Homeoprophylaxis Program


To find an HP Supervisor in your area please go here: HP Supervision

To become and HP Supervisor please go here: Certification

All aspects of this program are overseen and monitored by an IRS 501(c)3  non-profit,  Free and Healthy Children International  dedicated to the Research, Education and access to HP. We are deeply invested in protecting children’s immune systems.

To be clear homeoprophylaxis is not a substitute for vaccines like aspartame is for sugar, nor is it called “homeopathic vaccines.” Homeoprophylaxis uses homeopathic remedies called nosodes (prepared from disease germs) to educate the immune system towards the disease process. They are not intended to force antibody production, nor are they polluted with every other ingredient vaccines have. Nosodes are pure disease energy aimed to stimulate appropriate immunological response to natural disease so that the immune system knows how to get sick and how to get better. 

For the sake of prosperity of  the use of homeoprophylaxis:

It is requested that all children are under the supervision of a registered HP Supervisor to answer questions as they arise or to manage immune responses to the HP Program.

*The content of this website is not to be misconstrued as medical advice, disease prevention or does it replace the consult of a physician or practitioner. Reader assumes the responsibility of investigating for themselves disease prevention methodologies that concur with their beliefs and understanding.

This program is suitable for:

  • Children who have not been vaccinated
  • Partially vaccinated children
  • Children who have been fully vaccinated.

The success of the stimulatory action of the Nosodes in the immune system assumes that the immune system is in proper working order. For those children who have been partially or fully vaccinated it is recommended that the child receive some constitutional homeopathic care or CEASE protocol prior to starting the HP program to balance the immune system and ensure that their immune systems will respond with the appropriate action to these disease agents.

Overview of the Homeoprophylaxis Program

Supplied with the program are sufficient remedy doses for 1, 2, or 3 children to complete 4 years of Homeoprophylaxis (HP) to the most commonly vaccinated against diseases (see STATUS SHEET for list). Additional remedies may be added to the Main Program if there are special circumstances or needs. i.e., for foreign travel, special concerns, or disease outbreaks. Additional remedies may be purchased separately. The nosodes selected for the Main Program are based on current disease prevalence and or risk factors. If the incidence of any of the diseases not included in the Main Program increases, it is possible to add the pertinent additional remedies. (Hep A or B, Diphtheria, Chickenpox, Rotovirus and Influenza are not a part of the current program for various reasons)

The goal of HP is to introduce into the human system the energetic components (nosodes) of particular diseases in order to stimulate the immune system to produce immunity. Homeopathic Nosodes, such as the remedies included in the kit provided, are potentized preparations of the relative disease germ or human discharges produced in relationship to that particular germ. Upon repetition of the particular remedy it is understood that some aspect of susceptibility to that disease has been fulfilled. Some research has demonstrated that after completion of programs like this blood titers may demonstrate antibody levels indicating immunity. Antibody titers draws are not a required aspect of this program. However, if you are so inclined to determine your child’s immunity at any point during the program, they can be ordered under the care of your general practitioner. Please indicate on the questionnaire forms if you have had blood titers drawn and their results. For those who have been partially vaccinated blood titers may indicate if immunity was generated from vaccination. When this program is funded by a research institution antibody-titers will be included as a part of the program.

According to the order of the remedies listed on the Status Sheet remedy does are given in this way: (A dose consists of two pellets of the indicated medicine)

  • The first month consists of a single dose (two pellets) of the named remedy to be taken orally.
  • The following month a series of three repeated doses of the same remedy are given within a 24 hour period
  • The following month, or according to the schedule outlined on the Status Sheet, the next remedy is administered
  • Continue with monthly doses according to Status Sheet schedule
  • Program can be interrupted for constitutional prescribing, or if an acute illness has arisen. Program may be resumed two weeks after a constitutional remedy and 5 days after the resolution of an acute illness.

During the first 16 months the first and second doses of the remedies are administered in a 200C potency while the third and forth dosing of the same remedies over the subsequent 3 years are accomplished with the 10M.

Three Important Points to Consider

(1) The enclosed Program is designed for those parents who have made the decision not to vaccinate their children, but who would like to employ a safe alternative method of disease prevention.

(2) No method of disease protection can be guaranteed 100% perfect. If your child is likely to be exposed to a definite source of infection to disease other than those listed in the Main Program then additional remedies may be required.

(3) The Programs are flexible. If you start late, give the remedies in the order shown, one remedy every month, ignoring the gaps in the program, until you have caught up with the ages of administration on the Basic Program. If your child has already received some orthodox vaccines you can still use the program, although you may not need all the doses of the relevant remedies.Accordingly, the nosode of the previously vaccinated against disease may in fact help to clear any negative results of the vaccination and/or increase the efficacy of the partial vaccine series. All changes in program schedule should be noted on the Status Sheet.


It is normal for a child to react to the remedies in the Kit. These reactions are NOT toxic reactions, but represent an immunological effect. They are typically very mild and short lasting (such as a fever, cough, a mild rash, or restlessness for 24 hours or less). Reactions are a good sign and usually indicate that there is some affinity of the child to the remedy given. It is these reactions that help to build immunity. Contact your HP Supervisors for reactions that are concerning.                                                

It is not normal for there to be adverse reactions to homeopathic remedies.


  1. Hello, your advice states to wait 2 weeks to resume the programme after a constitutional remedy, does this mean I should also wait 2 weeks after a HP remedy to give a constitutional remedy? Many thanks.

    • Please consults with your HP practitioner for the best answer based on your health the HP nosode given and the plan. But generally that is true

  2. Hi, where can I access this? I am in Sk, Canada

    • Hi if you go to https://freeandhealthychildren.org/ you can find a listing of our practitioners in Canada. We have a few there or you could register with someone stateside.

  3. Dear Ms. Birch
    Few questions.
    Do you have recommendations for infunts to start nosodes for all deseases which allopatic Medicine offers? In what form the infunt can take them ( I can’t give a pellet to him)?
    Is there anything against Influenza 30c for any age & for pregnant women?
    Is it necessary to have a Homeopath to take nosodes or it can be done by patient?
    Inna Golda

    • Hello The pellets can be crushed. The main program covers most of the diseases in the vaccine schedule. There is Influenzinum. If you would like to discuss specific a specific program then we would need set a consult to discuss. Normally the HP program is self-administrated but under the supervision of a practitioner.

  4. Where in South Africa do we get the kit from?

    • We can work long distance and mail the kit and the program.

  5. Looking for a dr in San Diego for homeoprophylaxis

    • Hello please look to the California listing under find an HP Supervisor

  6. Can someone explain what disease energy is, and perhaps explain or give citation to the science that supports this methodology?

  7. I am in TN and yep you guessed it my baby has eczema. However he would scratch his head so hard that he would bleed. It also looked like he had hives. The MD said that he has eczema because my other children have it but they didn’t get it until they were closer to 1 yrs old not when they were newborns. Also my baby had a hard time learning how to latch and he also has a food allergies to milk, soy, and whey.

    • Wlel then it sounds like that gave hep v vaccine. We can do vaccine clearing and I would request the medical records.

    • If your child has had vaccines, have you detoxed? I found a natropathic allergist who practices BIE Biofeedback and it completely changed my children’s health. Research gut health and probiotics. Good luck, I know it it’s a difficult road….

      • I’ve been doing the biofeedback as well but my son is intolerant of milk soy and whey so the powdered probiotic I bought has milk and soy so that made matters worse

    • Best to find a Homeopath versed in CEASE that can help to resolve the vaccine damage. We have them listed on our site too.

