Tropical Disease


For a specific protocol designed for your travel plans Consult a Homeopath well versed in infectious disease

*The content of this website is not to be misconstrued as medical advice nor does it replace the consult of a physician or practitioner. Reader assumes the responsibility of investigating for themselves disease prevention and treatment methodologies that concur with their beliefs and understanding. The suggested protocols listed below is for informational purposes and the reader assumes the risks and benefits of undertaking the protocol unless overseen by a qualified practitioner. This is not a statement of promise to cure or prevent disease. Rather, it is a description of how homeopathy works in relation to the disease in question.

Contents of this page

  1. Introduction
  2. CDC reports
  3. Preventative measures
  4. Other considerations
  5. Action of homeopathic remedies
  6. Four main approaches
  7. Potency and repetition
  8. Potency and repetition for active disease
  9. Notes and word of caution

1. Introduction

Homeopathy has a rich history in treating and preventing tropical diseases. There are many existing homeopathic clinics in Africa, Central America, and Asia providing treatment and prevention for diseases such as Malaria, Dengue fever, Yellow fever, Typhoid and Cholera.

Depending on where you are traveling, when you are traveling, your current health status, the length of time you will be gone, and the amount of time you have before you are to travel, it is possible to use homeopathic remedies for disease prevention (described below).

2. The CDC has up to date disease incidence rates for all destinations around the world.

As with vaccines, homeopathic prevention must be initiated months prior to the dates of travel so that the immune system has time to respond and develop the appropriate antibodies and immunity. Correspondingly, many other preventative measures will reduce the risk of most diseases.

3. Preventative measures:

  • Avoid contaminated water and food
    • Drink bottled water, and food prepared by you or your host family, well attended restaurants etc.
    • Avoid ice in your drinks
    • Water purification devices may be necessary
    • Wash all fruits and veggies that do not have peels, in purified water
    • Avoid raw foods, salad etc
    • Avoid some street vendors as the cooking oil may be contaminated
    • Wash your hands often
  • Protect yourself from mosquitoes
    • Wear long sleeve and pants
    • Sleep under mosquito netting
    • Use mosquito repellent
    • Stay inside during the early evening when mosquitoes come out

4: Other considerations:

  • Condition your digestive tract with Probiotics, Colostrum, and Digestive enzymes for one month before and during travel.
  • Have Activated Charcoal on hand to take if digestive upset seems imminent.
  • Follow BRAT diet to replace nutrients (Bananas, Rice, Apple sauce, Toast), in cases of diarrhea or Electrolyte loss.
  • Boiled rice water, Pedialyte, or GatorAid to replace of loss of vital fluids from diarrhea or blood loss.
  • Dehydrated beef liver extract, iron and folic acid in cases of blood loss.

5: Action of homeopathic remedies:

  1. Individual homeopathic remedies given to prevent disease are aimed at fulfilling the susceptibility to the disease prior to exposure so that the likelihood of contracting the disease is lower. If the disease is contracted those same remedies can help in the recovery process and lessen the extent of the disease.
  2. Successive use of nosodes stimulates antibody production to that particular disease.

For specific homeopathic remedies for specific diseases read the Book 

6: Four main approaches:

1. Individual remedies targeted to specific diseases i.e. some examples:

  • Phosphorus for Hepatitis A
  • Eupatorium perfoliatum for Dengue fever
  • Crotalus horridus for Yellow fever or  Dengue Hemorrhagic fever or severe Cholera
  • Baptisia for Typhoid
  • Pyrogenium for septic conditions
  • Camphora, Cuprum or Veratrum album for Cholera, or Crotalus horidus, or Arsenicum depending on symptom presentation if disease is active.
  • Pulsatilla for Measles

Either used individually or in a series prior to exposure. Or, used at point of suspected  exposure.

2. Nosodes* for individual diseases based on possible exposure i.e.:

  • Malaria nosode for malaria
  • Typhoidinum for typhoid
  • Yellow fever nosode for Yellow fever
  • Dengue fever nosode for Dengue
  • Cholera toxin nosode for Cholera

Either used individually or in a series depending on disease incidence.

*In the US nosodes are only available through doctors and some homeopathic practitioners. Nosodes are available for direct purchase from European  homeopathic pharmacies. All other remedies are available for over the counter purchase or phone order from US homeopathic pharmacies.

