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Name  ________________________ File No.________, is being educated to recognize the following infectious diseases using high potency homeopathic remedies. Clinical practice over 200 years indicate that this program is comparably as effective as conventional vaccines, and is non-toxic. The following chart indicates the current program status of the patient and has been dated and signed by the parent, and signed by the HP Supervisor who oversees administration of the program.

Recommended Age given Remedy Potency Remedy Label Date of Admin Initials Reaction if any
1 month Pertussin 200 A1
2 months Pertussin 200, 200, 200 A1
3 months Pneumococcinum 200 B1
4 months Pneumococcinum 200, 200, 200 B1
5 months Lathyrus sativus 200 C1
6 months Lathyrus sativus 200, 200, 200 C1
7 months Haemophilus 200 D1
8 months Haemophilus 200, 200, 200 D1
9 months Meningococcinum 200 E1
10 months Meningococcinum 200, 200, 200 E1
11 months Tetanus Toxin 200 F1
12 months Tetanus Toxin 200, 200, 200 F1
13 months Parotidinum 200 H1
14 months Parotidinum 200, 200, 200 H1
15 months Morbillinum 200 I1
16 months Morbillinum 200, 200, 200 I1
17  months Rest month or
Supplemental RX
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18 months Pertussin 10M, 10M, 10M A3
19 months Pneumococcinum 10M, 10M, 10M B3
20 months Lathyrus Sativus 10M, 10M, 10M C3
21 months Haemophilus 10M, 10M, 10M D3
22 months Meningococcinum 10M, 10M, 10M E3
23 months Tetanus Toxin 10M, 10M, 10M F3
24 months Parotidinum 10M, 10M, 10M H3
25 months Morbillinum 10M, 10M, 10M I3
26 months Supplemental RX
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28 months Pertussin 10M, 10M, 10M A3
30 months Pneumococcinum 10M, 10M, 10M B3
32 months Lathyrus Sativus 10M, 10M, 10M C3
34 months Haemophilus 10M, 10M, 10M D3
36 months Meningococcinum 10M, 10M, 10M E3
38 months Tetanus Toxin 10M, 10M, 10M F3
40 months Parotidinum 10M, 10M, 10M H3
42 months Morbillinum 10M, 10M, 10M I3
44 months Supplemental RX
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Remedy-Disease Relationship: Pertussin – Whooping Cough; Pneumococcinum – Pneumococcal Disease; Lathyrus Sativus – Polio; Haemophilus – Hib Influenzae type B; Meningococcinum – Meningococcal Disease; Tetanus Toxin – Tetanus; Parotidinum – Mumps; Morbillinum – Measles

Homeopath ______________________


  1. Hello,
    Please could you tell me if doses can be given along side tissue salts or does there need to be a gap of a certain number of days as with other homeopathic remedies?
    Many thanks

    • You would want to talk with your practitioner about specific situations, but normally the HP response we want to let it process without other remedies. If the response is more then yes you can support but you would also talk with your practitioner

  2. Hi,
    Please could you tell me if doses can be given closer together than a month, e.g. in case of outbreaks?
    Many thanks

    • Yes they can be given as close as one week apart.

  3. Can I take one or two doses of the medicine sublingually?

    • Yes

  4. Hi
    I’ve been giving my 4 year old child hp for the past 3 years.
    I’ve given the remedies in a different order to what is shown here.
    Adding a few others I wanted her to have.
    I’ve given her the 200c and the first round of 10m for all my remedies.
    Does the 2nd round of 10m have to be given around a year later?
    As I have 3 more remedies yet to start.

    I hope this is clear ?

    Kind Regards Jo

    • Hello We can not give medical advice here online. I would suggest talking with your HP supervisor for all questions about dosing. If you don’t have one please connect with one of the practitioners listed on this site.

    • Not necessarily. if they are older you can give subsequently. If younger yes its best to wait till their immune system is at a different level for the next stimulation.

