Whooping Cough


Homeopathy and Whooping Cough

*The content of this website is not to be misconstrued as medical advice nor does it replace the consult of a physician or practitioner. Reader assumes the responsibility of investigating for themselves disease prevention and treatment methodologies that concur with their beliefs and understanding. The suggested protocols listed below is for informational purposes and the reader assumes the risks and benefits of undertaking the protocol unless overseen by a qualified practitioner. This is not a statement of promise to cure or prevent disease. Rather, it is a description of how homeopathy works in relation to the disease in question.

Whooping Cough, while a relatively mild disease, can be severe in infants or those with a compromised immune system.

Signs and Symptoms

  • Whooping cough begins as a mild respiratory illness with runny nose and persistent cough. This stage is indistinguishable from a common cold and is considered the catarrhal stage that usually lasts two weeks. It is during this time that the disease is most readily spread. The cough is generally worse at night and there will only be a slight fever.
  • Next comes the development of a clear glary mucus with the cough. It is very viscid and difficult to expel despite paroxysms of coughing. The coughing paroxysms can often end in vomiting or the child can become cyanotic (blue) due to choking on the mucus.
  • After two weeks, the paroxysmal stage begins, lasting approximately six weeks. The cough will become more spasmodic with eight to ten coughs per breath.
  • During the convalescence stage, which can last several weeks to months, the coughs come less often and eventually, the child recovers to normal. In some cases, the convalescent stage may last from four months to two years.

The Homeopathic Approach

There are many homeopathic remedies which can be used in the treatment of whopping cough depending on the stage of the illness and the symptoms the child is expressing. With the correct remedy contracted whooping cough can be resolved relatively quickly, i.e. in 2-10 days, thereby reducing the level of suffering and length of suffering. While antibiotics are used in conventional medicine to kill the bacteria. If the whoop has entered the spasmodic stage of the illness, in contract to the correct homeopathic remedy they will not change the course of the disease.

  • Use of whooping cough nosode (Pertussin) in ascending potencies as outlined on the STATUS SHEET for a standard prevention protocol (See schedule below). Doses are to be given over a few month period starting with 200C, repeating a triple dose of the 200C the following week then a triple dose of 10M followed one month later with a second round of the 10M.
  • Use of Drosera, preventatively or if the disease is contracted as this remedies correspond to the common symptom manifestations of Measles. They can be used if there is known exposure or at the first signs of the disease and correspond to fluctuating temperatures, or runny nose and watery eyes, respectively. These remedies can be alternated if you are unsure, repeating the remedy that offers the most relief.
  • Various other remedies in active disease: Anacardium, Ipecacuanha, Coccus cacti, Corralium Rubrum, Cuprum for more information get the Book or Consult a Homeopath

Pertussin may be used as a prophylaxis remedy for whooping cough, and may in fact abort a case of recently contracted whooping cough.

The goal of HP is to introduce into the human system the energetic components of particular diseases in order to stimulate the immune system. Homeopathic Nosodes, such as Pertussin, are potentized preparations of the disease germ or discharges produced in response to whooping cough. Upon repetition of the particular remedy it is understood that some aspect of susceptibility to the particular disease has been fulfilled.

Suggested immune system education protocol.

Recommended times Remedy Potency Date of Admin Initials Reaction if any
Dose 1 first week Pertussin 200      
Dose 2 second week Pertussin 200, 200, 200      
Dose 3 Following month Pertussin 10M, 10M, 10M      
Dose 4 Following month Pertussin 10M, 10M, 10M      

Remedy-Disease Relationship:; Pertussin – whooping cough


  1. what if youve got influenza symptoms and its only possible it could show up as whooping cough later? do you take pertussin even if you dont know its whooping cough? ive come down with influenza like symptoms and i have a 10 month old baby

    • It is best to work with a homeopath. Remedies are prescribed based on symptoms presentation rather than diagnosis. One remedy can treat many diseases because these diseases may share a common symptoms expression. prescriptions are individualized for each patient. Influenza can not turn into whooping cough. But you could contract whooping cough if you are sick with something else. influenza can because pneumonia a lot more easily. the is a process of fluid building up in the lungs.. For self care I refer you to https://www.amazon.com/dp/1523961554/ref=nav_timeline_asin?_encoding=UTF8&psc=1. Otherwise is is always best to work with a homeopath.