Homeopathy for chikungunya

Homeopathy for Dengue

3. Single remedy to cover a particular symptom picture. As many of the tropical disease has similar symptom pictures one homeopathic remedy may act as a preventative for several diseases, i.e.

  • Phosphorus covers the symptomatology for Hepatitis A and B, Typhoid, Malaria, Yellow fever, and a variety of digestive disturbances including vomiting and diarrhea. Thus, Phosphorus may be considered a global remedy to prevent many diseases.

4. Combination remedies or a series of remedies, which may include nosodes*, that target specific symptom pictures. These combination remedies have six to ten of most common remedies for that condition along with a nosode. Examples:

  • Diarrhea combination remedy would prevent and treat rotavirus, cholera, etc.
  • Hemorrhagic combination remedy for all haemolytic processes like Dengue, Typhoid, Yellow fever, Cholera etc.
  • Malaria combination remedy which contains, Malaria nosode


7: Potency and Repetition

Remedies can be applied at various intervals in various potencies. One Dose refers to 3-8 pellets.

  1. A single dose followed a week later with a triple dose (three doses in a 24 hour period). Either in 30C or 200C. Or, over an extended period of time in ascending potencies (200c, 1M, 10M). Wait one week between each dose. Usually two repetitions of the series is sufficient.
  2. A single dose of a particular remedy repeated at weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly intervals. 30 C or 200C.
  3. A series of remedies repeated in alternation, one dose per week. Either 30C or 200C. i.e. for malaria; Phosphorus, followed by Arsenicum, then Natrum muriaticum, then China over a four week period. One dose per week, followed by the successive remedy. This series should be commenced one month prior to travel and then repeated during the extent of travel.
  4. A daily dose of 6C or 12C of a single or combination remedy.

8: Potency and Repetition for Active Disease

Each case must be evaluated for virulence of the disease, healing response in the individual, duration the person has been sick before treatment, and severity of disease expression. The guidelines below with help determine the best potency given the situation.

For specific guidance on managing active cases of infectious contagious disease consult a homeopath

  1. Higher potencies (200C or 1M) are better in those individuals with strong vital forces and strong reactions to the disease. 200C can be given in 2 or 3 doses in a 6-24 hour period, or 1M single or split dose (repeated once in 12 hours). Expect a change towards health in within the first hour of administration, with the following doses to complete the process.
  2. If the illness has reach the point of collapse and there has been a lot of vital fluid loss or depletion for extended fevers etc. the remedy can be given in a low potency (30C) repeated often (every 2-6 hours), or 200c in water to be sipped every 20 min for 6-24 hours to help the person gain strength. Support with fluids and other adjunctive measures (see above) .
  3. If the illness has moved into a chronic state, never-been-well-since or relapses. Continue repeated dosing with 30C or 200C over several weeks of months along with adjunctive measures will regain the health.
  4. If the disease is remote, i.e. several months or years have past but the effects still linger, a single dose of the nosode, followed one week later by a triple dose of the nosode will activate the healing mechanism to clear the condition. Expect a short lived fever or re-occurrence of symptoms experienced at the time of the original illness. These symptoms will pass in a short amount of time and health should be regained. Or a clear symptom picture for a Constitutional remedy will emerge.

9: Notes and Word of Caution

Depending on an individual’s susceptibility and the time one has to prepare for a trip, not every disease is preventable, nor is it reasonable to take a multitude of remedies to prevent all possible diseases. Alternatively, the CDC may give the impression that it is no problem to take 8 different vaccines at one time and presto you have automatic immunity to all of those diseases. Truth is, in order to properly stimulate the immune system to each disease the vaccines need to be given one at a time, over time, in a series. Use of multiple vaccines at one time has its own potential of risk. Gulf war syndrome, or years of ill health is common to this methodology of immune system overload from too many vaccines. Correspondingly, too many homeopathic remedies, particularly if those remedies have no relation to an individuals’ susceptibility, while not toxic, have the potential to have a deleterious effect on ones well-being.

One must distinguish between ones fear of disease and the risks of disease and then proceed with a moderate course of prevention, depending on ones travel plans and the reality of disease exposure. Confidence in ones own level of health for being able to cope with  acute disease is key to any decision one makes with regards to travel plans and disease prevention.