  5. In the status sheet, I noticed that one month it is 200 once, then next month is says 200 three three times, why and what does it mean? Is the remedy taken once a day or three times a day?

    • It means three times in 24 hours.

  6. Can I give meningococcinum to my 27 month old? Shall I repeAt the dose at 36mo and then again when? Last questions. Is it good to give to a 13 yr old and at what potency?

    • Hello We can not give out medical advice here on line. Best to talk with an HP supervisor on the subject. The information posted on this site is for information and it is your job as a consumer to make decisions for your self or seek the consult of a practitioner. I hope you can understand.

      • Sure thanks anyway

  7. Hi there are these alternative vaccinations available here in Cape Town South Africa? Do you have any homeopathic doctor contact details please who provide this. I want my baby to be protected from South African diseases but do not want my child to be vaccinated with vaccines with abhorted baby cells and mercury and other heavy metals. Please if you can assist me , it would be very much appreciated! My baby will be born more or less in November

    Regards Nikita

    • Hello, It is possible to work with someone long distance and have the kit and remedies mailed to you. if you look to our website you can find someone. Or I can also.

  8. Hi Kate — would this status sheet schedule be effective on an 8 year old that has never been vaccinated or is it best to begin as an infant?

    • Yes you would do the same program but you can speed it up to every two weeks depending no how the immune system is responding.

      • Fantastic -I will look into this : )

  9. hi. I am a mother of 8 but only 6 of them are dependants now. because of finances and time mis-management etc allowed the children to receive mmunisations. also i had no knowledge of hp till my last child. no the oldest of the 6 is 11 (yr 7) and it is time for all the kids to be immunsed with the Boostrix cocktail. am i able to administer this naturally via hp? it is for tetanus, diptheria and whooping cough (pertussis). also i know that shortly there wll be requests for her to get the “ovarian cancer” vaccine and i donot want that. this is the first of what s going to be a annual event in my household and i want to get this as right as can for them all not waiit till its too late. i need info on what i need to do and costs. can you give me that? would be sooo grateful!

    • Hello to learn more about hp the two books on this site can tell you lots. If you would like treatment please contact me and set an appointment.

  10. Hi there I’m starting my 7 month old son on this program , if I have it in liquid form what is the doses and how would I catch up with this program sense he’s 7 months? Thank you!

    • Hello, Thank you for your inquiry. Free and Healthy Children International has set the program up so that you have an HP Supervisor to work with for the duration of the program. The supervisor will be able to guide you through administration and any remedy reactions as they occur. Is sounds like you are attempting to navigate yourself through the program. While it is a self administered program we do believe you should work under the guidance of a supervisor. That said it is not possible (Legal or moral) to give medical directives here on line. The program is intended start at one month of age as per the status sheet but can be started at any age. Regardless of the age, you start where you are and progress along the status sheet according to the first month, second etc. The time it takes for your child to process each remedy is the same regardless of when they start. Catching up is not really a term we use as you can not rush this based on an external force. The immune system develops as it is stimulated. Over stimulation, ie rushing, will not help. You should ask who you purchased the remedies from for the dosing or it should be on the label. Thanks

  11. If it is really a solution to all these fatal diseases,all we should go for it in mankind interest.

    • We would agree. But to note that these disease are not fatal. They are called childhood diseases and they are intended to get in childhood. This program helps to get the disease in a way we can understand it so as to strengthen the immune system.

  12. Hi there, I am a practitioner in NZ and familiar with Isaac Golden’s work.
    I am curious, what type of Meningococcal nosode is being used? Has it been derived from the A/B or C strains?
    Also, why do you jump from 200C to 10M? Why do you eliminate the 1M?
    I will be very keen to see the study results when they are available. How do I register to purchase the results when they are ready?
    Many thanks in advance.
    Heidi Short, DHHP, FHCH

    • Hello, we are following Golden’s protocol as far as potency. You would have to ask him why the jump is there. He started with ascending potencies and then switched to this method. As for the research if probably will not be completed till late 2018 or 2019 and we are not sure how we will publish it just yet. Stay tuned for that.
      As for the nosode, whereas most Menigicoccinum nosodes are from the incubated bacteria ours is from a child with Meningitis in the hospital. I will have to check what strain cultured out.

