HP. And you would still get vaccine responses with their adjuvants, thimerosol and incomplete disease expression side-effects. The prior doses of HP may provide some protection from adverse effects from the vaccines and may actually help the vaccines to work better. This is often the protocol we give to people who have to be vaccinated for work but want some protection from the vaccine. In these cases we give the nosode of the disease in the vaccine 24 hours before hand so as to reduce its Mal-effects. But then it is possible to just use the nosode for disease prevention and not take the vaccine at all.
      Now if the reason for doing the vaccines after the first two years of HP just to make sure that there is immune system response/ antibodies produced this is one way to go. As far as adverse reactions, between the two methods I don’t think there would be.
      I hope this helps to answer. Please clarify if you need more information thank you

      • Thanks very much for your reply. Well, my reasoning is that as much as I know that it would not be right at this stage to introduce vaccines in my newborn and as much as I know I can protect her through breastfeeding at this stage, I am not sure how much I truly believe homeoprophylaxis will protect her as much as traditional vaccines in the future. Not only that, but I know we’ll travel a lot, to Europe, Africa, Asia, and I need to make sure she’s as protected as possible. At this stage, I am considering getting her tested in the future to find out if she carries the required antibodies against a given disease she would have received a homeopathic remedy against. May I ask you if you would recommend using 200 cc or 30 cc potenties when administering the nosodes, knowing that we may switch to traditional vaccinations in the future?

      • Yes I was thinking that this was the reasoning behind the question. It is true that we don’t have a sufficient body of evidence examining the process of how many doses, what potency, how old the child has to be before they will begin to develop anybodies. Previous research in Columbia, South America demonstrated that it takes three years of a program like this with at least four separate dosing incidence for antibodies to develop in 3 year old children who have been taking the program since 1 month of age. What this research does not say it what is the best potency to produce this action? does the child need to be three years of age before they will develop these antibodies? Does it take this many doses over three years to make antibodies? and if so, how long will the antibodies remain elevated?
        In contrast we know that it takes 4-5 doses of the DPT vaccine to develop sufficient antibodies and these antibodies will remain elevated for 5-10 years after which a booster TDaP is needed. But then even after all those vaccines the child may still get Whooping cough as the wild virus has mutated.

        We do know from the action of homeoprophylaxis remedies that each dose does make a change on the immunological level of susceptibility, and that children who have undergone subsequent dosing of HP nosodes are less susceptibility to getting many other sicknesses even if they have not yet developed antibodies. It is like the exposure to the energetic nature of certain sicknesses actually is strengthening the immune system. In this way, especially for travel where you don’t know what you will be exposed to and you may be exposed to diseases there are not any vaccines for, even if specific antibodies are not present the immune system is much more geared to preventing many diseases. This mechanism is not true for vaccines. Each vaccine tends to weaken immune system reaction, produce skewed immune system reactions or increase immune system reaction to the point of continued sickness.

        As for potency the question remains as to which is best and which will for sure produce antibodies. Dr Isaac Golden in Australia has been working with HP since 1985. He used to give ascending potencies. I.e. 30C, 200C, 1M 10M. and then repeat this series. After a time he switch to the existing protocol of 200C then 10M repeated. I have adopted his method as I feel this is sufficient. For influenza prevention it is possible to use a 30C, 200C or 1M. It depends on the health of the person also availability and how knowledge the person has about usage. Usually the 30C is is self administered while 1M is through a practitioner. The 1M would last longer. But I have never had the person test for titers even though they do not get the flu and actually remain quite healthy through the winter.

        As to how the program is set up on this site is, as it is a research project, everyone is registered and results will be tallyed. Each participant is registered with a supervisor so they have a point of contact for any questions a long the way. 30C usually has a shorter duration of action and not as deep. 10M is of course much deeper and longer in its action. Accordingly 30C is available over the counter while 10M potencies are only via a practitioner.
        As for how they will react with the Vaccines? How they will work against or with the vaccines in which potency? It would depend on the child, which nosodes you are using, how much time there is between dosing and vaccination and so on. As with all disease prevention and modification methods it is advisable to work with a practitioner experienced in this kind of work. I hope this helps

  21. Kate,
    My 18 yo daughter had (was forced to have) the flu vaccine two weeks ago. At 2 weeks to the day, she developed excruciating back pain (we now think is kidney related), ascending paralysis which included her legs, hands and jaws ‘falling asleep’ (this is now ok). She also had nausea and weakness. That was 6 days ago. She now still has mild back pain, some nausea and weakness. What can I do for detox to prevent kidney damage, which is my main concern? Thanks in advance.

    • Hi, I would call a homeopath right away and go in for a consultation. I can not give out medical advice online. I am available for consultation if you would like. I would need to see your daughter.
      I think the flu vaccine has made it in o her spine and that is causing the ascending paralysis, check out the CDC website for adverse events from flu vaccine, I am sure you will find these symptoms listed. I would also call the doctor who gave the vaccine and make sure they report this as an adverse event to the CDC. If they don’t want to you can report the event yourself to the National Vaccine Injury Compensation Board. Normally they only register those things that occur in the first 24-48 hours, but if after you go to a homeopath and they treat it as if it was an injury from flu vaccine and your daughter gets better then you know for sure this is the case. I am not sure where you live but if you let me know I can refer a local homeopath. Thanks

  22. What about the required vaccinations for overseas travel, are there homeopathic alternatives.

    • Hello, As for as required vaccines you have to check with the CDC. so far homeoprophylaxis is not recognized at a state or federal level. However the only required vaccine I know of is the Yellow fever one for returning from yellow fever endemic areas. Unless you are in a program that requires other shots to you can create your own prophylaxis protocol based on where you are going and what the actual disease incidence is. See the Tropical Disease tab on this site for suggestions and consult a homeopath for a specific program for you.

  23. Hello im very intrested in this Homeopathic vacines.
    I have 4 year old and 1 year old baby…
    The older one has being vacineted to all kind of stuff as i was living in Brasil at the moment in a very little town…no resources…information etc…and lots of deseases-
    The one year..had actualy a problem last year with a 3 dose ,he change complitly hes mood…he had a rush on the body he was crying for weeks…so i went to 3 duferent Homeopath and they all said something diferent.
    I stop at that time the vacination on my baby never gave him another one until now…he was 6 month then…and i would love to know where i am standing.
    What is it really that he needs and dont.
    Also for the 4 year old…he is supost to take some at 6 i beleve…and i would love to get in contact with some of u for this…thanks a lot!!!

    • In order to find out if your child has developed antibodies to a particular disease in a vaccine you can go to your local doctor and have a antibody titer ( blood draw). Also keep in mind that it takes several doses of a vaccine to stimulate antibody production and it also takes your child to be several years old before they are able to make antibodies. Also antibody production is not necessarily equivalent to immunity. The same is true for the use of nosodes. It takes several doses and for the child to be a few years old to stimulate antibody production. However the nosodes have the added benefit as they stimulate the peripheral immune system along with antibody production resulting in a more complete immunity. As for how this program is set up in order to keep it within the confines of the research aspect all children are advised to take all of the remedies in the kit, even if there has been previous vaccination, and especially if the previous vaccination caused an adverse event. Taking the nosode will help to clear the vaccine and help the body reconcile it and develop a more balanced immune system response to it.
      The other benefit of the program in it entirety is that we are embarking on stimulating the immune system in a healthy way, with this there is the potential to have the benefit of the disease without the suffering of the disease. This is based on the concept that diseases play an evolutionary role and help to reconcile inadequacies within us.

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