  1. Scrub typhus is on the rise in Thailand. Are there any homeopathics that address this health concern? What is the usual course of treatment a homeopath would recommend, noting fully that you can not give medical advice. I am asking this question from a strictly academic point of reference, because you cannot give medical advice.

  2. What would you suggest as malaria prophylaxis for someone living in an area of east africa where malaria is endemic? Is it suitable as prophylaxis against all types of malaria? Can it be taken safely during pregnancy and breastfeeding and in all age groups?

    • Hello yes there are general and specific protocols for disease prevention for malaria. Best is to work with a practitioner to set up a customized plan for you. Homeopathic remedies are safe for during pregnancy and nursing.

  3. Hi
    I am taking an auto immune suppressant and can not have yellow fever vaccine. Can I take yours and go to Brazil . I take Humira. Please get back to I want to travel ASAP

    Kind regards

    Chris Pedley

    • Immune-suppressant drugs suppress the immune systems’ ability to respond to any immunological agents and make you more susceptible to contracting disease. While a vaccine includes other immunological modulating substances and are to be avoided while on immune-suppressant drugs, the HP nosode has the infectious agents and needs the liver to be functioning well to process it. As the risk of yellow fever can be moderated by reduced exposure to mosquitoes that would be your best line of defense. Or embark on the journey of homeopathic treatment to treat the conditions for which your immune system is being suppressed against. We are meant to be healthy in this life. We get lost along the way. Homeopathy can help to return us to a better state of health. Humira destroys your immune system, which is needed to maintain your health. Auto immune disease is one of the side effects of vaccines. Its a mess but you have to start somewhere to reclaim your body. Homeopathy is a start. Myself, I would not give the yellow fever without knowing your health history. Not because it is dangerous but because the expected result may not be the outcome based on a suppressed immune system.

  4. Hello, what do you recommend for someone travelling to India? I have been warned about malaria and dengue fever (especially during monsoon season). I have grown up in europe so I have a very weak immune system.

    • Please read the travel HP page on this site. If you would like to schedule a consult you can on this website. I can not give out medical advice online here.

    • Please refer to the travel HP page for some suggestions. if you would like to set up a consult you can find the place to book.

  5. So a daily dose (3-8 Pellets) of each:
    12 C Arsenicum
    12 C Phosphorus
    12 C Nat Mur
    12 C China
    for Malaria prevention while in country?

    Doing the weekly alteration is not an option as I see you recommend starting this one month prior to travel and I leave in 10 days. I see though for current infections, and from what I have read, 200c is advisable. Would it be wise to get something (what?) in 200c as well to take along with them incase I develop symptoms? Also, I have read it is good to take the remedies in water as it reaches more nerve endings that way?

    • Hello there is a protocol outlined on the travel page. I am not to give medical advice personally. If you would like to set up a consult please do.

  6. Hello, We are traveling at the end of July to Colombia on a trip that requires my kids to get vaccine for yellow fever and they want proof if this. They took some vaccines as infants but received HP tx to detox. I was planning to do yellow fever HP, but how do I proof this with a Dr. Signature.

    • Hello yes please if you would like to book a time I can prepare the program and provide a paper with signature. Under the appointment tab on there is a link for Travel HP to book.

  7. Hello,

    We are planning a trip to Peru in the future. My husband is traveling alone initially possibly next year. We would then be traveling as a family with a 2 year old after this.
    How effective is a full course as a preventative/cure percentage wise? If he still contracts one of the illnesses will he have a stronger chance at beating it or could they still be potentially deadly even after the remedies?
    Is the baby more susceptible to these diseases. Also, if we went for the vaccine option, how effective is the cleanse treatment?


    • Hello I can not give medical advice here in line. I do offer travel consults you can book a time for. Homeoprophylaxis works to educate the immune system towards specific disease processes. It either renders you less susceptabile to the disease or if you get it you know how to work it through. Depending on the disease it is more sever or at risk for small children.