  13. Hi, I would like to do HP in my little ones. The eldest is now approaching her 6 years old, and she had all her childhood jabs except for the MMR booster. The littlest one is approaching her 3 years old and she only had the very first round of shots. I would like to know if you would still apply a full HP plan to both of them, and also if the order in which I give the remedies matter, as long as the method remains the same, as I am considering to start with those nosodes I am more concerned about.
    Thanks a lot in advance.

    • Hello yes we suggest tot do the entire program in entirety even if there have been some vaccines as the nosodes give the immune system a better understanding of the disease process than vaccines do and can actually help the system work out the vaccines better. As for the order, we have selected this order based on disease incidence and age of the child, the order is more important in younger children than older. younger I mean under 1.5 years. Otherwise yes you can rearrange it. just to note that we recommend the entire program as all the immunological stimulation from all the nosodes actually strengthens the system because it is mild stimulation rather than too strong. With mild stimulation you actually get stronger. We have a few practitioners in the UK if you go to

  14. That is so good to know! Thank you for the reassurance! We are planning to start this fall!

  15. Hi, I live in California where we are witnessing mandatory vaccinations or homeschool. This seems like a dumb question but I thought I would ask anyways, would this be an alternative that would be acceptable for school? I have a three year old and a 5 month old. I am trying to understand the HP Program but also nervous to use it. I have two vaccine injured brothers. So this all makes me extremely concerned. Will my kids have symptoms after using the nosodes? Fevers etc.? Are there current efficacy studies? Thank you.

    • Hello, Sorry to say there is on official recognition of HP for schools. In time we hope to make it an option of choice for the individual. Please read more on the website with the past blogs that will explain how HP is working, or the The Solution, the book. There you will find that HP is stimulating the immune system to get fevers and discharge as it educates the immune system towards the infectious disease. These are mild symptoms that will pass but then the learning comes. There are no side effects like increased allergies, nervous system disorders or such. Just a stronger immune system.

    • Hi Tiffany, I just wanted to provide some assurance. We are using the program with our 16 month old. There have been no adverse events whatsoever. For a few (not all) of the doses he was more sleepy, had more stools and was a little fussy. This is a very gently and safe program. We love it! Regards, Vanessa

    • hello, I just wanted to ask or bring attention to the possibility of getting testing for the titers that prove immunity…??? if your bloodwork shows the titers are high enough, an actual vaccine wouldn’t be necessary….

      • Please look to this article to find out more about how the titers work:
        Does HP make antibodies?

  16. Hi i am looking at starting this with my almost 1 year old. she has been fully vaxed up till this point and i am stopping all vax here on out. but the health dept wants titers after i complete this to see if she is immuned if not they will force me to vax her. so after completion of this will her immunity be able to show that she is immuned on her titers?

    • P is not making antibodies as a first priority. The HP stimulates general immune system function which in turn may stimulate antibodies. This general immunity protects the body before the virus or bacteria even enter. Vaccines produce allergic reaction antibodies which is not the same as immunity. Even though this is the paradigm they operate under it is a false premise as vaccinated children with allergic antibodies can still get the disease as their general immunity has not been stimulated.

  17. Hello…thank you for all this wonderful information. I am seriously wanting to do it with my 4 boys whom are not vaccinated (actually my oldest 7 year old was vaccinated till 6months before Iearned more and researched). Where are you able to purchase the recommended homeopathics for this? My boys are 7, almost 5, 3 and 9 months. How do I go about starting this with them? Please email me. Thank you!

