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Paradise Lost and Found

Paradise Lost and Found: The Homeopathic Proving of Einkorn Wheat (80min) 30C

Click on the link to watch the movie. paradise

Experience the consciousness of Nature’s original wheat: Einkorn (Triticum monococcum).

Einkorn was the first food of the agrarian age. Now, when humanity is on the brink of its own extinction, through the pollution of this world and ourselves, the message of Einkorn is loud and clear: “We must live in accordance to Nature’s Laws if we are to survive.”

Kate Birch, RSHom(NA), is a book author, lecturer and an international expert in infectious disease, Homeoprophylaxis and treating vaccine injury. She has applied the Genus Epidemicus model of homeopathic philosophy in search of a remedy that will help humanity come to its senses about who we really are. The food we eat determines who we will become.

Kate Birch comes to this presentation after years of watching more and more children suffer from vaccine damage. She has spent her life working towards bringing awareness to the dangers of vaccines, what homeopathy has to offer in the treatment and prevention of infectious disease. and the use of homeoprophylaxis. The sad thing is the trajectory towards 1 in 2 children with autism globally has not slowed down. The biggest question has been why are we doing this to ourselves? In search of the answer Kate has quested for a remedy that will address some of these issues. The Goal is how to give this remedy to everyone.

First is to start eating einkorn wheat. second is to watch this movie. The movie has encrypted in it the remedy. So you will get a dose just by watching. If you need more talk with your homeopath.

Learn more about changing the world we live in here:




  1. Hi Kate, I was profoundly affected by watching the Eikorn documentary. I left you a message on messenger but I’m not sure if you saw it. I wanted to talk to you. Can you please let me know when you’re available. Thanks, Kathy Pirtle

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