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Marijuana growing on the streets of Minneapolis:

A social experiment in waking up. And what does growing weed have to do with Vaccination?


August 5, 2016

One of the questions I have had for this life is what are the myths we live by? And from where do these myths come? This spring I had the inspiration to plant some Marijuana plants out of pure defiance to the control the government and society has on free thinking. My 25-year journey in promoting homeopathy and homeoprophylaxis in the face of the vaccine paradigm has also been along this same vein.

What I have come to understand is that the basic nature of the human mind is corruptible. We are all susceptible to greed and power. But that also we are susceptible to fear and open ourselves to being controlled for lack of our own thoughts and conviction in action. Like a virus, if we have fear we are susceptible to infection of false ideas and false beliefs.

These plants were planted sometime in May and have survived a hot but wet summer here. They have enjoyed a wonderful view of downtown Minneapolis for most of their life. Bicyclists have ridden by every day. The road is busy with morning and evening commuters. People stop at this look out to take in the view of the city. These plants have been hidden in plain site for all this time. My question has been what will happen when someone recognizes what they are? What will they do?


August 8, 2016 female to the left and male plant to the right.

This social experiment involves all who have crossed that bridge. Over the summer I told various people about the plants; showed them to passersby to see what their reaction was. All to see if their fear, lust, curiosity or humor was evoked in the process. This experiment also begs the question what would it look like if everyone grew weed publically? Who says the government can tell us what to do and how to do it? And just like the #Vaxxed tour and #CDCWhistleblower has show the whole world, we have been held hostage to the false belief system of fear of disease, the fraudulent science of vaccines and the monetary and political corruption that has imprisoned our minds to its dictates. It has only gotten this far because we have let it.

These were more of my questions. Would the police work to find out who planted them? Would the Parks board silently remove them? I saw a man mowing the lawn and thought about telling him but realized he would be caught in a conscience conundrum about his job, his survivability and what he really thinks about the issue. I didn’t want to force him to make a decision that was not in alignment with the continuation of the experiment. Would someone steel them? Would I somehow be held as responsible?  I have stopped by to visit these plants on my way to work to talk with them and tell them of the important work they are doing. Some people have stopped right next to these plants and left their trash; a half drunk Pepsi, an empty cigarette pack, an empty mickey of rum. Did they see the plants? Did they gain any wisdom from that momentary lull there on the bridge while taking in the view? When my book #VaccineFree was first published people asked me if I was afraid the pharmaceutical companies would come after me? I responded ‘No, I am counting on it.’ This is because I feel confident in the truth about this. The truth is more important about the damage vaccines do than what they could do to me.

The social myth of the vaccine paradigm, we have all been a part of, has allowed us to forsaken our survivability and sacrificed the viability of our children to. This social myth is propelled by greed and corruption and prays on people’s fear and willingness to forsake their babies and their own thoughts to those in power and control? It is like sacrificing your virgin daughters to the Priest to get to God. Meanwhile the Priest rapes her before he throws her over the cliff.

Marijuana has medicinal powers and it is free to grow. It can even cure some of the immune system deficiencies and epileptic seizures vaccines cause. Why they have it locked up in FDA regulations, monetary schemes, state laws and societal taboos is beyond me. Healing is in our God given nature. Why imprison healing in a capitalistic system? The plant is free. It is a gift to us from the earth. If only we knew what to do with it.  We are free but through our own weaknesses and ignorance we succumb. This year I even met someone who was willing to work with #Monsanto to patent #marijuana. The worst abomination of human corruption imaginable. A company that for the sake of profit is willing to destroy the sacredness of the DNA of Nature and the Earth we live on. How is it legal for Monsanto to do that and for us to not be able to plant a seed in the ground?

You see, the whole reason Marijuana is here on this planet is to wake us up from our slumber. To wake us out of our propensity for personal corruption into peace and knowledge. The gift of Marijuana is that it also brings forth people’s weaknesses, their greed, corruptibility, addictive tendencies and more. We need to know who we really are if we are to partake.

About a month ago someone had pulled out the male plant that was in full flower. I assumed it was because they knew that the females would make seeds if exposed to the pollen. This plant they pulled up from the roots and left no trace of it. I was struck


September 23, 2016. the remains of the biggest plant after being plundered.

this last Wednesday when I came upon the plants only to find that someone had ripped and tore at them to satisfy their lust for the promises the plant holds. They took some but not all. They came back 3 days later to remove every last branch but left the bare stalk and roots in the ground as waste. This attack was random I am sure. Someone stumbled upon the plants and in their haste stole as much as they could at that time. The second visit to remove every last branch was more deliberate. If someone else had been watching these plants grow they would have brought their snipers to harvest them like the calculated action of the person who removed the male. The buds were not yet ready for harvest. Another two weeks of growth would have been optimal. Anyone who references #HighTimes would know what weed looks like when it was ready for harvest. This thief was an amateur. If it were a city employee, they would have removed the plant with the roots. The police would have done the same but perhaps would have first held a stakeout to arrest someone. Maybe they have more important issues to occupy themselves with.


September 25, 2016. the naked stalk.

Anyways, over the months I have talked with these plants about their mission of waking up the city and consciousness in this way. I wonder if this thief knows that they are a part of the experiment? And I wonder what thoughts they will have as they drift into the stone of the weed they stole. The work is not over for them. Neither is it for us who are waking up to the realities of massive governmental corruption. It is time to wake up, stand up and get past the fears and false myths we live by.

The survivability of the human race as free thinking conscious beings is upon us.




  1. Reblogged this on U.S. Marijuana Party Kentucky and commented:
    One of the questions I have had for this life is what are the myths we live by? And from where do these myths come? This spring I had the inspiration to plant some Marijuana plants out of pure defiance to the control the government and society has on free thinking. My 25-year journey in promoting homeopathy and homeoprophylaxis in the face of the vaccine paradigm has also been along this same vein.

  2. This is an absolutely beautiful story and I praise you for doing it! Each year on April 20th, (“420”), we celebrate “Cannabis” by planting hemp seeds in various, unknown places, because it is not about getting high, it is about freedom and our unalienable rights to the Earth. Again, Thank You! Smk.

  3. Great experiment! Plant more seeds in more places. Plant them upwind. Plant them and plant them. Keep sending love out.


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