Posted by: TheSolution_HP | February 19, 2016

Confessions of a homeopath who specializes in treating vaccine injury

 It has always been in my heart and intent to not harm anyone. This is why I became a prayinghandshomeopath. To help people. I was helped in my life by this system of healing. For many years I had a hard time asking for money because I held a thought that healing is for everyone and is actually is a free gift to us from the universe. Homeopathy is one way to access that free healing. I have been a homeopath for over 22 years and have come to accept that I need to earn a living to pay for my life.

Over time I began specializing in helping parents navigate the vaccine question. As demand for these services grew so did I access greater finical ease. This is because the powers that be keep adding more vaccines to the schedule and the children have been getting sicker and sicker.

There has never been a time more than now that children need homeopathy to help undo the damage vaccines create. Accordingly, I make more and more money. This does not sit right with me. Those manufactures of the vaccines are living in mansions on tropical islands from the millions they have made at the expense of these children’s lives. This is wrong through and through. Profit at the expense of humanity.  Even though homeopathy helps and I have become an expert in helping with homeopathy, this is not how I want to make my money.

I have created an organization that promotes the use of homeoprophylaxis so parents do not vaccinate (Free and Healthy Children International). My practice, as it is, would not be if it were not for the work of the vaccine companies.  How can I reconcile this ? I am like a vulture living in the carrion of a decrepit system.  I did not plan it this way and I am trying figure out another way. It is my goal for my line of work to be in line with the karma of the universe and to bring me solace and redemption in this Existence.

What to do? What to do? My hopes and dreams would be for the pharma companies to wake up one day and realize their lies. But alas I fear they never will despite all the evidence against them. Perhaps I should thank the vaccine manufactures for their ails and shortsightedness.  Perhaps I should give a tithing to them for the profit I make at the expense of the children’s sufferings they create?  Perhaps I should apologize to all the families I serve that I have earned a living from their suffering?  All I care about is the children. And I suffer because some of them can not be helped.

When do you stop trying to save the drowning man when the saving is coming at your expense? Pray for me. Pray for these children the doctors who give the vaccines, the parents who believe the doctors and the vaccine manufactures because we are all in some strange pact working out some kind of weird karma. Forgive me for my part in this. Thank you. 


  1. Spot on!

  2. Eve. At the moment No gp will give an exemption for alt immunisation in Australia. Even a homeopathic immunized child isn’t recognised. Single parents with no support are being refused childcare services and education prospects for their child. Gov is also cutting gov assistance to those families with babies unvaccinated with vaccines. These woman cant even return to work to make an alternative choice as no caring or schooling for their children available. Would love to know a solution for these single parents prior to obligation and risk….

    • That is absolutely horrible and the worst form of government tyranny. People need to break their dependence on the gov’t then they will be free.

  3. You have a ❤️ Of GOLD…. Praying for you in your work and gifted was to us all. Thank you.

  4. Kate, the solution is simple:

    The money you make from doing this (particularly any excess), you use to undo the evil/harm done by the vaccines/pharmas.
    Then you may freely and aggressively help as many as you can, with a clean conscience. As you should. You are helping. You did not start, help or condone the vaccine and pharma systems. You are rectifying their damage. By helping others you are not endorsing the pharmas nor being endorsed by them. You are helping UNDO their havoc! WE NEED YOU!!!

    Make MORE MONEY! Then figure out how to be smart, strategic and savvy to spend it to educate the public and train others to help undo the damage of the vaccines!!!!

    Make sense??? I hope so. All the best to you. Blessing to you.

    -Carlos A.

    PS I can only imagine how my life would’ve been different had someone like you educated my parents! The world needs you in action… NOT in paralysis due your own inner-conflict as you absorb yourself in moral introspective analysis. You are already doing the RIGHT thing!

  5. Hi I am sorry to be a techno-moron. I cannot see who wrote the article. I was deeply moved by it and would like to contact that person. My wife is 6 months pregnant and we are discussing the vaccine issue…I am totally against it…she is not sure, especially because we would like to go back to live in Mayapur, West Bengal in India once we can afford it…she is a little paranoid thinking that if she doesn’t vaccinate our child then she wouldn’t be able to forgive herself if the child came down with a disease that we could have prevented by vaccine.Please send me a short reply if you get this. Thank you.

    • Yes it was me the owner of this site: Kate Birch. For your wife who wants to do the best thing for her child she loves ask her if she would be able to forgive herself if the child was vaccine injured. I see vaccine injured children every day and it is hard.

    • What I did for my children when I was in your shoes was ask: What IF the vaccines could cause harm??? Once they’re IN your child’s body, you cant get them out, so why not find a safer, gentler way to protect your child? I then asked myself: what else could I do to protect them? My search kept leading me to homeopathy (which I knew nothing about at the time). Homeopathy has been preventing and treating epidemic diseases for over 200 years. See Dorothy Shepard’s Homeopathy In Epidemic Diseases. Or, for more technical details about vaccine damage and its hydra-headed dangers, see Kate Birch’s book Vaccine Free. And by the way, India is loaded with homeopathic doctors. Have a happy birth!

  6. Thank you I will be going on to your web page to book on line. Thank you for your time you have given me already I really appreciate it.

  7. Please tell that if was weakened down in the breast milk. I’m so scared. Its been 12 days is it too late to reverse any damage that may have been caused.