  8. Hello,
    I wanted to do Homeoprophylaxis on my 6 month old I told the hospital that I didn’t want him to get the Hep B shot. However, I have an inkling that he was given it without my permission. Is there a way to test my baby and see if he was given a vaccine?

    • The only way to find out is to request the complete medical records. They would have it listed. What state are you in? He won’t make antibodies as it was given when he was a new born. But to be sure if there are skin conditions that develop it is a sign of the Hep b shot.

  9. Hello. I would like to know how we can use the principle of homeopathic medicine about treat the symptom with the right remedy and potency first in prophylaxis? There is not symptoms in that organism and the vital energy should be balance. The reaction of each person is different.

  10. How many different diseases are covered using how many doses? What type of preservatives are used?

    • If you look to the status sheet you will see the program. HP nosodes are prepared the same way homeopathic remedies are prepared. The original substance potentized. All natural, no other ingredients, and no preservatives only the pure disease energy in alcohol anointed onto sugar pellets.

  11. I’m needing to go through the HP program myself for school. I had my titers and was immune through breastfeeding to all except measles and Rubella. Which is funny because the MMR was the only shot I’ve been given (against my knowledge and will during labor.) How can I find a HP supervisor in my area (Oklahoma)? I’m meeting a naturopath next week he claims that his progam should boost the immunity enough to get the positive titer. But when I called it Homeo prophylaxis he had never heard of it how do I know if it will work? My money and time is short, I start school next month, and he’s the cheapest and fastest I’ve found but I don’t want not get the positive titer and have to get a shot.

    • Hello, I am not sure what to say about the Naturoapth’s response. HP may make titers. I have seen in some cases with sufficient dosing. If you would like to set a phone call for for a specific protocol please book online.

    • Hello, I am not sure about the Naturopath’s response. HP may make titers with sufficient dosing.

  12. Hi Kate
    I’m about to start HP program for my one year old daughter. She wasn’t previously vaccinated. My HP practitioner insists that I need to administer each new dose not monthly but every two weeks. I asked her why and I’m not sure if her response satisfied me so I’m writing here. She said she has over 200 patients and she always did it this way for all kids who is one year and older. Nobody complained and it’s just better for her ( I understood it’s more convenient for her for some reason) and better for kids because they will get the immunity earlier. I didn’t find any justifications in HP program about administrating ALL remedies with the speed up schedule. I understood it can be a case only when some disease outbreak happens. I read one month is actually needed to build the immunity and give the body necessary rest too. So I’m confused and kind of stressed out after talking to my HP practitioner. Should I stick to one dose per month or do it every two weeks as she says?
    I’ll appreciate your response.

    • Hello, It is true in older children you can speed up the program but that is usually children over 4. For younger children there needs to be the rest time as their immune system is still developing. Also we need the doses to be there when they are 3 and 4 for that age of development for the immune system. Without being divisive between you and the HP supervisor it would be great if they got in touch with me for clarification. You are correct. You can email me privately if you like.

  13. Need help for 3 children unvaccinated We conscientious objectors & now being forced Would like to get natural immunity for blood tests

    • You will need to speak directly with an HP supervisor in your area.

  14. Hi Kate,
    the Australian Government has brought in a new ruling where children must be immunised from GP. We have always used homeopathics to immunise our two kids. So the options are we show, through a blood test, that they have immunity to 5 diseases or we have to get immunisation from the GP. I was hoping that homeopathics would show up in a blood test? Is it possible for this to happen?
    Mel B.

    • It is possible. it depends on how long ago the last doses were and I would reach out to Dr Isaac Golden for advice from within Australia about how to negate the law.

  15. […] This site includes links to the conferences as well. Another resource is Kate Birch’s blog, Vaccine Free. Kate is a practitioner who has written a couple of books about […]

  16. How I can find more research or information about HP? I’m in TX & plan to see a Austin certified homeopath Doctor.
    My daughter is partially vaccinated (stopped at 6 mos, only has up to 4 mo) & I want to switch to HP. I would like to see unbiased information.

    • Check the links on the side of this page.

      • Sorry, I’m not on a desktop. Are they in the menu?

    • http://www.homstudy.net/Research/. yes the links are on the side of the page.

  17. I have questions about the certification program. Is there somebody I can talk to? I am a provider.

    • Yes please call the office 612-338-1668. You can talk with Tana or myself. Kate

      • Hi Kate, I have a 6 week old baby and have the program to start. Could you advise the best way to give her the pills? Should I just put them in her mouth, or dissolve them in water first? Also, has there ever been any severe reactions to this program, other than minor fevers runny noses etc? Thanks.

      • Hello, I see that you are in New Zealand. I am hoping that you have a practitioner to work with there. Technically we can not give medical advice or directions online. That said you may crush the pellets for infants, or dissolve in a small amount of water and place the water on the tongue. So far what we know in our research is that sometimes the remedy wakes up a weakness in the child and it takes some time to resolve. This is not a sever reaction but a demonstration of the susceptibility and the goal with the HP is to close this susceptibility. Usually a few more doses of the remedy helps to solve the problem. This is not with every nosode but only those that the child is susceptible to. This is why it is best to work with a practitioner so that when or if this occurs you have someone who can help sort it out.

  18. Hi Kate, I live in California. Like others who have posted, I have concerns with SB277 passing. I have 4 sons, one vaccine injured. As a result, I stopped our two older children at 5 with getting vaccines, the 3rd at almost 4, and the last one at 15 mos. Problem at moment or soon to be is son #1, a college student on the honor roll will be transferring to a State College in the next year. The State College requires Measles, Mumps, and Hep B to be current or they will not let him register. If SB277 passes, they may also remove their acceptance of personal exemption but no one knows. I am trying to make sure he will not have a problem. I was thinking checking titers???to see if that will be good enough to get him passed through. If not possibly something this way?? Seeking alternatives. Son #2, who is vaccine injured, has finally after 13 years getting some expressive language back. He has a long way to go. Not letting another son get injured even a tiny bit. Thanks K

    • Hi, Yes today is the day when I write this article on does HP make antibodies.
      I have been watching the state make this move and know that if it passes in CA they will try to sweep it across the country which would be a horror show for all those vaccine injuries. I don not know what to say all except for to go to every public protest you can. Employ lawyers. Camp at the capitol. Make civil unrest. Withdraw from schools. Spend money elsewhere. If droves of people do not go the school, that will close the campuses, federal funding of schools as based on attendance.
      It is a violation of human rights to impose a medical procedure upon the individual against their will. The Nazis were executed for this activity. I am not sure why it is okay now. With the Autism numbers at 1 in 68 for children 8 years old in 2006-7 in the US, where the total population of children at that time was 73,000,000, it leaves us with about 1,073,000 children with autism. That is 1/6 of the number of people who died in the holocaust. Those numbers do not reflect the number of children who have some sort of speech delay, allergy, Asthma, methylation issue or other diagnosable condition as a result of vaccines.
      Vaccinations given at the current rate they are and the current methodology is criminal and not a public health care campaign but rather an act of political tyranny! I am not sure that helps to answer your question but it is moms like you that are going to change this. There are no others to do the work and the more people who just go along with it, who are forced and co-coerced are as much a part of the problem as the inventors of this. The time to act is now!

  19. Do you not have any homeoprophylaxis supervisors in So Cal?

    • Yes look to our website. Thanks

  20. My housemates have two young children who currently have the molluscum virus on their torso – and though they keep them clothed, I wonder about what steps to take to prevent it spreading to my 2 year old. I just found out about it – and it seems it’s highly contagious, and the virus could take years to run its course, plus it’s not a pretty or comfortable looking sight. Could I use a nosode to help prevent infection beforehand?