  8. Hi there … wonderful article btw. Thank you so much for this. My partner is taking my two boys to Bali. Are you suggesting for disease prevention (number 3 in your list) that you can give those four remedies (phos, Ars, Nat Mur and China) in order on the same day four weeks in a row or one remedy for four weeks followed by the next remedy for four weeks etc? I have four weeks till they travel… Would that be 30c potency or 200c potency?
    Many thanks Claire

    • These remedies would be for Malaria yes? I am not sure if Bali has Malaria. And it depends on what time of year you are going. What is the rainy season etc. Then it would be 30 or 200 depending if you have experience with homeopathic remedies. I would say 30 if you do not know how to use them or have never taken them.


    • You would need to work with a homeopath there as there are many remedies it just depends on how the symptoms are. Typhoidinum is the nosode

      • THANKS

  10. Hi dr.Kate
    My son and I are traveling to Jamaica in October and I am against vaccines but I have a weak immune system being type 1 diabetic. Would this method for thypoid and hep a be good for my 6 year old son and myself? Thanks for any advice

    • Hello, I would say that we need some strength in the immune system for any immune system challenge. Classical homeopathy is the best way to strengthen the immune system so it is less susceptible to contracting disease. Typhoid is a food born enterocoli bacterium that if your immune system is down you are more susceptible to contracting. Yes HP can help to build immune system response so that your body will know what to do if it is exposed. There are other things too that will increase the health of your intestinal tract so it is less susceptible to food born illnesses. The same is true for Hep A.

  11. In 1995 I received the flu & hep B vacs, (I couldn’t lift my head from pillow for days, don’t think same since) then in 2010 the pneumonia, & tetanus, my lungs were bleeding within a month & a spot appeared on lung that they watched for 4 years, then disappeared last year. I’m 55 & suffering with severe ADD, depression, anxiety, major food, med, additive intolerances, MCS, even smells, stores, at times I get light headed & blurred vision. Its crazy and standard medical pretty much says it’s all in my head….. this is ridiculous. Do you know anything about electoral dermal screening & hydrogen peroxide therapy to clear vaccines?

    • Hello Lavon, I am sorry to hear your body is having this hard time. I work with homeopathy to clear the vaccines. I feel it is more effective to engage the proper immune response. Best to make an appointment to get started on fixing you up.

  12. Hello! For malaria/dengue prevention…what do you think of homeopathic chinchona officinalis? (there were several numbers like 30c, 30k-140…)

    • Hello yes China has been uses for hundreds of years fro malaria. It was first homeopathic remedy. Expat origin per is more suited to dengue.

  13. Hi Dr. Kate, I am a second generation Homeopath from Hyderabad, India. Love your blog! I have two children 29 yrs, 26 yrs, who have never been vaccinated, and have used only Homeopathy since their birth till date. Wishing you great success in Homeopathy….. Prabhu

    • thank you Prabhu. Happy to hear you are all doing well. My children are the same 29 and 22. Brilliantly healthy with homeopathy.

  14. Hello my son will be traveling to India in January for the first time and would like some advice on what remedies he needs to take, he has only ever had homeopathic treatment throughout his life. Any advice would be gratefully received. Thank you

  15. This was sooooo helpful. THANK YOU!

    • thank you

  16. Hello, I am traveling to South Africa for 5 weeks, leaving the end of August, 2014. The risks there are Hep A and B, Typhoid, Rabies, Malaria, Cholera and Polio. Since I only have 7 weeks until departure, how would you recommend the best protection for a moderately healthy 31 year old? Is taking one dose per week to get them all done too much? Thanks!

    • Hello I do not give out medical advice here on line but if you would like to schedule a consultation we can set that up and we would develop a protocol for the real disease concern based on season and what you will actually be doing.The CDC gives a blanket disease recommendation but it does not mean it is pertinent for your kind of trip. Depending on which diseases seem really important then we can make a protocol accordingly. Also depending on how long you are going for. If you would like to make an appointment please see the FEES tab for how to schedule .thanks

  17. Hello,

    Thank you for writing this excellent article. I am planning a trip through South and Central America and ending in the US before flying home to the UK. I have been looking online, trying to find out whether or not I will have problems entering countries (particularly USA) without certificates of vaccination. Can you hep with this? Many thanks for your time.

    • The only issue would be is if you were in a country that has been required to have yellow fever. Otherwise no worries. I think Peru is recommending now but may not require it. check with the CDC.