  2. Does your protocol suggest taking 1 200c granule on only one day during the first week? Or 1 granule every day of the first week? Please advise. Thanks?

  3. Is the boiron perussinum a nosode?

    • Yes

  4. When you suggest a triple dose of Pertussin 200 or 10M, do you mean the person takes 3 pellets in one day or 1 pellet 3 times in one week?

    • Three doses of three pellets each in one day, am, pm and am, or am, noon, and pm.

      • So that’s 9 in one day? Three doses times three pellets = 9. Or do you mean 1 pellet 3 times daily?

      • Three pellets three times in one day = 9 pellets in all.

  5. I will be having a baby in the middle of winter and am concerned about whooping cough. I am not going to vaccinate her. I will ensure that all those in contact with her are vaccinated. Could you please explain what homeopathic prophylaxis treatment I should give my newborn including dosages and age, assuming her health is otherwise fine? Would I do nosodes and then homeopathic treatment later? Many thanks, Danielle x

    • Hello Sorry i can not give out medical advice online. If you would like to schedule an appointment for a consult please follow the links under about.

  6. Could you tell me how many pillules make up one dose?

    • Two

  7. can the demylenation be reversed?

    • I would say it can be slowed. or stopped. Hard to say if it can be reversed.

  8. Hello, we have a whooping cough outbreak in out town, my three children are not vaccinated. I am new to homeopathic remedies and homeoprophylaxis, but with the outbreak I have been reading and researching a ton. We already practice a whole foods, fermented, natural remedies etc. I ordered pertussinum 200 and pertussinum 30. I have a 8, 5 3 year old. I guess I am confused on how to start, how much ansd often and does each kid get the same. And should I worry about or watch for any side effects. I also ordered belladonna, drosera and a few others.

    • I meant to say outbreak in our town, 4 schools and just found out today it is now at our school.

    • HI Yes if you are new to homeopathy it is best to work with a practitioner. If you have some home treatment guides you can learn about potency and dosing and to select which remedy. Otherwise I could offer a consult to work with you for prevention and treatment if needed. Please email to set an appointment: katebhom@hotmail.com

  9. Hi, wanting to travel to Cambodia with unvaccinated children. My biggest fear is Polio but not sure if it is an issue these days. Have considered polio vaccine but no others. IS there something you suggest for polio immunity while travelling?

    • Hi I am not sure Cambodia is having polio these days. It is more common in the middle east or countries where the sewer and food is meeting like Mexico. However, in our regular HP program are using Lathyrus for polio. Dosage would be the same as on the status sheet. If you would like to schedule a consult let me know.

  10. My oldest (vaccinated)daughter has whooping cough. We were all put on antibiotics five days later my six year old (unvaccinated) is showing symptoms, fever, and now now coughing. I would like to get her started on natural treatment but not sure who to contact or how to get products. Also I have a toddler with no signs yet, hoping to prevent. Please help

    • Hello, I would be available for phone consult in the situation to get homeopathic remedies that will help to mitigate the situation. Please contact me at the above number.

  11. My baby is 3 and half months old. He has not received any vaccines yet and I really do not want to him vaccinated which is why I am looking for alternatives. However, pertussis is going around in this area where I live and recently my baby has started coughing a lot. I haven’t taken him to his peditrician because the doctor has said that if I do not get him vaccinated, she will not see him anymore. If he potentially has whooping cough is it too late to try the homeopathic alternative? Also how young can they start on these?