    • My understanding is that it is because they were exposed to a child who got the chicken pox vaccine and got the weakened strain of the chicken pox virus. this virus makes the molluscum. We would need to treat that. It will be come active an all will get it and then they will resolve it.

  21. Do you not have any homeoprophylaxis supervisors in North Carolina ? Thanks! !

    • Please refer to our page: access to HP , If there is not one in North Carolina, many of our supervisors will supervise the program from out of state. As long as you can video chat, many of our supervisors will work remotely.

  22. Hello, I am seeking to build up my medicine chest for in case AB 277 (mandatory vaccines on the prescribed schedule, no more philosophical or religious exemptions, in California) passes in the near futue. Can these nosodes be used to help prevent or reduce or treat adverse reactions to vaccines? I don’t want to give my son vaccines, but if I have to, then I will, but will also do everything I can to protect him as we get him “caught up.” He’s 4 years old and incredibly healthy; I’d hate for that to change or something even worse to happen. Any suggestions you have are welcome. Sincerely, Rachel

    • Yes there are before and after remedies. and definitely one vaccine at a time and wait 3 months between vaccines. This whole idea of getting “caught up” is false as it is a man-made false idea about how many vaccines and individual should have. it is a random and arbitrary system based on the failing rates of vaccines actually being able to prevent disease. You need to work with a practitioner.

  23. Have you taken the website down? I cannot find a list of supervisors — the link goes to a blank page. Also, is Dr. Golden’s class the only way to get certified? I am certified in homeopathy from Clayton College as part of my ND doctorate but can’t find where to purchase the nosodes. Time is of the essence because of the bills that are being introduced into state legislatures to eliminate philosophical and religious exemptions. Thanks so much!

    • The links should work to find HP supervisors. Check again. if not please tell me which link you are trying to use. Nosodes are available from homeopathic pharmacies. This link goes to our certification page: http://freeandhealthychildren.com/certification/certified-homeoprophylaxis-supervisors-fhci/
      Golden’s course does not certify you with us to be listed. However if you do not have a full education in homeopathy his course is one of our prerequisites.

  24. This is getting tiresome. There are so many websites out there citing all kinds of references indicating vaccines are harmful, and they try too hard to convince us, the people whose children suffer if they’re right OR wrong, meaning if they’re not harmful, denying them to our children could expose them to danger. If your case is so strong, how have you been unable to prove it yet?
    Please don’t try to dismiss this as either a pro or anti point of view. I’m trying to stay neutral because something is wrong with the arguments being presented. At the top of this page you have a box with three links, the first of which is arguments against vaccines. This leads to a work on which page four shows a table supposedly indicating the numbers of reported versus unreported vaccine reactions. Nothing indicates exactly how these numbers were obtained. Nothing. How do you have a table showing under-reported vaccine reactions if they weren’t reported?
    You guys keep on making mistakes like this, as if you’re trying to convince everyone that every single facet of vaccine research is false. you cite one inference here, another somewhere else providing no timeline, no follow-up research and enough anecdotal details to leave anyone wondering what all the hubbub is about if you don’t have actual proof. If Dr. Andrew Wakefield’s study shows proof of anything, don’t just refer to the paper, refer to the proof! We’re not scientists one and all. We need to know what numbers reflect what, how comprehensive a study was, what figures do and don’t fall into the margin of error…These are things the common people don’t understand, and if that is who you’re trying to reach, don’t you think you should take the time to present what part of what research really means anything? Can you imagine holding down a full-time job, doing all the shopping, chores of every day life and then delving into the unfamiliar territory of hunting down and studying hard-to-read scientific jargon and figuring out what meaning, if any, is contained within it while getting your kids to soccer practice if they’re normal or trying to keep them from hitting their siblings or falling down the stairs or just non-stop screaming if they’re vaccine-damaged?
    Also, three Comedy Central shows are doing their best to make all you “science-deniers” (their term, not mine) look like the greatest fools who ever lived. Jon Stewart in particular has opened a door for you, ranting a couple of weeks back that he himself has researched this while hypocritically putting down Jenny McCarthy for not being a doctor, making her research somehow invalid. I say if you know of any valid scientist who knows anything about any danger vaccines present you should contact those shows and offer them to end the debate once and for all by having a scientist on whom they can debate. And record the correspondence. If they refuse, posting their refusal will at worst, weaken their position, at best, embarrass them into allowing you to present your facts. That is, if you have any. So far, all I’ve heard from other orgs I’ve approached with this idea are whiny excuses for not bothering to try. Well, I’m going to get to try out my embarrass-into-action on them it seems because there is no excuse. You don’t seem to really have much evidence, do you?

    • For the record my practice is full of children who have suffered from vaccine damage. I work every day with children trying to get their immune systems to work again after vaccines. I know it is the vaccines that caused the damage because I give homeopathic remedies of the vaccines and they start to get better. If you worked in the healthcare field and saw with open eyes you would see the same thing. This website is for informational purposes and never is it intended to be anti-vaccine, only pro-health choices. HP is a pro-health choice. Vaccine damage is a reality that the US gov’t spends billions of dollar annually paying out to victims under the VAERS compensation plan. The truth is there for those people wanting to find it.

  25. I am a senior in reasonably good health and still working as an RN. My husband is an MD also practicing. We were vaccinated as children and have had the Hep B series and zostravax as adults. I am not getting influenza vaccines annually. Does your program work with older adults?Is the mechanism of action impacted by immune senescence?

    • The HP program works best with natural immunity in immune systems that have not been artificially altered i.e. with other vaccines. the best prevention when an adult is constitutional care. then if there are particular immune system issues best to treat those. Once the immune system is in working order the HP Program can keep you healthy.

  26. Hi I’m interested in doing the program with my 4 year old daughter. Is there a supervisor in the Santa Monica area?

    Thank you
    Kim Murphy

    • Look to the HP supervisors link and you will find in CA.

  27. I’m having a problem logging into the forum. When I try Forgot Password it says my email address is not found. But when I try to register it says my email address is already registered. Who can help me?

    • Which forum? are you trying to log on to? All comments go for moderation on this site

      • The Everyday HP parents forum.

  28. For minor acutes not related to the HP, what potency should we give remedies in? 6C, 12C or 30C? Which is the best and won’t interfere with the action of the HP remedies?

    • You can use any potency. just to be sure not to take within a week of an HP dose.

  29. Hi

    I’ve recently bought a kit but we are behind in the schedule, my boy will be two months at the end of next week. I know you’ve explained above that you just miss the gaps to catch up but I’m still not really sure what this means. Do I still give him the single dose and then next month give him the double as outlined in the program? Or do I not give the double dose and just move on to the next disease?

    • Hello, If you are under an HP supervisor they can answer this question for you. We would always give the single dose first and the triple dose after as the single is preparing the immune system for the next dosing. a triple dose to begin with is too much for the system at once. the first dose wakes the reactivity up. As far as being behind you are not really. kids can start this program at any age, and we can not rush it as we need the immune system to slowly mature as we go through the schedule. In older kids we can shorten the time between doses. But in infants the once a month is recommended so there is stimulation time and rest time in between. Also the program is spread out over years and the immune system has different levels of maturity and so we want to make sure we are stimulating the system at these levels of maturity. Rather than giving them all close together. The immune system matures through a gentle stimulatory influence and then rest time in between to catch up.