  18. I am a missionary and I will be going back to Haiti this summer and bringing others with me. I know malaria and typho-malaria is active there, especially since the earthquake. What would you suggest for my medicine chest. Also, I have heard that colloidal silver is very good and from this site, phosphorous.

    • Hi If you would like to do a consult we can arrange that. I can not give out medical advice here on line but there are some suggestions on this page. You can purchase a travel kit form most pharmacies. My book Vaccine Free would help in many ways as a reference book.

  19. Hello Dr. Kate, we did consult a homeopathic doctor for a yellow fever preventive . She gave us Cimic 200 bi weekly for 3 months. I don’t see this remedy anywhere for yellow fever . Does it mean that there are other remedies that are used prophylactically for yellow fever ?
    Thank you so much ,

    • Hello yes there are many remedies that can be used to treat and prevent yellow fever. These are clearly discussed in the book vaccine free. Cimicifuga is one of those remedies.

  20. Could you please clarify – 7 when doing a series of remedies repetition in alternation – is one dose of Phosphorous followed by a dose of Arsenicum, Nat Mur and China in the same week for 4 weeks, or Phosphorous one week, Nat Mur the next week etc. over 4 weeks then repeat the week cycle? Thanks for all the information.

    • Yes it would be one dose of one remedy each week then repeat the cycle after you have finished all weeks.

  21. Hi Dr Kate,
    I would like to ask you if the Yellow Fever Nosode is helpful for side effects from the Yellow Fever Vaccination. My German friend lives in Central Brazil and has suffered headaches since the vaccination. I am a naturopath and thought that the Nosode may be helpful for her. What do you think?
    warm regards,

    • Hello, yes while I can not give out medical advice on line I would say the yellow fever nosode, the yellow fever vaccine nosode or a remedy to address the exact liver symptoms causing the headache ( Ie a remedy related to the treatment of yellow fever), would be of help. You would need to start with drainage potencies first. then ascend. Mag-sulph would help drain the liver. Nat- sulph too. Celendiine, Phos, etc. Also know that the vaccine is made on eggs so if there is a sensitivity to eggs avoid those for a while. and they would anyways make the headache worse. As yellow fever effects the blood clotting and protein function of the liver focus treatment on these issues. Check the stools and make sure they are eliminating well, are digested in entirety and the bile function is flowing.

  22. Hello, I want to first say how incredibly thankful and blessed I am to have found your blog. I don’t believe in modern medicine and am studying alternative medicine. However, I am one of those people who gets sick all the time. Regardless of this, I am determined not to get vaccinated before traveling to central america. I read that phosphorous works well in preventing illnesses, but I haven’t been able to figure out how I should take it: when, how often, how soon before I leave, and of what amount. I understand that any advice you give me is not medical advice. Please, anything knowledge you have would be helpful. Thank you!!

  23. We will be traveling to Costa Rica for one week on a last minute trip, this Friday. No time for vaccinations or any kind of preparation against Hep A, typhoid, dengue fever. Both in our late 60s, with some health issues. Would it be useless to start taking phosphorus now?

    • Without giving medical advice on line here I would say that Phosphorus will act as soon as you place it on your tongue. Bon Voyage

  24. Hi there, just the site I have been looking for to confirm why & how to use homeopathic instead of vaccines! I have never been vaccinated and about to set off to journey the world for a few years. Starting in Vietnam (heading through Asia/India etc then Europe, Africa etc etc etc).. Any suggestions on what are some good items to take? e.g. colloidal silver? The phosphorus seems to be a good one! I will be doing lots of trekking, animal contact, visiting 3rd world parts etc.. Would love your advice!

    • Hello, I can not give out medical advice on line here, but if you would like to do a consult on how to best stay healthy while traveling we can develop a protocol that would match your needs and concerns. I would need to know how long you are going for? What diseases you have of concern? and what your baseline health is? to determine the best protocol. Please contact me directly. Thanks

  25. Dear Dr. Kate, I have never been vaccinated and am in my mid-twenties. (I grew up seeing a homeopathic doctor). I am travelling to Central America to do a volunteer project and am concerned about exposure to disease. While I realize you can’t give advice online, do you have any comments about whether or not to do homeopathy versus traditional vaccination prior to travel? I recently left a voice message on your office line. I look forward to speaking with you. Kind regards.

