Posted by: TheSolution_HP | October 17, 2016

How much fear do you have?

For the fear of it we are letting our freedom be taken from us. After spending another 12 days outside of the US I am happy to say that it has once again given me some perspective in a few things. It is true there are threats all around. And after entering the Turkish airport through the myriad of security measures I know a few more things. The level of fear that is abound with respect to the threat of terrorists is enough to shake a nation’s economy. Tourism is down in Turkey. April the busiest month had less tourists than January. Everyone is hurting. When it comes to vaccinations the story is the same.

Fear to force people to get vaccinated has lead to increases in Autism and other vaccine related issues in Turkey. Saudi Arabia has as high an incidence of autism as the US does. Vaccines are mandatory in Saudi Arabia. And now in California where the mandatory vaccine Law is about to go into effect doctors are running in fear and willing to subject children with known immune system problems and documented vaccine damage for fear of retaliation from the state or insurance companies and what other forces I do not know.

Fear can paralyze us. Fear can lead us to do irrational things. Fear can and will lead to the demise of the human race. For Humanity’s sake, least we not completely destroy the health of an entire nation of children, STOP.             STOP running in fear. Our survivability is dependent on it. Stand up. Wake up. Opt out. Nothing will happen. NOTHING WILL HAPPEN. We are all fine. We are all taken care of.

Don’t let the lies that are perpetuated through the media and social pressures shame you into abusing your children’s health. Doctors you have an obligation to protect your patient’s health. When you practice a form of medicine that violates your consciousness you are performing an act of violence that at its core is the antithesis of why you became a doctor to begin with. This act of violence is an act of violence against your own conscience.

Parents it is your moral obligation to protect your children. If we have a government that forces us to do acts to our children that are known to harm them then we know the entity that is there to protect the rights of its citizens has crossed a line and we are no longer free and we no longer live in a democracy. They might as well line is up and shoot us like they did in Syria. When is this craziness going to end? Soon we will have children refugees needing to escape the countries and states that are holding their immune systems hostage. STOP. STAND UP. WAKE UP. And SURVIVE!!

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