      • Ok thank you

  30. Hi Kate,
    I have a 2-month old baby and I don’t know if I want to vaccinate him (his 1rst appointement is in a few days). A naturopath told me about the Isaac Golden protocol, is it the same thing? But the problem is that, according to him, this method can’t be used before the baby is 1 year old. So I’m afraid to leave my baby unprotected against certain diseases such as polio, pertussis, etc (diseases for which the first injection works) until he’s one. Do you confirm that?

    • Hello, yes we are using the same protocol as Golden but we do start at one month of age for just the reasons you mention.

      • Ok, thanks a lot for your quick answer. I live in Montreal, in Canada, but I saw on your website that there are no HP Supervisors in my province. How can I do?

      • You can work with anyone long distance

    • Hi im also been using issac goldens hp kit my homeophath said its fine just to give 1 pill x 3 doses in 24 hour period but you have mentioned to take 2 to 3 my baby is 5 months now should up his doses to 2 pills ?

      • The number of pills does not really matter. each pill has the same amount of frequency in it. not all pills end up getting medicated so we suggest 2-3 to make sure you get the dose. I hope this helps.

  31. Hi Kate,
    I have a 8 months baby boy. We decided not to vaccinate him and give HP instead. We live in Holland and we have a doctor homeopath who is following our baby and who gave us HP. I will also check with him but I would like to have you input on the following:
    As we plan to go on vacation in August (south Europe), we will not be able to administer HP for HiB, Pneu and Whooping Cough by that time. According to the schedule, we will only be able to do Whooping Cough and I’m a bit afraid of the other two diseases as well as he will get into contact with other children and babies there (I think all but one are vaccinated regularly). Is there a way I can switch the order of administering nosodes for different disease than the one recommended? Also, in case I can switch the order of nosodes can you tell me your opinion as to whether these three are the most important one to protect him or you think it should be some other diseases to start with? In addition, I’m interested whether we can also make shorter than 4 weeks time frame for administering it – of course only if there are no bigger reactions by the baby?
    Thank you!

    • Hi you ask good questions. We have selected this schedule as for the risk of contraction, age of child, and disease incidence factors. Granted in the US whooping cough is much higher incidence that is why we start with this one. As for the Pneumonia and Hib these are not contagious disease so one does not have a higher risk with exposure. One has risk if the immune system is challenged and weak from within. ie pneumonia develops when there is a cold and the chest is weak and the fever is brought down too quickly. That said the order of nosodes is designed to take all of these things in to consideration. The timing of once a month is to give mini immunological stimulation once a month to strengthen the system. If this immune stimulation is too often there may not be enough time in between to fully recover. Older children can do the program with dosing every one or two weeks for a certain amount of doses based on the action/reaction time the body needs to get stimulated and recover. If there is too much stimulation in a short amount of time then it overwhelms the system and sickness ensues. Much like the problem with vaccines. Too many disease at once in too short of a time. You can shorten the time between doses to ‘speed’ it up. But never loose site of how in fact the child is doing. There needs to be rest time in between.

  32. Hi Josephine, it’s good to know more people in Singapore may be interested in this and perhaps we could get together to seek out a suitable homeopath, who may wish to go through this programme long distance. You are welcome to connect through this very new meet up group here: http://www.meetup.com/We-Parents-Our-Kids-Our-Choice
    See you there 🙂

  33. Hello, A couple of things. First is Chicken pox, (or varicalla nosode) is not in the program as we are working on the basis that for most kids actually getting chickenpox is better for them. The second point is HP works to educate the immune system from the general or peripheral immune system (fever, localization and discharge) to the specific. From the periphery is it possible to stimulate the specific to produce antibodies but it is also possible to produce general immunity without the production of antibodies. This process of educating the immune system makes it so they are less likely to contract the disease but if they do they know how to go through the process of recovering from disease and getting the benefits of a healthy educated immune system. Third part is about Pneumonia. While pneumonia is infectious it is not contagious. Means that pneumonia is on/in us at all times. When the immune system is weak then it can become infectious. People have a variety of strains on them based on their pH and constitution type. Normally we live in balance with these bacteria and when our system becomes weak then we go out of balance and get sick. As for what HP is doing it is working on helping our body maintain balance with the bacteria that reside in us. As for specific immunity to each stain I can not say. But certainly for general immunity and health HP is working to maintain that.

  34. Hi,
    I live in The Hague – Netherlands and have a child one month old and I am very interested in your program. I am now working on gathering information so I can take the right decision.
    I have 2 questions:
    1 – Your program has now been running for some time. Can you tell us a bit more about children who have completed your program and what the results have been? Is there an online community where parents share their experiences?
    2 – During my quest, I’ve seen a video on youtube ( http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1bwjYrUkqrY&list=PL24573C565F086183 ) of Prof. George Vithoulkas, a leading homeopath. In it, he claims that it is impossible to prevent a disease with homeopathy. He mentions therefore some arguments. For completeness I refer you to the video. Could you please respond to his arguments?

    • Hello, yes you bring two very important questions. As to the first, our study is still in process and so numbers have not yet been calculated. So far I personally have supervised over 100 children and so far the reports back are that the children are healthy and not contracting or developing the diseases. Only 4 of the disease in the program are contagious diseases. The others are progressive. None of the progressive disease have developed. More than that there is no autism, neurological or other immune irregularities developing. I would refer to Dr Isaac Golden’s work in Australia for definitive numbers. Ours are going to take a few years to procure.
      As to the second question. I have viewed George Vithoulkas’ view on homeoprophylaxis. And, while I think he is a great homeopath and has a lot to offer on the subject of homeopathy I do not think he quite understands the nature and working of homeoprophylaxis. The results from Cuba stand alone as to its efficacy. However, if he were to take some time to read the paragraphs 34-40 in the Organon of Medicine and look at how dissimilar diseases work in a system, he would have to concur that if an agent spends some time in the body the body will learn from it. When working with dissimilar disease there is still a learning process that takes place. When the dissimilar disease is a pathogen, as our bodies are keyed to recognize pathogens, the only response our immune can have is to develop an immunological response. In so doing our immune system learns. In so doing immunity is developed. It is really quite simple and much like the theory of vaccination. However, the mode of preparation and delivery method is different than vaccines. Accordingly the results are too. With HP the attenuation method is through potentization rather than with foreign host DNA. with HP we give one disease at a time (so the immune system can give a coordinated immune response), rather than 8 disease at once ( as with vaccination) which an infant’s immune system can not possibility make a fully orchestrated immunological response to ,and HP is given orally so that the energetic nature of the nosode touches upon the peripheral immune system. This in turn sets up a cascade of events to stimulate in the specific immune system. Where as vaccines are injected by passing this periphery and causing immune system confusion.
      I hope this helps. perhaps a bit more that was asked for. HP is not homeopathy (similar diseases). If one were to try to fit HP into the bounds of homeopathy there is no reasonable explanation. I believe this is where Vithoulkas looks like he knows what he is talking about. However, HP works within the bounds of dissimilar disease, which behaves under a different set of rules.

  35. Great! I will be contacting you soon to get this started for our kids. Thanks!

  36. Hello,
    We have 5 very healthy children ages 2-8 who are all unvaccinated. As we are confident with our decision not to vaccinate, I (more than my husband) still fear these diseases. Is it advisable to start our children on HP nosodes at their ages? We live in Alaska and our children have all attended public school and childcare with vaccine exemptions. Also I am not sure if there are homeopaths in Alaska that could assist us. Thank you.

