Homeopathic Drainage and Detox for Healthy Childhood Development (HDDT)

Special offer between Feb 10 and Feb 18th:  $50 discount off total.

Course on infectious disease, homeopathy, developmental delays, HP, vaccinefreeand vaccine injury: Homeopathic treatment for cerebral inflammation, hormonal dis-regulation, biome disruption, and more.

Keywords: Mothers, babies, biome, birth, infectious disease, immune system, toxicity, survival.


  • When: Opening dinner and introduction for in person attendance: Sunday March 15, 2020 6-9 pm

  • Lecture: Monday March 16 and Tuesday March 17, 9:30 am -5:00 pm

  • Where: Emerald Hills, Hollywood FL

Suitable for Advanced Homeopathic Students and Practitioners.

Presented by Kate Birch, RSHom(NA), CCH.

Curriculum is based on the principles of classical homeopathy but due to the complex nature of health in children, complex homeopathic applications will be presented and explained.

Starting with the Initial health Profile doc we will cover all topics relating to how infant immune systems develop, the development of the intestinal lining and effects of the birthing process on immune development. We will then look at maternal history of vaccinations, birth interventions, and antibiotic use and their effects on healthy immune systems and appropriate immune responses towards infectious agents in HP, natural life cycles and various parameters of neurological implications and development.

Kate is an internationally respected author and teacher on the subject of Infectious disease, homeoprophylaxis, homeopathy, vaccine damage, and childhood development delays.

This is a certificate course on Homeopathic Drainage and Detox Therapy (HDDT)

ACHENA Approval for 14 hours CEU’s (pending).

For in person attendance location will be sent the upon confirmation of payment and registration. Hotels and AIRbnb nearby.

For online attendance a zoom link will be sent one week prior to course starting.

All sessions will be recorded.

Registration Due by February 18, 2020.  No refunds, because sessions will be recorded.


  1. Opening dinner on location: Sunday $35, Organic, kosher vegan or omnivore.
  2. Basic course: $500 Online or in person for Monday and Tuesday: Space limited to ten. If you planned to come in person but can’t you can get recordings after.
  3. Basic course plus clinical supervision: $1000; 4-5 cases over the next 2 months (initial consult and first follow ups).
  4. Included in cost is a $35 donation to Free and Healthy Children International (FHCi) for all students.

Make payment here: Venmo option to 6127010629 or paypal below

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