  18. Hi Kate
    Thank you for all your thoughtful replies this website has been very informative. I am a parent of a 14 year old who has not had any vaccinations except for an influenza nosode when she was a toddler. That seemed to help as she had cold symptoms for a day after administering it and has had very few flus throughout her childhood so far. She is going on a trip to a world gymnastics event in June and I am thinking she needs protection. At this late age is there a program that can be followed for all the concerns – i.e. polio, tetanus, measles (she has had chickenpox and a mild case of whooping cough). Would it be the same as for babies? Can you recommend a practitioner in the Vancouver BC area?

  19. I see the date for the 44 month study is passed, will you be publishing the results on this site?

    • Date of entry has passed. It will take another 44 months at least before everyone is completed and then we will be analyzing and publishing. If you would like to learn more about previous studies. check the left column link on this site under homeopathic research.

  20. The potency the first months is 200 k? Or 200 ch? It is no clear

    • HI Actually they do not make the distinction from our pharmacy in the US, They say 200C. I believe they are hand succussed using the same vial and dumping out each time rather than running the liquid through

  21. Which is best preventive medecine for chicken pox
    And give the dosage
    Thanking u

    • Hello, It is not my intention to give medical advice here on line. The best book to learn about this is Vaccine Free or The Solution. Also Chickenpox helps to strengthen the immune system so normally we are not looking to prevent this disease. It is possible to give the nosode to educate the system towards that disease process. To be clear then Nosodes are intended to educate the system towards a disease process. The result may to reduce the need for the actual disease in the immune system but it all depends on the constitution of the individual.

  22. Hello … Do you need to repeat the series of MMR when the child is 13? If vaccinating the child would get it when they are young, then again at the age of 13. Thank you 🙂

    • Hi you would need to check with the CDC their recommendations for MMR dosing. My understanding was that their recommendations are give MMR only once at 12 -18 months of age. In time I have seen many children with whom the MMR has been repeated at 3 yrs of age. I have never heard of it for 13 years. But the CDC keeps coming up with new vaccine schedules and recommending more doses of everything so I am not sure.

  23. Plz tell me about the medicine pneumococcum in CM potency where from i can get it? Thanks n regards: imran khan

    • Hello, It depends on which country you are in but most homeopathic pharmacies will carry it. In the US you need to go through a licensed doctor as they do not sell nosodes over the counter.

  24. Some questions and answers from a client:
    Q: I was passed your details by another HP supervisor when I enquired about a potential alternative to the HPV vaccine. The British government has recently implemented an HPV1 vaccine (for cervical cancer and genital warts) programme in schools in the UK for all girls age 12 and above. My daughter is required to have this vaccine when she returns to school in September, but I would rather she didn’t and I intend to write to the school with my decision. I was wondering whether there is a homeopathic prophylaxis for this vaccine as I have read recently on the internet about potential side effects, but I am also concerned about her future health re these conditions. I am aware that there are nosodes for conventional childhood illnesses (which she has already taken instead of vaccines) so I was hoping that there may be something similar re HPV1.
    A: Hello, I am sorry to hear that the UK is going to such lengths to bring a really dangerous vaccine to all school age girls. Of all vaccines this one is the hardest to correct the imbalance with homeopathically. There are some remedies like Thuja that may reduce the impact of the vaccine but each case would need to be assessed individually.
    As for prevention with another model you have to wonder what you are actually trying to prevent. With HomeoProphylaxis (HP) we are not trying to prevent disease but rather educate the immune system so that it knows how to handle the disease if exposed, and if enough doses have been given then the susceptibility to contracting the disease goes down. As childhood diseases offer some benefit to the immune system and childhood development this method of giving and energetic dose of the disease serves to capture the benefits of the disease without the suffering of the disease. With HP there is an expected immune system response, fever and such with the dosing but as the stimulus is energetic in nature you don’t actually get the disease.
    When it comes to HPV, HPV is not a normal childhood disease. We don’t see there being any educational benefit to be exposed to the disease. That said most individuals who contract the disease are able to develop immunity. There are some individuals who due to a pre-exisiting susceptibility in the body can not resolve the disease. Giving the vaccine to everyone does not change this pre-existing susceptibility rather it just introduces more of the population to the disease.
    Prevention starts with safe sex. Beyond that constitutional care can ensure that the susceptibility to contracting it goes down and actually facilitates recovery if there is contraction. Thuja again is indicated as Thuja is the main remedy for sycosis (the development of genital warts) however each case is different. One could give thuja as a preventative but one must understand what you are actually doing. it is not used like a vaccine is nor should be.