    • Hello yes I can give you a call back. As far as advice on line I can just say about my experience of traveling in Central America. You can do wonders with a small travel kit is you have knowledge of homeopathy and how to select a remedy. That said if you have a kit most disease situations you will encounter there are no vaccines for. ie dengue, food poisoning. travelers diarrhea, sunburn, snake bites etc. How ever all of these things can be addressed with the correct remedy.
      IN places where there is real disease concern, such as places of cholera, dengue, yellow fever, typhoid etc. there are remedies and nosodes that can be used to lower susceptibility to these disease expressions. For a protocol like this we can do a phone consult. Also I could advise as to which other remedies to have on hand in case of the other conditions mentioned above. I hope this helps.

  26. Dear sir,thank your for great information that will surely safe our time while selecting any remedy.Its necessary to know how much doses of carcinocin will be required to repeat during a long period of treatment.Yours truely,malaker

    • Hello, without giving medical advice here I will outline the reasoning and use of Carcinosin. Cazrcinosin is indicated in partially unresolved immune system expression. Means that if there are acute diseases, or vaccine induced acute diseases that are not completely resolved Carcinosin is indicated. The symptom expression of carc is recurrent febrile conditions of non-specific origin. means that the child will enter into a fever with no other symptoms but then not achieve the require seat to break the fever. Also it is indicated in cases of easy suppression of disease or fevers. Thus the fever will come again in a few weeks time. The task is to determine which vaccine disease is trying to get resolved. The case history will tell which were the vaccines that the child is trying to resolve. i.e. fevers ever since that vaccine. The carcinosin will help organize the immune system so as to bring out a fever to resolve this past vaccine disease. At that point you must look at the symptom expression and treat with the required homeopathic remedy for the fever and for which disease is being resolved. If the case history reveals that there are many vaccines and many of them need to be brought to resolution then the carc needs to be repeated often as an intercurrent 1. to give energy to the body to resolve the disease, 2 to help sort out the immune system, 3 to remove the supression of past treatments. Also if you know it was the MMR vaccine that caused the damage then give carc followed in the next week by MMR vaccine nosode. the Carc will prepare the immune system to work and the MMR nosode will clear that vaccine disease. If during the course of treatment symptoms of suppressed measles to the brain or any other acute symptoms treat accordingly with the homeopathic remedy. Each case is different. I hope this helps. Best suggestion is to get my book Vaccine free. I know it is available in India. Good luck

  27. Hi There

    My daughter is traveling to Cambodia. We have seen a Homeopath who has subscribed relevant remedies however she did not give her anything for Hepatitis A B C. Do you think it is necessary? Also domyiunthink I should get Phosphorous for her to take now. She leaves in 3 weeks.

    Thanks Tracey H

    • HI as I can not give out medical advice on line I would say to go back to the homeopath and inquire about that. Hep B is a sexually transmitted disease so I am not sure what her intentions of being there are but I would expect she wouldn’t need it. There is no vaccine for Hep C and you can only get that though blood transfusion or previous exposure to hep B. Hep A is a food born illness and so is a possibility. In Cuba they have virtually eliminated Hep A in school children from the use of Phosphorus. It is best to do several remedies prior to travel. Talk with your homeopath. thanks

  28. Great website.
    We don’t believe in vaccinations and were concerned about travel to a possible malaria area with a child.
    Our naturopath mentioned nosodes to me on the phone this morning, and I went looking for information before we see her again and found your helpful page.
    Keep up the good work !

    • Thank so much. Happy to be of service. Hope you found something useful. Happy travels

  29. Thank you so much for sharing this information. I am truly grateful! I wish you sold remedies on your site. I would buy them from you.

    • Hello, I am happy you find the information helpful. Sorry as I am not a dispensary I can’t sell remedies to the public. You can get them at most health food stores or the registered homeopathic pharmacies. I can supply remedies as a part of the consultation process. Thank you

  30. Detail measures using homeopathic remedies for people traveling in South and Central America, who prefer alternative to immunizations. Should Phosphorus be used in a preventive measure, or only upon symptoms detected? Thanks

    • Giving phosphorus ahead of time will lessen the susceptibility to any pathological symptoms that may indicate phosphorus for treatment.

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