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Homeoprophylaxis Supervision

All HP supervisors in North America are trained and Certified by Free and Healthy Children International

      • If you are a homeopath and would like to offer Homeoprophylaxis for your clients though our training you can become a Certified HP supervisor.
      • If you are a parent looking for a homeopath in your area to supervise your children see the list of participating HP supervisors below to find one in your area
      • HP Supervisor trainingIn order to become certified in HP you must attend our two part 4 hour training live webinar. Click here to register and dates Fee: $300, includes certification C.HP, semi-annual dues, marketing materials, PowerPoint for public lectures, listing on website, all HP docs. HP supervisors training.

Contact Kate Birch to become a supervisor


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International Canada, England, Greece, Japan, The Netherlands, Portugal)


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