    Best scenario is to try to inoculate oneself against the sick politics that are mandating the vaccine. I am not sure if there is HP for that…… There has to be exemptions.
    I hope this helps. Good luck, sorry

    Q: In the discussions on your website May 18th 2012 you reply that there is a vaccine nosode for HPV – could this be used as a preventative at a later date along with constitutional care, safe sex etc.
    A: Hi the vaccine nosode would be used in cases of never been well since the vaccine. but under normal circumstances I would never give that nosode to anyone as it is not a natural disease and I am not sure of the benefits that would be derived from introducing it to the immune system.
    When it comes to preventing venereal diseases this is a whole weekend long discussion about the sickness in mankind and so I am not able to respond here. My book Vaccine Free could shed some light on the subject for you if you are interested in learning more. But venereal disease has been with man and his corruptions for a long time. The sickness is deep, multi-generational, and one or two remedies is not nearly enough to cure it. Thanks

  25. So if I give these to my child then he will get the infection? Just a milder case? I’ve read the information but I must be missing some of it somewhere. I have already vaccinated my children. One is almost 4yr old and the other just turned 1. I would like to cease their immunizations and look more into homeopathic immunizing. I haven’t ever thought to look into vaccines as I went through nursing school and have always been pro-vaccines. Eek! I recently joined a holistic mom’s group and have been researching the vaccines and their inadequacies. Thanks for your time.

    • Hi, There are a couple of things here to think about. the first has to do with vaccinations. Here the attenuated disease germ is injected with all of the other adjuvants and preservatives. If the child’s immune system is healthy they should get a fever from the vaccine which in turn will initiate antibody production. If this fever is interpreted correctly to be a healthy response to a vaccine and left alone the child will then be immune to the disease and upon future exposure the antibodies to that disease would get stimulated again without the child having to go through the disease. As vaccines create a temporary elevation in antibodies rather than the life long immunity that would come with natural exposure, the vaccine needs to be repeated in order to maintain a sufficient level of antibodies in the blood to ward of the disease.

      More often however the fever that comes after the vaccine is considered not good, so fever suppressors are given, or if the fever is too high then it is considered an infection and antibiotics are given. Both of which alter the immune system response and in turn make the vaccines less likely to actually stimulate antibody production. More than that if 3 or 6 vaccines a re given at the same time as they often are, then the immune system response is often delayed as much as 2-3 weeks, and of course then more antibiotics are given if a fever develops as it is not in the doctor’s mind that this fever has anything to do with the vaccines that were administered 3 weeks ago. The result of which is that the immune system has partially processed the vaccines and more than likely the child is not immune, or may have elevated titers signifying that they have the active disease yet no symptoms of the disease are present except for changes in behavior, concentration, appetite, and such. after the antibiotics where of the child ‘s immune system will try again to clear the vaccines with another fever. If left alone the immune system will have accomplished what is was trying to do.

      Now there are some children who’s immune system made no reaction to any of the vaccines. Then you have an even worse case scenario as upon exposure to an infectious agent ( even that which comes in a vaccine) the immune system is supposed to react. if it doesn’t then much deeper pathology is in store for that child later in life.