    • Hello, Yes the HP program is just exactly fro your situation: Un-vaccinated but want to do something. As of yet I am not even sure if there are homeopaths in Alaska. However it is possible to enroll long-distance. If you would like to participate please contact me directly thanks

  37. I am very interested in learning more about this. I am in Michigan and one of the supervisors on your site has a clickable link but there is no information on the site. Do you have any suggestions please?

    • Hello, All the information about the program is listed on this website. If you contact your local HP supervisor they will refer you back to this site to learn more about the program. For specific questions please do contact your local HP Supervisor by phone and they can help. When you are ready they will take your registration into the program. Thank you

  38. How can I start a program for my child?

    • Hello. you would look to the HP supervision tab and find an HP Supervisor in your state. Make an appointment with them and they will get you set up

      • Well, I guess that is what I get for living in Montana, no supervisor 😦

      • Yes you will have to seek out a local homeopath and see if they want to offer the program. We have training dates in the fall.

  39. Thanks.

    What about when the doses are stronger (M) and it instructs to administer 3 in 24 hours.. Instead of administering one in the morning one t night and another one the following morning.. Can I administer all three at once and be done with it for the month? I hope that makes sense 🙂

    • Hello, Same is true for the 1M or 10M, but you need to do it in three separate doings. Taking more pellets is not the same and taking three doses in 24 hours. The remedies have a quality rather than a quantity. each dose has a stimulatory effect. taking more pillules at the same time dose not change the amount of stimulation at that one time. We need the three separate stimulation in a relatively short amount of time.

  40. Hi,

    I have been doing this program for about 2 and a half years through a local homeopath. I have Isaac golden’s HP kit. Both my kids receive it instead of mainstream vaccines. My question was, when you administer the three pellets do you have to administer them separately? What would happen if you gave all three at once? I ask because my kids are young and breastfeed pretty regularly and on my HP kit it says not to drink or eat anything an hour prior to and after administering the pellet. So it can be a little annoying withholding food and drink from them as they get grumpy etc. so it would seem that giving all three pellets at once would be the easier option.

    Thanks, Jasmine

    • Hello, you bring a couple points here. The first is number of pillules per dose, what the meaning of the triple dose is, how much time is needed before and after each dose, and the need for your own personal HP supervisor. I will answer as follows: 2-3 pillules per dose is fine. yes it is important to have a clean pallet before and after each dose, I would say 20 mins either side is sufficient. As for the three doses in 24 hours, ie: 200, 200, 200, you need to give the three doses in those 24 hours in the effort to educate the immune system with successive dosing. Again you need 2-3 pillules per dose. Then the last is that the way we have our program established through Free and Healthy Children International you would have an Hp Supervisor to help you navigate these questions. Thanks, I hope this helps.

  41. Hi. I live in Cape Town, South Africa. My son is almost 4 years old and has never been vaccinated. I am very interested in this program. Do you have a registered Hp Supervisor here? If so, would you kindly point me in the right direction?
    Thank you.

    • Hello, we currently do not have any in South Africa. It is possible to do long distance supervision too. However we will be in Barcelona at a research conference this next weekend and are scouting homeopaths from different parts of the world so we can spread the program around. It may take several months to get the program established so in the mean time is it possible to work with me long distance if you like.

    • You could also look for homeopaths locally and see if they would like to become certified to administer the program. Have them contact us. thanks

  42. Please send me information about the HP program and what the costs are. I have a 4mo. old daughter and I’m considering the HP program instead of vaccinating. I live in The Netherlands and have an aunt who is a classical homeopath who is willing to work with me on this. She lives in California. I also have a local homeopathic MD.


    • Hello, You would need your homeopath to be registered with us to be a certified Hp Supervisor. We have trainings offered on freeandhealthychildren.com. All of the information about the program is listed on the website including fees and status sheet. Your certified HP supervisor would then be able to order the kit for you and would be available for the duration of the program for any questions you have along the way. We are also training supervisors in other parts of the world and setting the program up country by country as interest grows and we have the connections made to open the avenue of access. If you go to our HP supervisors page you will find supervisors who are currently registered with us.

  43. Thank you for the clarification and quick response. Is this protocol something one follows just during an outbreak, yearly, or every few years? Or is this not known yet? Thank you.

    • It can be done at the time of an outbreak. We are not sure how long the susceptibility is satisfied for and it it needs to be repeated like a booster vaccine does. We are researching this. most often though if the susceptibility is satisfied then it should last a long time.

  44. Hi, we are currently living in London where there has recently been small outbreaks of measles in a few areas. My daughter is 9, has never been vaccinated and has never had any antibiotics—just homeopathy and healthy eating. She has recently had chicken pox. I would like to start the measles nosodes but do not understand the schedule presented. Could you please clarify the timing of each dose (is it weekly, monthly?) . I have a homeopath here who can guide me through. I also have 2 personal stories I’d like to share via email re: nosodes that may interest you.

    • HI yes according to the instructions on the measles protocol it would be one dose of 2 pellets the first week (ie on monday). wait a week. then give a triple dose, 3 x in 24 hours on that monday. wait one month and give the 10M Triple dose, repeat again in one month time. all in all it will take two months and two weeks to complete the protocol.

  45. Hi, I’m in Australia. I’m at war currently as I’m studying to be a nurse and my college is telling me vaccines are compulsory. I disagree and we have no laws over here stating so. But I do want some protection. I was partially vaccinated (all but MMR) as a kid and nothing since – I’m 23. I have a 6 month old daughter she has not had any vaccines and I’m 22 weeks pregnant. So would like to use solely HP with both my kids. I would also like my partner to commence a program, he was fully vaccinated as a child but we just feel boosting our immune systems is important.

    My daughter is lactose intolerant, if that makes any different? And I catch absolutely EVERY bug I come in contact with. 😦 my immune system sucks! I always have virus’ or infections. So hoping this kind of road may help.


    • Hello Dani, I do believe there are practitioners offering HP in Australia. I personally do not know any except Dr Isaac Golden. If you google for Homeoprophylaxis in Australia I am sure you will find it. As far as your schooling I hope they are not demanding you get vaccinated while you are pregnant. This is a new thinking and I am not sure they have fully studied the ramifications if vaccines on the health of the mother or child. I hope you can get a copy of our book The Solution to help you sort out your thinking on the matter. Good luck

  46. Thanks a lot for your very prompt response… Any chance of making some presentations to the Government of Singapore? I have no contacts there but, they always seem to be struggling with outbreaks of dengue. I know that there are homeopathic immunizations available for dengue, while there is no conventional vaccine for the same. It may be a good place to start an introduction to homeoprophylaxis and it’s efficacy without endangering the citizens with side-effects. If you’d like to explore the same, we’d be happy to help. Perhaps you could drop me an email at my private address. Thanks again!

  47. Hi… We’re a bunch of Indians now residing in Singapore but travelling to India very often and some of us have the likelihood of returning to India for good. Some of our kids are partially vaccinated and some not at all. We’re all exploring the option of homeoprophylaxis very enthusiastically but also feel a bit lost with questions regarding the programme as there is nobody we know in Singapore, who has any practical knowledge of homeoprophylaxis. Would you know of any supervisor to your programme in Singapore or India (if India then particularly Mumbai), who could support us? The conditions of Singapore and India are pretty much the same and so are the vaccine schedules so I think it would be good to follow the programme you have set-up there, albeit with the guidance of a trained practitioner. Look forward to hearing form you and thanks in advance.