  8. Kate please advise me. On the 4th of march my son was born. No complications on the 5th I was told before leaving hospital I will need to have mmr vaccine I told my midwife I did not want it she said ok but then another midwife came on shift and would not take no for answer I ended up having the vaccine. I’m am not keen on them and within the week I had high fever now followed by low fever aches and pains runny nose and I must admit im a chronic worrier. i am so worried that the vaccine has entered my breast milk and gone and is going to gave adverse effects on my son and. The thought of him developing autism is making me panic so much I feel ill to my stomach. please if there is anything you can advise I would be so grateful.

    • Please can you call. They do no know what they are doing. I do not know what state you are in but that is not a CDC recommendation and it makes no sense as infants cant’ even contract measles until they are 1 year old. I would worry mostly about the aluminum. Eat 2 tbls of coconut oil every day for a week and lots of Fiji water, 1 quart per day, to flush that out of your system. For the immune symptoms we would need a consult. Do not take tylenol.

      • I’m in London I don’t how to call you in America. I will order the coconut oil and Fiji water please recommend a site in UK if possible that would be good. They gave it to me because said I didnt have rubella antibodies and assured me it wouldn’t affect my baby. I’m so angry with myself because I did not want it but had a pushy midwife but I should have been stronger. Thank you for taking the time to reply I really do appreciate it.

      • Its all about how your immune system processes out the disease and how the body detoxes the other stuff. You could boo online with e and the time conversion would be there. there are remedies you can get there as you need but we would need to consult for me to determine what to do and how your system
        is moving through..

  9. I’m thinking about this a lot, Kate, because for the past several years I had turned completely away from the vaccine issue, even though for many years before that I had been passionate in my attempts to raise awareness about the dangers of vaccination. I realized I was way too (violently) upset about what is happening. Ultimately I realized that I didn’t want to add to the problem by adding the energy of my own resistance, and I also realized that all humans are creating the experience they need to create, for the learning and expansion of their Soul. So what has happened? Spirit has led me back around to working with this issue, this time resourced by my larger spiritual perspective. I think that’s the key – tapping constantly into higher perspective, knowing everything is going the way it is supposed to go so that everyone can legitimately learn that another way is desired – even if that lesson is going to have to be a very hard pill to swallow. (A homeopathic pill, not a pharma pill!) We’re in a period of inflammation. The fever is being pushed. The sweat will come and it’s going to feel fantastic when it does. The veil will lift from the eyes of the collective as you have seen it lift for so many of the children you’ve worked with. We have to trust this. We have to welcome the fever that’s brewing, thank the children, thank pharma for teaching the our collective immune system.

    We came here to do this work. You came here to lead. You’re doing a fantastic job and you’re supposed to be paid for it. You’re supposed to be well-resourced so you can have the energy for this. You’re not benefiting in any inappropriate way from a problem that you volunteered a great part of your energy in this lifetime to help clean up. It’s not a negative thing for parents to invest money in healing their children, or even in just attempting to heal them. Even for those who don’t find healing, the space you hold and the understanding you help provide is invaluable to them. It might help for you to accept that what you are earning is meager compared to what you are providing. There’s no resource that is too great for you and there’s no resource coming to you that is taking away from anyone else, because energy doesn’t work that way. Paying you is one of the empowering and healing actions that parents can take. This is not a justification – it’s important!

    You are a hero of mine for the work you are doing. What you have taken on and accomplished makes me know that I can add my own energy to this mission and be confident that I can make a difference as you have done and continue to do. Please do allow all offered resource to flow through you and ask for all that you need, because you are a huge gift to this world. And those you are leading (us homeopaths) need to see that you are not martyring yourself energetically/financially, because that would be a red flag, not to ‘go there’. The path is already daunting enough without that!

    • Yes thank you. I am recommitted too. It will change.

  10. Sounds like you’re mixing up having an indirect relationship with Big Pharma by dint of being involved in cleaning up their messes (which are not of your making) with somehow colluding with them. Would that our government, as part of Single Payer Health Care, were the ones paying you (us) for helping the children injured by maladroit Big Pharma. But they’re not, so it’s us. We live in a money-driven society, whether we are individually inclined that way or not. Short of joining the religious life there is no way around that just now.

    Suffering happens. We who are gifted to help with it need not, must not castigate ourselves for being so gifted! Some people are gifted with business acumen and so they make a lot of money: sometimes those people (my daughter for one) feel bad for cashing in on a system that rewards their gift so generously, while others’ gifts barely pay the bills. Inequity in the system. But we have the gifts we have, and it is our job to use them, hopefully for the benefit of all. You are for sure doing that. Even if we make money in the process. Trying to get Big Pharma to change is like standing on the railroad tracks and trying to stop the train. Best to get off the tracks and pull off as many others as we can at the same time.

    In the language of Kairos Therapy (my other gift), I hear that your Heart is more open than your Belly.In this case (and this case applies to countless women, and many men) we end up giving the store away, exhausting ourselves, and very likely ending up sick with cancer or something. When the Belly opens, concerns which you share so poignantly (and you are not alone) drop away naturally, and the energy used by nurturing such worries is freed up for doing more good. First do no harm: this applies, dear Doctor, first and maybe foremost to your self.

    • Thanks Jan, I was more going on the idea that those things we focus on become more. ie if I could change one thing about myself to change what is happening with the vaccine paradigm I would change to not focusing on it. But yes there is too much burden also. I am working on letting it be as it is outside and doing what I can. Smiling.

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