      Now as to the HP. Here we are exposing a child to an attenuated pathogen, much like that in a vaccine however the method of attenuation is such that the pathogen is completely diluted out of the solution. all that is there is the memory of the pathogen. However this memory is sufficient to stimulate an immune system response as if the child has been exposed to the actual pathogen. The child will not get the actual disease, as there are no pathogens in the nosodes, but rather the energetic imprint stimulates the immune system to behave as if it has the disease for a short time ( 12-24 hours) in a very mild way. With repeated exposure of this kind eventually antibodies are developed in some children. In these situations we do nothing and let the immune system work it out as it needs to. Because the nosodes are energetic, and they are administered orally they have the ability to initiate an immune system response from the outside in. As vaccines are injected certain aspects of the peripheral immune system are by passed, this accounts for the often delay in reaction to a vaccine ( 2-3 weeks). With the nosodes the response is very quick after administration if there is going to be one and we think that because it is stimulating the peripheral immune system the immune system response will be more complete than that of vaccines.

      As we are in the middle of the research of this we can not say for sure if antibodies are being produced or how long they will stay elevated. What we do know is that the children are not contracting the disease upon exposure. Whether this means they have antibodies we are still not sure. This then opens up the discussion about whether antibody production is synominous with immunity because there are many children who have been vaccinted, who did at one time have elevated antibodies but who still contract the disease. This is true especially of whooping cough. Here I don’t know the answer and more research needs to be done.

      As for children who have been partially vaccinted: They may or may not have antibodies to all of the diseases they were vaccinated against. To find out you can go to your local provider and have antibody titers drawn to detemine if infact they have them. If not then a course of the HP Program would help to satisfy the immunity.

      I hope this helps to answer your questions

  26. Hi Kate

    I am a Portuguese clinical psychologist and Homoeopath and like Stephen Buskin I have been approached by parents who want do not want to follow the conventional vaccine programme. I read your books and the thesis of Isaac Golden I think I am quite acquainted with the programme you propose. I think it would be good to enlarge it to another countries. I am very much interested to be a supervisor. How can I get register?


    Dr. Mariana Caixeiro

    • Hello, I am happy that the news of this is spreading. I too would like to see this program go around the world. If you are interested in being a supervisor you would register with me and I would get you all of the documents needed to complete the package to give to parents. I know I had given Stephen 10 file numbers to start with. I can do the same for you, or if you would like to orchestrate a much larger program there in Portugal I can set you up even more. Please contact me directly in my e-mail to proceed. thank you Kate

  27. Hello

    I am a paediatrician and classic homeopath working in the Hague, Netherlands. I have recently been approached by patients wanting to vaccinate homeopathically. I have your book and have read your site and understand the Staus sheet I think. How could I get registered as I think this service would apeal to many othert patints in my part of the world who do not want to vaccinate at all. Is this possibel from a distance? Do you have any upcoming dates in Europe.


    Dr Stephen Buskin

    • HI I will respond directly via email thanks

  28. I live in New york and I don’t see any HP Supervisors in my area. Do you know anyone? Also are these homeopathic vaccines shots or they can be given by the parent himself? thank you.

    • If you are able to find a homeopath locally who you would like to have as your supervisor, have them contact me and I can get them registered. We use homeopathic nosodes for the program. These are diluted pathogens according to homeopathic pharmacopoeia. They are made in an alcohol solution and potentized. This solution is used to anoint sugar pills which are then given orally. This is a self -administered program, but you must be under the supervision of a homeopath to participate. These are not vaccines, nor are they injected. I hope this helps.


    • Hello, if you read some of the other blog questions you may find the answer you are looking for. The remedies are made according to homeopathic drug preparation guidlines. The ones in the kit are procured from Helios Pharmacy in England. Depending on the nosode it is either made from a pure culture of the pathogen, its toxin or from human discharge of a person who was actively sick form the disease. Many of the original nosode were made in the 1800’s and we are still using the original source. Once you are enrolled in the program with a supervisor you will be provided a kit which has all the pertinent remedies with sufficient doses. See -HP Supervision- for supervisors in your area.

  30. Hi-

    I’m a vet who practices integrative medicine- I use some homeopathy, and nosodes quite a lot.

