Kate Birch, RSHom (NA), CCH

  • Registered with theNorth American Society of Homeopaths since 1996
  • Certified in Classical Homeopathy (CCH) by the Council for Homeopathic Certification 1998
  • Certified massage therapist 1998
  • Associate Science degree 1991

Kate has been teaching homeopathy locally and internationally in lecture and classroom settings, since 1994 with a cumulative of 500 hours of teaching time. She pulls from a diverse background of internationally recognized teachers and lectures on subjects ranging from spiritual conditions to physical pathology. She has developed and implemented curriculums from 1-2 hour lectures, full day and weekend seminars, to one year intermediate level courses. Subjects of lectures include the Philosophy, Organon, Materia medica, Repertory and Therapeutics.

Topics of lectures include:

  • how vaccinations affect your child’s immune system
  • homeoprophylaxis
  • acute homeopathic care for infants and children
  • homeopathic medicine for labor and post-partum
  • treatment of infectious contagious diseases including homeopathic prophylaxis and the treatment of vaccine damage
  • homeopathy for women
  • the treatment of liver, digestion, and biliary conditions
  • the treatment of trauma and head injuries with homeopathy
  • Applied Kinesiology
  • somatic release therapies

Kate’s style of teaching reaches those with no knowledge of homeopathy to those with advanced understanding. Her wisdom and ability to simplify complex concepts brings homeopathy into practical use for anyone whether it be a group of moms or seasoned practitioners in the healing arts.

If you are interested in contracting Kate Birch for teaching purposes please contact her directly at katebhom@hotmail.com > katebhom@hotmail.com

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