    • Hello, I have one practitioner in Mumbia who has trained with me for Homeoprophylaxis: Dr. Fatema Palgharwala. However I am not sure if she was able to procure the medicines. drfatemapalgharwala@gmail.com
      I would start with her. I am also in the process of dialog with The Central Council for Homeopathy in India about how to get the program going there. I can not give you any details just yet but the wheel is slowly turning on this line.
      Let me know how you make out with Dr Fatema.

      • Yes I too am living in Singapore and would like to know if there is a homeopath with HP practical knowledge here in Singapore whom I can consult.

      • Hello yes sorry we do not have any registered with us. however if you would like to search one out they can become trained with us. It is also possible to register long distance as the program is intended to be self administered.

  48. Hi, I was wondering if you received any results regarding titers for the diseases you are protecting against. Thanks for your time Kate!

    • Hi we are still in the early parts of the program with most of the children. It will take time to show the titers. However we do understand that the HP doses will stimulate general immune system responses before titers are being made. So in this way infants will be protected even though their immune systems are not yet making titers. In time we will be gathering this data too.

  49. I started my daughter on a homeoprophylaxis program in 2008 a few months after she was born but since moving to MN from CA have been unable to find a supervising homeopath until coming across your site. All I can say is, YAY!

  50. Greetings from the UK!

    I have a 13 month old son, who received only the 2 month age mandatory vaccination set. After that I became aware of the side effects of the traditional vaccination and decided to stop with it and was looking for an alternative.
    I have found your web site and programme a few weeks ago, have ordered the nosode kit and started on the program when my son Robbie was 1 year old. We have added the Influenzinum to our list as Robbie contacted all sorts of colds and bugs at the nursery and seemed to have colds and influenzas non-stop for the past 3 months; recovering from one then catching another one a week or two later. He has never been sick before starting nursery.
    For this reason we started the program with the Influenzinum 200C. There was no reaction first time. Upon administering the triple dose next month he went through a “mini influenza” during the next 36 hrs – 37.5 fever for a day, runny nose, some coughs etc. – then it all cleared. This is the point when we are now, and would like to ask you a few questions/concerns:

    1. Influenza is a relatively minor thing. My wife was concerned whether the other more serious ailments (e.g. Meningitis) will generate similar reactions, e.g. a “mini-meningitis”, if yes what should we do in that case.

    2. We started the HP programme when Robbie was 1 year old, so we are “late” on the programme by 1 year. Robbie has been attending nursery for the past 3 months and has been contacting / sharing all sorts of “bugs”, mainly colds and influenzas. However we are aware that he could potentially contact other more serious diseases from the other children at any time. Is any way to “speed up” or “compress” the HP cycle (e.g. by administering nosodes every 2 or 3 weeks instead of monthly) to give him a better protection sooner? Where is this 1 month cycle is coming from? Any way we can minimize the risks of exposure at this age or the upcoming months?

    We have been in touch with a Homeopath doctor recently, have sent her the description on the programme and she might be interested to supervise it, but would be interested in your answers regardless of her decision.

    Many thanks for your answers. 🙂

    • Hello, thank you for your inquiry.
      I hope to answer your questions here but have to ask where you had purchased the ‘kit?’ In North America the kit is not available for purchase independent of having an HP supervisor. In this way when there are reactions to remedies you would have a point of contact to answer your questions and help explain how the kit is working. I would suggest you establish a relationship with a homeopath versed in HP so that you have this point of contact for the duration of the program. That said I will offer this short explanation.
      Nosodes are used to stimulate the immune system so that it knows how to respond effectively and appropriately to infectious disease. What it sounds like was happening is that your boy was trying to resolve an immunological problem but was unsuccessful in doing do hence the repeated sicknesses. The dose of Influenziunum that was given was sufficient to give the correct stimulus so that his system could go through the complete cycle of illness and come out the other side and presumably less susceptible to contracting those types of illnesses.
      As to the possible reactions from the other nosodes? It is true that the intention of the nosodes is to stimulate and immunological response. With each disease nosode we expect some sort of response; mild fever, runny nose, mood changes ect for a 24 hour period and then the immune system should settle. However, not every child reacts to every remedy and mostly the reactions are mild and temporary. These reactions signify there there is resonance with the child and the immune system is learning from this energetic form of disease so that if exposed to the real disease they are geared up and know how to respond. If the reaction was sufficient to the HP nosode then they would be less likely to contract the disease as they will have already learned from the disease nosode how to reconcile that. Due to his history with the previous vaccines the first few doses of the HP kit can help to more completely resolve the vaccines which would include a stronger response. With repeated dosing these responses should be less.

      As far as starting late. it is no problem. the one month schedule is so that there is time for the immune system to developing between doses. with successive stimulation and insufficient rest in between it can be overwhelming for the system, hence the one month between. In older children you can speed the program up as their immune systems are more mature and can handle more. With children under 2 we recommend the monthly schedule. The support of a homeopath for other sicknesses as they arise would also be a good idea.

      I hope this helps

  51. Thank you so much Kate for your help! May God bless you for the great work you are doing, keep it up:) I have made an appointment with dr Isaac Golden. Million thanks!

    • Hi Sara, Although your post was 2+ years ago, I’m hoping you still visit this site. I have a question for you…do you have any feedback in regards to the HP after visiting Dr Golden? I am also in Melbourne, and my son is due for his Vaccinations (Boostrix). He’s in Yr 10 aged 15. I really don’t want to get it done & would rather do HP. I think his vaccinations as a baby has affected his learning & behaviour. I think he may ‘slight’ autism. I have never had him tested, just a gut feeling really. Thank you 🙂

  52. Thank you so much for your reply. I will definitely look into the book. Sorry I forgot to mention that im in Melbourne australia. Do you know of any homeopath working in collaboration with you guys in Melbourne or do I need to find one to get them connected with you guys to do HP for my children.
    Thanks heaps!

    • Hi Yes, Dr Isaac Golden is in Australia. He provides the program there. You can purchase the book through the hpsolution.org website or through amazon. Good luck

  53. Thank you kindly for your prompt response. I’m horrified of the side effects of the orthodox vaccine after reading your web and also guilty of bringing such a harm to my sons.
    Before I commence my sons on HP I have a confusion here, that I want to clarify with you. As you said in one of your posts that vaccines are a man made disease. That makes me think do we really need vaccines? Is it really necessary for us to strike our children’s immune system with vaccines. ( orthodox or HP) and create a response? Would nt we batter off leaving their immune system alone/ untouched and let it develop it self by contacting real diseases and treat the disease when it comes?
    I have this extreme guilt for making the mistake first time by trusting the orthodox vaccines blindly and need to be clear this time before I took any step.
    Thank you heaps!

    • You are a very astute person as this is in fact the case. In some situations it is better to contract the disease and treat it as it comes. However, not everyone is able to contend with the disease and there are risks of the disease. So to sit around and see if your immune system is able to handle the disease is not the best method. By giving the diseases in doses the body can understand and learn from, (HP), the system actually learns how to get sick and how to recover. Therefore, we believe this is the best method to educate the immune system. The problem with vaccines is that the diseases are too crude, the vaccines are full of toxic ingredients and they give too many at the same time. Anyways I invite you to check out our other website hpsolution.org where our book The Solution is listed. This book with answer many of your questions. Thanks

  54. Also my older son was a terrible sleeper was crying and screaming every hour in the night. When he started to speak I found it was nightmares sepecially chickens. Took him to the doc and he said it is pretty normal as long as they don’t hinder his normal life. he gets afraid of strangers then gets back to normal when they are gone. Recently I took him to naturopath and they commenced him on thuja 200 once a fortenight. But I was reading your posts and you mentioned it was for smallpox. But my son never received small pox. Do u think it will benifit him. I must mention he is sleeping a lot better after the first dose. Your reply will be really appreciated. Many many many thanks!