    I’d suggest adding a dose of Rescue Remedy one drop (topically in bubs) 5 min before and 5 min after admoinistering the nosode, or indeed any Homeopathic treatment, to reduce the possibility of any exacerbations and/or reactions.

    Dr Edward

    • Hello, thank you for your comment., However, we are in fact working to stimulate the immune system with this program and so we want immune system activity to demonstrate this is happening. I am not sure of the advantage of giving something else to lessen the effects or if it is in line with this thinking. I can see that it may be the case with vaccines to give rescue remedy as there are many other negative effects that can happen with vaccines and one would want to mitigate that. With this program, however, the dilution is sufficient to ward off unnecessary over reactivity but sufficient to stimulate the appropriate immune system response which will create immunity. Also as for the research aspect of it we need to test the nosodes on their own without introducing another agent which may produce different results. My goal is to provide a model that can replace the vaccine schedule. once this is established perhaps then we can modify it for individual needs. thank you.

  31. Hello From Puerto Rico.

    I was looking for information online on alternatives ways to protect my daughter and I found this blog. I am interested in finding out what are my options if I do not want to vaccinate my daughter using the MMR vaccines. We will be traveling soon and our doctor recommend us to get the MMR for our daughter. She is 1 year and 10 months. I will like to use the measles nosode to protect her while traveling and create immunity ( if possible). What I have to give her? How much? For how long? Should I expect fever or other symptoms? I tried to read the table above, but did not understand the dose….



    • I can not give more advice above what is already written on the website. If you look to the page you will find a description of dosing. Perhaps if you have a homeopath there who is familiar with this protocol they can help to manage the situation and provide you with the remedies and direction you are seeking. thank you

  32. Why do you use 10 M? Other resources often list a potency of 30c for homeoprophylaxis. Thanks.

    • My understanding is that the 10M goes deeper and gives more lasting immunity. It is true you can use the 30C if there is imminent exposure or if you want immunity for a short period of time, ie when you are traveling. The protocol I have here is from Dr Isaac Golden and he finds this the best way. Also for the average consumer, as the 30C is the potency available over that counter, that is what gets recommended.

  33. OK thanks a lot, that cleared up a lot of other questions i had. So treatments of the actual disease, is totally different from actually developing an immune response. Are there any supervisors in NJ or are the ones listed on your site the only ones available right now?

    • So far the only supervisors are the ones that have registered with me but if you work with a homeopath locally or if there is someone there you would like to work with there have them contact me and I can get them set up to be a supervisor. Otherwise it is possible to supervise long distance.

  34. Also I notice some of these are different from some things I have read to use for different diseases. I assume that one is for treating (when you have or have been exposed to) the disease and 1 is for developing antibodies before contracting or exposure to the disease, Correct?

    • Yes this is correct. I.e Eupatorium perfolitum would be the best remedy to treat Dengue fever but Dengue nosode would be the best remedy to stimulate immunity. Pulsatilla is very beneficial in the treatment of measles, but Morbilinum ( measles nosode) would be used to stimulate antibodies.
      One question I have though, is antibody production the same as immunity? My understanding is immunity happens when susceptibility is fulfilled. How many doses does it take to fulfill susceptibility?

      And yes after completion of the program it has been shown to stimulate antibody production. But that is why we are making this a research project so we can formally test this and confirm this. It is best to register with a supervisor so that this can be tracked, also if you have no experience with homeopathy a supervisor is going to provide the support you would need. Doing this program is about educating the immune system, but what does that mean? Fevers are a necessary and desired outcome. Mild fevers and some discharge are often noted demonstrating the immune system is functioning and creating a response. Suppressing the fevers (with Tylenol eg.) is not helpful, but managing them appropriately is best. The supervisors know what to expect and what is normal.