    • Hello, you ask a great question and I think you will be happy with the answer. Nosodes can be used preventatively for a particular disease, curatively if the disease is active and post disease if the immune system does not fully recover. So in the instance of Whooping cough the nosode can be used with the disease in progress. It can sometimes ward of the further development if the disease has already been contracted. If the disease is underway it will help speed the body towards recovery and lessen the impact of the disease. Nosodes can be given at any age. We start our formal HP program at one month of age but if the child is sick and requiring nosode it can be given then. If you are looking for single disease prevention we would still set up a 30 min consult to see that is going on and to help explain how the program works and get you the remedies. Let me know if this helps.

      • Thank you this does help. How would I get started? I live in Texas.

  12. I started the HP Kit. I just got done with the 3 dose of petussin. I am taking my 5 month old out of the country. I took him to see his pediatrician today and she is very concerned that I am taking him out of the US without being vaccinated. I told her I already started the program therefore have started preventative care. She advised me to get titers before our vacation. Will the results of the titers show immunity against the whopping cough? The next dose is pneumococcium, should I be doing lathyrus (polio) or meningococcium (meningitis) first since I am going out if the US? I am concerned of what could be more dangerous to catch…please advice. Thank you, Viv

    • Hello Viv. I would first say to talk with your HP Supervisor to have a more detailed conversation about your needs. Then also to add that depending on where you are going other diseases are of a greater or lessor concern. As you know it takes 1-2 years before an infants’ immune systems can generate titers. That is why they recommend 3-5 doses of the DTaP vaccine. They do this for several reasons. The first is what I just mentioned above; a 5 month old is unlikely to have developed antibodies. The second is because one dose of a vaccine is insufficient to produce titers. accordingly HP is unlikely to produce titers in an infant. However we do know that is stimulates general immunity in everyone. The dosing as we have is sufficient to stimulate this general protection. As for which you take next, again it depends on where you are going. Mexico has polio. Most other places, unless you are going to Syria do not. Infants have a greater risk of developing pneumonia if they get a cold. Perhaps that is the better one. Again please talk with your HPSsupervisor for more info. Keep nursing and rest well, that will help your child the most. Thanks and happy travels.

  13. With how many months/years should we start giving Pertussin to the baby/child?

    • The program can be started at one month of age.

  14. I’m on Amazon. I’m am getting ready to start this program. Do I buy vaccine free book along w HP workbook? The solution book is there too, is the info in the solution book already covered in the vaccine free book?

    Also, I was tested TB positive but my X-Ray was negative. I was told I need 9 months of antibiotics. I’d like to go the natural way and not compromise my body for 9 months. Is there a treatment for my situation?

    Thank you!

    • Hello, You would need to find an HP supervisor to over see the program. the nosodes are not available as a point of sale item. While the program is self administered you still need to be under the supervision of a supervisor. Yes it is the HP Program booklet in amazon that goes with the program but when you register with a supervisor they will supply you with the booklet. the other books are for informational purposes and discus the reasoning for Homeoprophylaxis.
      As far as the TB positive it just means that you have been exposed to Tuberculosis, but not having active disease. While I can not give out medical advice online I would say that the use of antibiotics would not change that positive result. In homeopathy we can treat tubercular constitutions. Please let me know if you have more questions. thanks

  15. Hello,
    My sister is 36 weeks pregnant with a baby who has Transposition of the Great Arteries and will need life saving surgery soon after birth. As there is an epidemic of whooping cough our cousin who is a consultant in foetal medicine is insisting she get the DTap vaccine to protect the baby if he comes into contact with other babies who have whopping cough in the hospital ward. As a naturopath my instinct is to avoid all vaccines. However, my nephew won’t have to time to acquire immunity naturally and getting whopping cough while he recovers from open heart surgery (and is pumped full of antibiotics) could well kill him. Is there any evidence to show that my sister could pass on immunity to the baby using homeopathy? Or else how quickly could the baby be given homeopathy after birth? I am not convinced that maternal antibodies to the vaccine would actually be passed across the placenta anyway as I can’t find any information to support this. Any help you could offer would be greatly appreciated.