    • Hello, yes these things happen when there is unresolved immunological activity. What your doctor refers to as ‘normal’ is more ‘common,’ but not necessarily healthy. Thuja is a good remedy to clear vaccinosis from small pox, and may help with other vaccines. Without knowing the full case history I would be hard to say specifically what would be needed.

  55. Hello Kate i have a one year old boy who has been vaccinated up to 6 month and older boy who has been vaccinated up to 3 years. I recnetly found that my older boy has a mild speach delay. I also feel he concentrates little less compared to the other children of his age. He expresses alot of his emotions by crying and was a very fussy eater, which has improved in the last month or so. He hasnt made any friends at the child care yet that he strated 6 momths ago one day per week. Although, i was told by the doctor not worry as it is quiet normal at his age especially lack of concentration and not being social etc. But i still think it is due to the vaccines what do u think or am i being paranoid?
    I am looking into going down the HP road and I wanted to find out that u have mentioned above For those children who have been partially or fully vaccinated it is recommended that the child receive some constitutional homeopathic care or CEASE protocol. What does constitutional care involve and what is CEASE protocol?
    Also if a child develops a reaction to the HP remedy such as fever then could the panadol be used to ease the fever or would it interrupt the effectiveness of the remedy. I don’t know why but I have always been scared to fevers in small babies.

    • Hi Sara,

      I often hear of moms who “just have a feeling” about issues beginning after vaccination, so I wouldn’t blame yourself for being paranoid.

      HP can be started even with partially vaccinated children. That can be explored once you feel that he is well and thriving. He should definitely receive some constitutional care first (possibly CEASE intervention) before proceeding with HP. There is more info about CEASE with the link “Vaccine Damage” which will bring you to my site: http://www.familyhomeopathycare.com where you can read more about what CEASE is and how it works.

      Lastly, when a mild fever comes up as a response to HP dosing, it should be allowed to work instead of suppressing it. Of course fevers should not be allowed to run wild and there is more information about how to discern this in The Solution. Let me know if you have more questions.

      Cilla Whatcott, co-author of the Solution with Kate Birch

    • Hello, for both,constitutional and CEASE (Complete Eradication of Autism Symptom Expression) protocol, they would be to help restore the normal immune system function and developmental potential of your child to its normal functioning. If you look to the vaccine injury page you will find information there about this. This kind of treatment would need to be done prior to initiating the HP program. You would need to consult with a homeopath versed in this.
      As for reactions to HP remedies. The whole purpose of HP is to initiate immunological activity which would include a mild fever, or discharge. However, as the actual remedies are diluted preparations of the disease, rather than the actual disease, these responses are always mild and never life-threatening. There would be no need to Panadol and it is not recommended as we are seeking to initiate immune system stimulation to produce immunity. Please read more on the site to learn about how the program works, and or our new book The Solution, hpsolution.org, for more information on how to educate your child’s immune systems. If you are looking for homeopathic consult please look to fees tab for further information. Thank you

  56. Hello! The decision to not vaccinate my baby girl has not been made lightly and I am supporting her immune system in other ways (breastfeeding, good nutrition, chiropractic) so that she will be strong if/when she comes into contact with disease. However, I can’t shake the feeling that I may be leaving her open to unnecessary sickness and I am very interested in HP. The following are a few questions that I have:

    1. I live in Nova Scotia, Canada. Do you have anyone registered in NS to work with?

    2. I read on the website http://littlemountainhomeopathy.wordpress.com/2010/01/27/homeopathic-immunizations-a-proven-alternative-to-vaccinations/ a quote by Dr. Golden:

    “Not all HP programs give consistent results. When comparing children using my HP program to those using other HP programs, the levels of both effectiveness and safety were lower in the group using other programs. So it is advisable to check the basis of a HP program before committing to it. Programs using daily doses of low potencies provide less effective long-term prevention than programs using infrequent doses of (appropriately selected) high potencies.”

    I believe I read (I’ve read so much at this point I sometimes forget the source) that you suggest two tablets per month- is this considered high potency?

    3. If she won’t develop antibodies to the nosodes until a year of age, do I start her now or wait until a year? Other than the side effects you mentioned (fever, irritability, etc) are there any noted serious side effects that you have found?

    Thank you so much.

    • Hello, Thank you for your inquiry. I will try to answer your questions as best as I can.
      1. Currently I do not have any practitioners registered in Nova Scotia. We are working on have a few from Ontario. I will send your info on to one and he will get back with you.
      2. Our program is modeled after Isaac Golden’s model. potency is labeled with the number following the remedy ie 30C, 200C, 1M , 10M. 30 C is low potency, 10M is the highest. We work with the 200 and then 10M as listed on the status sheet. The number of pellets is not that important, rather the potency describes the strength or quality of the remedy. Higher potencies have more of an energetic influence on the individual thus effect deeper int he system.
      3. Children’s immune systems develop from the moment of birth through 10-12 years of age. contact with the environment is constantly giving information to the immune system and the immune system develops accordingly. at some point in the first year of life the part of the immune system that develops antibodies begins to develop. How ever immunity is not just all about the development of antibodies. There is the specific and general immune system function. specific refers to antibody production. general relates to the ability to produce a fever, discharge or eruption. As complete immune system response is from the inside out from the general to the specific. As nosodes are energetic in nature they stimulate the general immune system which in turn stimulates the specific. With the first dosing, general immune system responses are initiated. With repeated dosing as the child gets older more and more specific immunity is developed. We start the program at one month of age, but can be started later. This way we are educating the general immune system. The problem with vaccination as it is injected it by passes the immune system and imports junk into the body, which the immune system which is underdeveloped and does not know how to make antibodies to, can only try to eliminate it through fevers and discharges which in conventional medicine is suppressed with Tylenol and antibiotics.
      As for side effects? we are noting appropriate immunological effects with the nosodes as we educate the system but because the nosodes are potentized they are very gentle and the immune system can learn from it rather than suffer under it. Through repeated dosing the immune system gets stronger. NO other side effects noted. Just happy healthy children.

  57. I have just recently become aware of HP alternatives to common vaccinations. Is there any way I could get more information? Possibly a packet or reference to a site that has simple explanations?

    • All the references are right here on the site. keep reading. Or Purchase our new book The Solution.

  58. I have a 3 year old little girl and a 5 week old little boy. My daughter received many of her vaccinations as recommended. However, we stopped getting those about a year and a half ago when we met up with a Homeopath here in town. I have decided to not give or at least delay the application of vaccinations in my son’s life. I am very interested in this study for him and want to know what would be the protocol for my daughter. With her being 3 years old and receiving all those vaccinations but not all of them, what can we do now to better her health?

    • Hello thank you for your inquiry. I am happy you found a homeopath to work with for your family’s health needs. We have many children undertaking the HP program for their children when they have been partially or fully vaccinated. If your 3 year old is having any immune system imbalances, repeated ear infections, behavioral problems, or food sedatives then I would recommend at least 6 months of constitutional homeopathic care to help sort her system out before embarking on the program. The reason for this would be to prepare her system to be able to respond in a healthy way to the nosodes in the program. As for the partial immunity from the vaccines switching to the HP program will help produce a more complete immunity and may actually help the immune system to more fully reconcile the vaccines she has already had. If you would like your homeopath to be your supervisor for both of your children have them contact me and I can get them set up.

  59. hi, do you know of any doctor that does homeopathic vaccines in nyc? I need this for my 4 month old son. thank you.