  35. Can this schedule be of use for a two year old. I didnt vaccinate my son, but have been studying alternatives and would like to try the nosodes. I just want to know if this would work based on the age the doses should be given according to the chart. My son is 2 so would the same doses be sufficient. I know some doses are based on wieght and a 2 yr old weighs more than a 1 month old infant…HELP

    • Hello, thanks for your inquiry, you have asked an interesting question. Dosing in homeopathy does not relate to the weight of the individual taking the remedy. The number of potency refers to the level of dilution. i.e. the 200C is a substance that has been diluted 1 part to 99 (1 drop in a 100) 200 times. One drop is taken from the first solution and added to 99 drops of new solution, then succussed (means struck against a hard surface 20-30 times). This solution is the 1C potency. This process is repeated 199 more times for the 200C and 9,999 times for the 10M (10,000). One drop of the final solution is then dropped onto a vial of pellets. One dose is 2 pellets or several pellets given over a short amount of time (less than 24 hours).
      Homeoprophylaxis is the use of potentized nosodes (disease matter). In this energetic form there are no longer any original particles just the imprint of the frequency of the substance. This frequency however can be detected by the human body and after the successive dosing the immune system is stimulated to develop antibodies. This why homeoprophylaxis is much safer than vaccinations of injected material and adjuvants (see HP verses Vaccination).
      The Status Sheet refers to a monthly time of dosing however it could be the first month of age when the program is started or the first month when the first dose is given regardless of age.
      The dose is the same for an infant as it is for a 2 year old, as it is for a 30 year old. The amount of repetition is the same. The only thing we don’t know is how old one needs to be to develop antibodies and how many doses are sufficient for what age group. Infant’s immune systems are usually not developed enough to create the disease specific antibodies for the first year of life or so. Programs like this, where three successive doses are given, demonstrate antibody production. There is not harm in an additional 1 or 2 more doses if antibodies have already been produced.
      I hope this answers some of your questions. Please refer to the HP supervision tab to find a homeopath in your area to supervise your child through the program. I am also available. Even though the remedies are available through some pharmacies in Europe, for the sake of the necessity of research in this area of public health and impetus to change the current vaccine paradigm, I am requesting if you embark on this for your child that they be registered with a supervisor so that the data can be collected and you have someone to answer questions and monitor the progress. Thank you.

      • Thank You so much for clearing that up. I am in the US not Europe, so I should be able to find these in a Health food store like a whole Foods or a Vitamin shoppe correct?

        Or would I need to get these from a registered Homeopath from your site?

  36. It sprung a thought about the remedies used, so why not Hypericum/Ledum for tetanus, Etc. What are your thoughts in exchanging the polio nosode on the schedule for the lathrus (my thinking is with titers, I understand that the body may get protection but without the nosode how with the body recognize “polio” ) follow my train of thought? I obviously am scared of polio 🙂 just being extra cautious I guess…

    • I have to say I do not know the answer definitively over what is best, fulfilling the susceptibility with a similar remedy or using the nosode to try to develop titres. You have to make sure that you get the Poliomylaitis nosode rather than the polio vaccine nosode if you go that route. However, I have my own theory on the infectious process and do not believe that germs/viruses are necessarily the cause of the disease but rather the result of the disease. Disease comes into the body due to susceptibility. If that is the case the remedy which best matches the susceptibility would be best. And seeing as historically Lathyrus has worked so well, why not? Also Hypericum and Ledum are good for tetanus, just as Pulsatilla is best for measles, and Phosphorus for hepatitis. But why not use these in the program instead of nosodes? It has to do with marketability and the common mind set on diseases and trying best to emulate the vaccine schedules and to provide a product that does not have the same risks as vaccines do. Sticking to nosodes doesn’t have so much to do with homeopathy nor is necessarily the best approach. Meaning that, is the production of antibodies synonymous to being immune?
      So this is a gray area and I just went with my gut. I am not sure if there is a right or wrong way here. Also if you read the chapter on polio you can determine the real risk of the disease. Not everyone will get the paralysis form and most recover completely. For the rest of the people, the disease looks like the flu. Is that because of susceptibility in the person or virulence of the virus?

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