    • Hello, this is the perfect time to call upon what they call the herd immunity effect that the vaccine paradigm propagates. Theory is if most people get vaccinated then those who are weak. or are not able to get the vaccine are protected by those who do get the vaccine. I would say that as he is weak and will have to undergo a surgery in the first few weeks of life, he would classify as the kind of person who should fall into the exemption from vaccines for medical reasons and because he would be too week to undergo birth, the vaccine, and the surgery.
      And yes if the mother had whooping cough, or DTP vaccine herself she would have antibodies in her milk/colostrum. If not there would be a way to address the energetic aspect of protection with the HP remedy for whopping cough. She could take and he could take. It would be much less violent in his system. However there is no evidence that is will produce antibodies. But babies do not make antibodies anyways. The HP dose works on the general immune system function. I hope this helps

      • I would also have to say the chances are if there is a baby in the hospital with whooping cough they would, and should, isolate that baby rather than leaving it in the ward with all the other babies. Also this baby would probably be in the ICU for some time recovering from the surgery where there would be no exposure. Also they should not allow people into an ICU or nursery if there is suspecting whooping cough. In all cases you weigh the risk of disease, risk factors for contracting the disease, disease exposure, and risk of vaccine in the individual. these are all to be measured against each other. The one size fits all method of just vaccinating everyone has no place in all situations. There are other public health care measures to reduce incidence of disease exposure and spread than vaccines. The fetal medicine doctor should take up the study of public health measures before making such an unconsidered statement that the mother get vaccinated. Plus research is not out yet on this mew practice of vaccinating mothers while pregnant. We do not know the safety or long term health out comes for the infants 3-5 years down the road and if it actually helps the infants immune system or not. Time will tell.

  16. Last year my non-vaccinated son had to miss 3 weeks of school due to a vaccinated classmate who contracted pertussis. The sick child was allowed to go back to school, my healthy child was not. If my son were to be treated homeopathically, would his body show an immunity to the disease-through a blood test (or is it called a titer)? I believe if we can prove immunity he would be able to attend school, if we run into the same situation in the future. Thank-you!

    • Hello, your comment and question is very interesting. The politics of public health are a bit of a contradiction just like you pointed out. What I can say about HP is this. While historically there has been some research demonstrating the HP dosing can produce titers, there has also been research that clearly demonstrates immunity but no titers are developed. And yes while we are researching the effectiveness of HP we are not registering the efficacy ie if titers are generated or not. At this point I can not give a definitive answer to say for sure that an HP dose would produce titers. However with a fair amount of of confidence I can say HP doses can produce immunity. How many doses are needed, how old the child needs to be and how long they are immune for is also under question. The immunity is generated with HP is at the level of the general immune system and has to do with Killer T cell activity rather than T2 cell stimulated antibody production. You could give it a try and see what happens.

  17. My daughter got two conventional vaccine shots of DTaP. I want to switch now to the HP Program. How soon can I start it? Do I need to wait a certain amount of time before starting the Pertussin Dose since she got the second DTAP shot just a week ago.

    • Hello this is a good question. It depends on the age of the child but I would wait at least 30 days to see if any symptoms develop from the DTaP vaccine. In younger children the effects may take some time to develop as the immune system is immature and just beginning to learn how to process infectious agents in vaccines. Take note of eating, sleeping, stools, amount of crying and if there is any change in temperament. Most importantly if there is a fever you need to let the fever pass as best as possible on its own or support with homeopathy. The doctor will diagnose it as an ear infection and give antibiotics or say give Tylenol. If you do this then the fever will go down and drive the disease in deeper. The fever is the clearing process necessary to resolve the vaccine. In the mean time you can begin the process of registering with an HP supervisor. It takes time to complete the informed consent form, set the appointment to complete the registration, then to get the kit and HP Program booklet in the mail. Our start dates are always set for the first Sunday of the month so it sounds like if you have everything in line this would be Dec 1, 2013 or January 5, 2014

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