    • So far I do not have any supervisors registered in NY. If you have some one you already work with have them contact me and I can get them set up. If you wouldn’t mind being supervised long distance by me we can do that too. contact me via e-mail if you would like that.

  60. I have a question, I am concerned that people who use this program would think that this is homeopathy and with homeopathy don’t you need a set of symptoms in order to match a remedy?

    • You bring a very important question. You are correct, in the practice of Homeopathy, the use of remedies according to the law of similar, we would need a symptom presentation to justify the use of a remedy. In homeopathic practice we are treating a condition with a substance that could produce the same condition in a healthy person, whether it be a nosode or a remedy from a plant, mineral, or animal source. Homeoprophylaxis however, has a different philosophy behind the use of remedies.
      -First we are dealing with ‘dissimilar’ diseases as opposed to similar diseases (in some of the cases),
      -secondly, we are working with pathogens that have a historical relationship to humans as we have evolved together over time,
      -and thirdly, instead of working to treat an existing condition (as in with homeopathic treatment) we are attempting to provide the individual with information prior to exposure to disease, so that upon exposure the individual would be able to respond more quickly and effectively to the disease in question if they were subsequently exposed. (same philosophy behind vaccination but without the additives, toxins, poisons and pathological particles (see HP vs vaccination).

      As a classically trained homeopath I too had to grapple with this question until I started to examine the subject more carefully. I too felt that the nature of homeopathic practice would be threatened by homeoprophylaxis. But we are working with a different mechanism here.

      Homeoprophylaxis is similar to doing provings: people ingest a potentized substance that isn’t intended to correspond with their symptom expression (state of disease) for the purpose of eliciting that substances’ symptoms. In some cases the proving remedies act curatively (i.e. they are similar to the person’s state of health and over all the person feels better after the proving), but in most other cases a new set of symptoms come. For some people these can cause a minor level of suffering, but the symptoms pass in a relatively short period of time (Dissimilar Disease, paragraph 34, Organon of Medicine). However, these symptoms do not leave the person untouched. A new set of learning has taken place. This is the same with Homeoprophylaxis. Through exposure to these dissimilar diseases (dissimilar in some cases as some people has a predisposition to some diseases more than others) a new level of learning on the immune system level takes place.

      As these diseases have also evolved with humans we do have to ask if they are truly dissimilar. Disease has a way of provoking evolution (evolution is a good thing) through survival of the fittest. In some way then disease tempers us. What if we voluntarily came under the influence of the energetic nature of the disease prior to exposure? Would that not temper us?

      Results of the work of Dr Isaac Golden in Australia demonstrate that those children who have undergone homeoprophylaxis without constitutional treatment are statistically healthier that those who have received homeopathic treatment. Why do you think this would be? If one aspect of health is the ability to adapt to the environment/pathogens in the environment, and not succumb to sickness, then exposure to potentized disease germs in a systematic way has somehow made the individual more able to adapt. This is the thinking in homeoprophylaxis.

      And seeing as there are no toxic effects from Homeoprophylaxis, the children are healthier, and rate of disease incidence is lower than even with vaccination, it makes a whole lot more sense to me than the mass vaccine campaigns we have going on. If your office is like mine then you will see many children who have been vaccinated and the amount of time and care in homeopathic practice it takes for these children to regain their health from repeated ear infections, asthma, skin conditions, immune system deficiencies, learning disorders, autism, etc. you too would concur we need a different methodology of disease prevention than the current vaccine schema. I believe Homeoprophylaxis provides a safe, effective and better alternative to vaccines. Knowing too that it is not homeopathy. We are no trying to pass it off as homeopathy, but rather it is a different methodology of the use of potentized substances. For more information listen to the conference call under the HP Supervision tab. I hope this helps explain.

  61. Hi, I have been looking for a programme just like yours. My beautiful baby daughter is 11 months old and has not been vaccinated. But I do wish to have the reassurance that prophylaxis ensures and do my very best for her. HOw much does this cost and how does the ‘overseeing homeopath’ work?

    Thank you

    • Hi Fiona, If you look under the Fees tab you will see the costs and what the program includes. This supervising homeopath is then available on call if any questions arise during the program with regards to reactions to the remedies. The fee is the same if you come under my care or another homeopaths’ care. There are a list of supervising homeopaths at the bottom of the supervision page. Or if you have a homeopath in your area you would like to work with they would need to get registered with me, to get file numbers, then they would work with you. I, of course, am also available and can do long distance work if you do not live in the twin cities.

      The reason for the supervision is that this is also a research project, there are question ares and initial paper work to be filled out. We also want to make sure the protocol is adhered to etc. Included in the fee is the initial brief consult/paper work exchange and intermittent queries.
      Call me if you have more questions, thank you

  62. Kate,
    I’ve just heard about a new autism study on Facebook. The Vaccine Information Network (VINE) says “The purpose of this worldwide study is to determine the incidence/rate of autism amongst those unvaccinated children & adults surveyed. ”
    Have you heard about this group? Maybe there could be some collaboration with your study, since you have unvaccinated children in your study.

    • Sounds like a good connection thank you. I will follow up with them as they would be the people to connect with. Its been long overdue to do this kind of study

  63. Kate,
    If supplemental remedies are added to the basic HP kit, is there any particular order they should be added? How should the status sheet be changed – by changing and printing out a new status sheet with the changes or adding changes manually?

    • Parents can add a variety of remedies at a variety of times according to the apparent need for that remedy, age of the child, and how far along they are in the program. On the status sheet there is a few months between the series of 200C doses and the first series of 10M. Supplemental nosodes can be incorporated then and even can push out the beginning of the 10M series.
      Alternatively, research in Columbia, South America has demonstrated that the dosing can be sped up so that the next dose can be taken as soon as two weeks after the first. Starting with the 200C series. In this way the time to go through the whole program is sped up many more nosodes could be added if they seem warranted. Just make sure to note on status sheet where the supplemental remedies are added and date accordingly.

  64. It is too early in the program to know just yet As most of my families have only started the program in 2010. Research has demonstrated that in similar programs (Columbia, South America) children at 3 years of age have developed titers after commencing the program at infancy. However, we do not know if it takes 3 years of the program to develop the titers or if it takes until 3 years of age for the immune system to develop the titers.

    • Is there any follow up on this topic?
      Also i was wondering if you accept care credit?

      • Credit cards yes. I am not sure what you are asking otherwise

      • It’s been almost 2 years since your original post about starting the homeoprophylaxis program and it being too early to tell how it’s working. How has it been working so far?

      • Hello, Thank you for your inquiry. Slowly over time more families have been interested in utilizing HP for disease prevention for their children. So far the reports we have been getting from the parents is that their children are doing well. The program is working as it is intended. Children are responding to the remedies with appropriate immune system action, sometimes fevers, runny nose. more tiered etc. for a few hours, or day, then they rebound. There are no lingering side effects except that the children seem to be healthy on every other level. When they are exposed to natural sickness their bodies know how to make the appropriate febrile response and clear the condition. Otherwise they are developing normally. As for actual disease prevention seeing as at least within the populations that are taking the HP program disease incidence is low, we are not sure of the efficacy. All except for Whooping cough and measles. So far no kids have gotten these diseases despite the likelihood of exposure. More time is needed to track this. So far we don’t have any children who have completed the program in its entirety. But more keep registering and we hope to continue to expand awareness and utilization of the program.

  65. Hi Kate, do you have any people who have completed this and had a blood check to see if they have an immunity to the disease?

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